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Fuzzy Pudgies: Cat Club Pet Portraits

  Hi all!  Wow, where did the month go?  January is already over!  So, since I last wrote, I picked up more commissions for Fuzzy Pudgies, (check out the Facebook and the Instagram  as both have different content), picked up more freelance work, continuing on with training and catching up with friends and family.   I might have mentioned before that a group of  friends and I, unofficially call ourselves Cat Club since we all have cats.  I drew 3 of their fluffy babies above. And here's what they look like! This is Mish. She loves ice cream and her instagram is This pretty girl is Marble and she eats everything. You can view her antics on: This gorgeous girl above is named Dax.  She's a bit shy. They are All very nice and lovely cats. Their fur moms seem to like their brooches: I also took a time lapse video of me painting the 2 kitties! I, of course, painted my own Fluffy Baby, Hanzo! Here's the grumpy bum. A

Fuzzy Pudgies: Finished brooches to date and life update

 Hi all!  How's everyone doing?  Happy Hump Day!  Took a photo of all my current and fully finished Fuzzy Pudgies pins.  Looks good seeing them all together!  I need to sort out packaging and an online shop soon!   I actually picked up more work last Monday and have been working on that today and will be again tomorrow.  I have another Fuzzy Pudgies commission to finish (my first pair of earrings) and have a birthday to attend to on Friday.  I also updated my Illustrators Australia portfolio , check it out when you have a moment.  I also drew this recently based on one of the pins above, drawn for Illustration Sation week02: Icecream.  I still have to draw something for this week's theme.  I'll most likely use one of my cats again. Mmm...otherwise, not a whole lot else has been happening.  Just staying busy as always! I still train with Justin  3 times a week, either at home or the gym and it's been good.  Though it does look a little weird at home now. Anyway, that&#

Fuzzy Pudgies Commission: Jasper

  Hi!  So I received a commission before Christmas to do a couple of pins based on an orange kitty named Jasper.  The sketches above were the designs I made based on the client's request of an angry expression and the classic big eyed expression.  The client chose Number 03 and 06.  The finished pins based on Jasper! Looks pretty good, I think!!! Here's the gorgeous boy that the pins were based on: He seems to approve too. The client really liked the brooches and has given it as presents.  That makes me really happy! I have been enjoying working on the pins.  I actually received a few more commissions lately and will post the finished ones once the owners have them.  We have magnets, earrings and necklaces in the works too!  There is just something so nice about creating wearable art and to have each as a unique piece.   I am planning to get an actual online store going for Fuzzy Pudgies.  I already bought the domain name, but thinking it would be good to join a few online stor

Late Happy Holidays and Happy 2021!

Hi! Hi!  My card above may be a little late!  It was on my Fuzzy Pudgies Facebook page and Instagram . Did everyone have a good holiday?  I spent most of the time leading up to Christmas, baking and catching up with friends and Christmas shopping, as well as some last minute training.  Here are the girls and I having our Christmas lunch. Christmas was amazing with the family and I ended up getting skeleton for Christmas from my sister and her husband.  This will help immensely with drawing this year.  No more problems with drawing ribs in the future!  His name is Baron Munchausen, Barry for short. I also ended up getting a new chair for Christmas from Rob.  Hanzo is really happy with this arrangement too as he now owns my old chair.  He sleeps in it in the afternoons and keeps me company when I am in the study. I love how the chair matches my headphones and hair. So how has the first few days of 2021 been for you? Myself, am taking a break at the moment.  Taking the time to work on F