Mermay 10-13

Hallo!  A somewhat busy day with animating footage today.  Should be all sorted some time tomorrow, I think.  I was a bit slow today, I woke up with a nasty headache this morning.  Perhaps it was my sleeping posture?

News: am probably going to start a new illustration gig, after hours from Monday, lots of parties and shindigs next week and hoping to extend my animation footage credit.  I have been feeling a bit flat though.  Hopefully that changes soon!  Perhaps some shopping will perk me up?

The two mermaids on top did well on social media, the selfie one not so much (I wonder why?) and the green one did okay.  Am never sure how things work.  I am now off to do a mermaid for tonight!  Perhaps I will do more work later too.  Maybe.


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