Late Happy Holidays and Happy 2021!

Hi! Hi!  My card above may be a little late!  It was on my Fuzzy Pudgies Facebook page and Instagram.

Did everyone have a good holiday?  I spent most of the time leading up to Christmas, baking and catching up with friends and Christmas shopping, as well as some last minute training.  Here are the girls and I having our Christmas lunch.

Christmas was amazing with the family and I ended up getting skeleton for Christmas from my sister and her husband.  This will help immensely with drawing this year.  No more problems with drawing ribs in the future!  His name is Baron Munchausen, Barry for short.

I also ended up getting a new chair for Christmas from Rob.  Hanzo is really happy with this arrangement too as he now owns my old chair.  He sleeps in it in the afternoons and keeps me company when I am in the study.

I love how the chair matches my headphones and hair.

So how has the first few days of 2021 been for you? Myself, am taking a break at the moment.  Taking the time to work on Fuzzy Pudgies, do some of my house projects/chores and unwind.  It's been years since I've had a proper breather.  I normally go travelling for 2 weeks, every year, though 2020 certainly wasn't the year for that.  This time though, am taking a proper break.  I read Manga for the first couple of days of my vacation.  Now am back to painting.  I started a water colour piece but haven't finished it yet.

Here are a few work in progress pics of me painting Fuzzy Pudgies pins!  Am thinking of opening up an actual handmade store soon but it's a big commitment.  No guarantees if it will be a success or not but am having a lot of fun doing them.  Each piece is uniquely hand cut and designed.  So far, the designs have all been one off.  Do email if you're interested in knowing more.

Mmm, now what are peoples plans for 2021? Any new resolutions?  I fulfilled a couple last year, my proudest one is going back to seeing a personal trainer and getting fit again.  It makes me happy.  This year, with the exception of sport clothes and essentials,  my goal is to do my best not to buy new clothes and accessories since I can now fit into a lot of clothes I haven't even previously worn before.  I also received a new pair of boots and a bag from my parents this Christmas, am looking to matching those with items I already have. It's the same with books.  I bought so many books late last year and I haven't read most of them yet.  Frankly, it's just so my savings can go further, while am taking a break from work and concentrating on learning new skills and personal projects.  I need to go through so many online courses too.  I don't think a short break is enough to cover everything I need, to be honest!

I do hope you all had a good start to 2021!  Covid isn't over yet, so stay safe and be kind to yourself and to others!


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