Fuzzy Pudgies: Finished brooches to date and life update

 Hi all!  How's everyone doing?  Happy Hump Day!  Took a photo of all my current and fully finished Fuzzy Pudgies pins.  Looks good seeing them all together!  I need to sort out packaging and an online shop soon!  

I actually picked up more work last Monday and have been working on that today and will be again tomorrow.  I have another Fuzzy Pudgies commission to finish (my first pair of earrings) and have a birthday to attend to on Friday.  I also updated my Illustrators Australia portfolio, check it out when you have a moment.  I also drew this recently based on one of the pins above, drawn for Illustration Sation week02: Icecream.  I still have to draw something for this week's theme.  I'll most likely use one of my cats again.

Mmm...otherwise, not a whole lot else has been happening.  Just staying busy as always!

I still train with Justin 3 times a week, either at home or the gym and it's been good.  Though it does look a little weird at home now.

Anyway, that's all from me!  Till next time!


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