Fuzzy Pudgies: Cat Club Pet Portraits


Hi all!  Wow, where did the month go?  January is already over!  So, since I last wrote, I picked up more commissions for Fuzzy Pudgies, (check out the Facebook and the Instagram as both have different content), picked up more freelance work, continuing on with training and catching up with friends and family.  

I might have mentioned before that a group of  friends and I, unofficially call ourselves Cat Club since we all have cats.  I drew 3 of their fluffy babies above.

And here's what they look like!

This is Mish. She loves ice cream and her instagram is instagram.com/mish_the_human_cat

This pretty girl is Marble and she eats everything. You can view her antics on:  instagram.com/chubchub.marble

This gorgeous girl above is named Dax.  She's a bit shy.

They are All very nice and lovely cats. Their fur moms seem to like their brooches:

I also took a time lapse video of me painting the 2 kitties!

I, of course, painted my own Fluffy Baby, Hanzo!

Here's the grumpy bum.

And here I am!

The girls and I all had our pins on at the last dinner. It was a very good night.

I've been enjoying doing commissions for Fuzzy Pudgies.  There's been a lot of ideas and there's a lot of other avenues to explore.  I really do love drawing cats, there might be a special line of birds, dogs and rabbits in the future though.  We shall see.  Given that the whole thing about Fuzzy Pudgies is that each accessory is completely handmade and uniquely designed, so anyone that buys one gets a bespoke piece that no one else will own, is that you can't really expand.  That said, I don't think it's something I have to worry about, just yet! 

I really wish I had more time in the day!  I haven't been able to go forward with my Rabbit Town Art projects since Fuzzy Pudgies is what I work on after hours at the moment since I've been getting private commissions. Freelance work is back on the menu and I haven't been able to go through a single online class as of yet.  Ridiculous really.  I relax by reading manga.  Rest my hands, during that time.

Mmmmm...not much else, though I managed to achieve this at training the other day....


Until next time! 


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