People sketching

Hi!  I was trying to do a week of #oneweek100people though I knew if I kept doing detailed stuff, there was no way it was going to happen.  Oh well, still,  here are some drawings I did in March!

Today was a good day of catching up with friends in the city and drawing.  I drew more lucky cats while everyone else drew each other and food.  I am just inspired to draw my collection at the moment, I suppose. I finished drawing 8-10 today.  There are still more lucky cat figures to draw!  I wonder if I should just do the figurines or include the cloth lucky cats and the plastic battery operated ones?  Well...I'll stick to the figures first and when I run out draw the others?  I prefer ceramic/metal and wood figurines though.  Cloth is quite nice too.  I am looking forward to buying a few lucky cat souvenirs in my next Japan trip.  I bought one and that was for both times I went to Japan in 2015.  I really don't know why I didn't buy more?  I need to find a green one. It apparently symbolizes health and education.

Lots to do at work tomorrow so I better get some shut eye!


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