Package Design Study: Knoppers

Package design study of a Knoppers!  Done with Zig Clena Brush Pens by Marta Tesoro aka Rabbit Town Art

Hi!  I drew this last week! Package designs are fun.  There is also a time lapse video of this that can be found on my facebook page! Video Link here!  I like these and they can be bought at ALDI!

I have not been able to do much except work at the moment.  This weekend, I had fun Friday night after work with my boyfriend and then some Urban Sketching on Saturday.  My Sunday and Monday (today being a public holiday) was working.  I got a lot done and I should be in a good position tomorrow.

I am looking forward to having a break, it's been a while since my last breather.  That said, this project is something I can definitely be proud of when it's all finish!


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