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Working with Staedtler Double Sided Watercolour pens

  Nigiri Drawings I painted in a food court in the city In April, I finished quite a few new motifs like sushi, lucky cats and goldfish.  I even managed to make a series of new goldfish patterns. It's been really enjoyable working with Staedtler water colour pens and playing around with more traditional drawings and motifs to make patterns. Drawing on the couch and not wanting to record I like using this art product when am out and about because it dries faster than normal water colour, I don't have to change my watercolour water regularly and if I don't get a chance to paint it, I can have the areas that I want painted at home.  I like the textures as well once it's all scanned in Photoshop. Scanned into Photoshop I had a goldfish and nigiri stint in April and only managed to make the patterns this month.  I think it makes the work flow easier and faster for me if I sit down and make all the motifs first, then edit everything in Photoshop next and finally just keep try

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