Fuzzy Pudgies Commission: Jasper


Marta Tesoro

Hi!  So I received a commission before Christmas to do a couple of pins based on an orange kitty named Jasper.  The sketches above were the designs I made based on the client's request of an angry expression and the classic big eyed expression.  The client chose Number 03 and 06. 

The finished pins based on Jasper!

Marta Tesoro

Marta Tesoro

Looks pretty good, I think!!!

Here's the gorgeous boy that the pins were based on:

He seems to approve too.

The client really liked the brooches and has given it as presents.  That makes me really happy!

I have been enjoying working on the pins.  I actually received a few more commissions lately and will post the finished ones once the owners have them.  We have magnets, earrings and necklaces in the works too!  There is just something so nice about creating wearable art and to have each as a unique piece.  

I am planning to get an actual online store going for Fuzzy Pudgies.  I already bought the domain name, but thinking it would be good to join a few online stores too like Etsy and a few local ones here in Australia. It's an idea, anyway.  I still have to make my own actual portfolio site.  I like this blog since it's like a diary and I've had it since 2006, so despite the fact that "rabbittownanimator" doesn't quite work anymore since I don't just animate, I don't really want to let this blog or the domain name go either...I'll keep it for as long as blogger exists!


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