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Hi there!

Here is my drawing for Illustration Friday with the theme being "Savour".  This is a lady savouring every bite of her ice cream.  All drawn up in Flash.

Friday was my last day at Studio Moshi for an animation contract and we had the most awesome after party.  I had so much fun but at the same time it is always a somewhat sad moment as it means that the entire team disperses to do their own thing till the next contract.  Life of a creative contractor, it is never boring and forever changing.  At least I find it so.

Also watched an episode of Dogstar that I worked on the big screen at the ACMI (Mlebourne theatre in Australia) and it was great.  Seeing the episode come together was a very satisfying feeling.

I start some freelance gigs from home tomorrow.  Should be fun!


  1. Interesting color scheme and a delectable treat

  2. Love the sprinkles in the ice cream! Good luck with your freelancing too!

  3. hello :)
    She's beautiful, I love her dress and the little sparkles on her hair.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.


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