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IF: Savour

Hi there! Here is my drawing for Illustration Friday with the theme being "Savour".  This is a lady savouring every bite of her ice cream.  All drawn up in Flash. Friday was my last day at Studio Moshi for an animation contract and we had the most awesome after party.  I had so much fun but at the same time it is always a somewhat sad moment as it means that the entire team disperses to do their own thing till the next contract.  Life of a creative contractor, it is never boring and forever changing.  At least I find it so. Also watched an episode of Dogstar that I worked on the big screen at the ACMI (Mlebourne theatre in Australia) and it was great.  Seeing the episode come together was a very satisfying feeling. I start some freelance gigs from home tomorrow.  Should be fun!

Manly Man!

Simon is a manly man.  He bludgeons his enemies with a giant piece of meat and uses the blood as ketchup.  The only time he takes a shower is in the tears of the fleet women he has left behind in his wake.  This was done for Tim Merks manly man competition.  Tim is currently working on creating a short animated film and this drawing is based on his main character; Simon. This was all done in Flash while I had some free time at work.  Today is my last day at Studio Moshi (animation has ended for this project) and looking forward to the after party and whatnot.  The project was tons of fun to work on and looking forward to seeing it on the big screen. Next week I start freelancing on a couple of gigs and discussing another project with an old client.  Very pleased that the timing has worked out nicely.  I may be busy until Christmas!  Wheeeeee!


Who is the sneakiest one of all? Who are those people... why is there a camera guy sneaking towards the window....? This is my submission for Illustration Friday "Sneaky".  It was a lot of fun to do and am really enjoying overlaying and masking in textures over vector images. This week is all about animating as fast and as well as I possibly can as this is deadline week for the Little Johnny project am working on as an animator for Studio Moshi.  Game time! I went hiking today and it was so much fun but am exhausted, an early night for me tonight....

Bunny Blast!

Howdy! Do not make a giant fire breathing bunny angry! This wasn't the intended finished illustration I was planning to put up yesterday.  I drew up a character sitting by the window sill and I came up with this drawing for what was happening outside the window.  Then I ended up liking the idea of a fire breathing bunny burning down the city so much that I decided that it was better for it to be a stand alone illustration rather than an extra. All drawn up in Flash then textured and whatnot in Photoshop. This coming week is my last week at Studio Moshi and I will be freelancing doing educational animations and illustrations after that from home.  Essentially, this coming week is deadline week so I'm going to totally bring my A game and help get the project done!

IF: Burning

Howdy! This is my illustration for Illustration Friday and the theme is Burning.  I wanted to do something simple with bold colours and I went for "burning passion" and why not?  I think it's the type of burning most people wont mind at all.  This was illustrated in Flash. I bought two awesome fashion books today: Dreaming of Chanel and Dreaming of Dior.  I would definitely recommend them!

Lookout 14: Where are we now?

Hello hello! This is what I have spent most of today doing!  Astri (great 2D animator and illustrator) and I started this project of sending illustrations backwards and forwards with each other since 2007..when we both joined Red Bubble .  No real theme in mind, it was a free flowing illustration exercise where we interpreted or added on from the previous person's work.  We've had monsters, robots and lots of cats popping up in our illustrations.  At the moment, it  predominantly involves an underwater adventure with a Sorceress. I have been doing all the EVEN numbers and she does the ODD ones.  If you want to see more please check out the links starting with Lookout 1 and just check out all the links on the right hand side to see where it went and how it ended up where it is now. This was all drawn up and coloured in Flash and then touched up in Photoshop.  I really should try drawing something in illustrator as it's been a while but Flash is just so much easier fo

Catnip and Catch up

Hello hello! It has been a while since I last wrote.  Again.  I have been very busy at Studio Moshi, the project is a lot of fun but like most animation productions, it has a tight schedule so I have been rather busy. I am still trying to find the time to work on a lot of my personal projects and I keep coming up with more ideas and things to do a lot faster than I can actually do them.  This has been my first Friday free in a while and weekend for that matter.  Most will be spent drawing my own works as this is the first drawing I had time to do in a very long time. I really liked the Cat head idea so I came up with this one.  Hand drawn, hand inked and coloured in Photoshop :)  I sketched it during my break at work today.  It just felt so good doing a drawing of my own again.  Am hoping to finish another illustration I've been working on tomorrow.  Fingers Crossed!