Urban Sketching: Studley Park Boat House and Abbotsford Convent

Urban Sketching of the Studley Park Boathouse using copics by Marta Tesoro aka Rabbit Town Art
Urban Sketch of the Abbotsford Convent, colored with copics and done by Marta Tesoro aka Rabbit Town Art

 Hi!  It's been a while since I posted, I know.  This one is rather late since I was at this location last Saturday.  It was a lot of fun, walking, sketching and being outdoors in general.  I haven't been able to draw as much lately.  Probably only once a week.  I've been working at nights and on Sundays to get all my work done for the current project am working on.  It's been very tiring but the project is looking really good and it will be something that I will be proud to say that I was a part of.  Now...we just need to finish it and we can then enjoy the rewards (and the freedom) from it.

For other news, I am heading to Tasmania soon for a 4 day sketching trip! I am really looking forward to it.  I had to buy some fingerless gloves and wash all my winter apparel so I am warm while sketching!  Fingers crossed that it isn't raining...otherwise, it will all be interior drawings!

Okay...not long now till the day...where I can spend some time just drawing what I want to draw instead of drawing for others.  That said, I already have an e-book job to illustrate as soon as I get back!  It's good to have work.


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