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For the Love of Art Exhibition tomorrow at Sketch N Tulip!

Sketch N Tulip Front window Me drawing at sketch n tulip Hello, hello!!!  Well...the For Love of Art exhibition is on tomorrow!  Wheee!!!  The top picture shows the front window of Sketch & has a bunny! Hope to see you guys there if you can make it!  The address is 364 Victoria Street North Melbourne.  Event starts from 6pm onwards!

Berry Fishies dropped off

Howdy!!!  Well, I dropped off my berry fishies at Sketch and Tulip for the Love of Art exhibition this morning.  The opening night is this Friday and am really looking forward to it!  Should be an awesome night.  Come on down if you are free!  364 Victoria Street North Melbourne Victoria.

Work in Progress screen shot

Howdy!  Here is a screenshot of another project am working on.  Quite a few to smash out before Christmas.  The holiday season is either nothing or everything at once and I have a bit of a snowball in my hands at the moment.  Probably a good thing...I have something to pay my taxes with.  Yech.  I hate taxes.

Screen Capture of previous gig

Howdy!  I am busy.  Yes...I know am starting to sound like a broken record...but seriously, I am as busy as they get.  I work really hard, I love freelancing and I don't care to let clients down, especially those that have been good to me.   Good clients inspire loyalty and me trying my best for them.  I drew over 16 different stuff (can't say what am doing for the moment) and that's a lot. The pic above is a screen grab of job I did aaaages ago.  I am unsure whether or not I can show any good quality versions of them soooo...alas. Anyhoo, got an exhibition at Sketch and Tulip this Friday!  Wheeee!  Come on down if you're in Melbourne at 364 Victoria Street North Melbourne.

WIP screenshot

Howdy...this is something am working on at the moment.  This is me cleaning up a rough of one of my designs.  Unfinished ofcourse.  I can't really say much about the project or what it's for right now.  Perhaps later!

Steampunk fish from fish zine

Howdy!  Running around for most of the day with events and whatnot which is always nice.  Anyhoo, here's one of my old drawings from my steampunk fishzine I made earlier this year.. I really can't wait to have more time to complete my list of personal projects.

A blast from the past: an episode from "Cabbies"

  CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO Hah!  Check this out, I animated this aaaages ago, total blast from the past...about 2008 I would say.  I animated 10 Cabbie episodes for Zactoons and this is one of them.   You guys can watch all 10 episodes on youtube .  I think there were more episodes after that but I ended up getting booked elsewhere so I couldn't work for them.  This was a really fun gig to animate on. Guess that's the advantage of not having much time at the moment to generate new artwork is that I have to look at my backlog of work that I would be allowed to post up on my blog.  I can't put up much of what I am currently working on, that's for sure.  I like looking at the different gigs I've done over the years and the range of it.  From community, government, corporate jobs, animations for kids so it's all c-rating (c-rating is even lower and far less offensive than the g-rating) to adult animations that are aimed to offend.   It's pretty cool an

Egg timer

Howdy.  A simple image for tonight.  So, I tried to make an omelet tonight for dinner and I only had a few eggs left in the fridge.  I go to break all of them over a bowl and then I tried to crack the last one and it was more resilient than the others. I then realized it was hard boiled.  Why on earth would I hard boil an egg and place it in with all the other eggs in the fridge?  It's like am self-sabotaging myself in the kitchen and I certainly don't need any help in that department!  I have had quite a few home economic disasters over the much so I've been advised to make a comic about it and as soon as I have time, i most certainly will!  My list of personal projects is getting pretty long.....

Monkey Punch Dinosaur

Behold....the first thing I've illustrated that wasn't for a job or school for months and months and months!  I did this for the Monkey Punch Dinosaur tumblr page .  Check it out as the entries are pretty effing sweet!

Dukes of Broxstonia plane prop

Howdy!  So I am finished designing for Dukes of Broxstonia.  Was a lot of fun and I hear that the series is getting nominated for quite a few awards which is pretty darn cool! Anyhoo, I still don't have time to draw anything which is a bit of a pain.  I have a lot on at the moment (so what else is new?).  Bit of freelance has come my way, hoping that'll help cover some new equipment I need and to take a short course on z brush later.  Amazing modelling tool that one.  That said, I think I'm done with school.....for a little while.  Looking forward to just full-time freelancing again.  I juggle my time a bit better that way. I need to take a vacation....but the downside of providing for yourself is that there's no one else to cover bills and whatnot if I don't do it since I'm not getting any financial support any where else.  Freelancing is still the bomb though!  What other job can I enjoy a sunny afternoon and then work till the cows come home?

character design for a job

Howdy!  This is a rough design for a job am currently working on. Was testing linework and looks for this one.  There is limited animation involved but a lot of designs to do. I have quite a bit of freelance work to get on with for a few months which is awesome.  Tons of bills to pay and thinking of expanding my computer equipment ever since the rendering debacle.  I need to build a few 3D worlds for my portfolio which means...a lot of rendering and my machines being taken up.

For the Love of Art (Exhibition)

Howdy!  My work is going to be in this exhibition that's going to be at the Sketch & Tulip on Nov 30, Friday!  Hurrah!  364 Victoria Street North Melbourne.  Come on down and check it out!  I am still sorting out which pieces I will be putting up for sale.  All original pieces this time! My friend David Pereira is running the show.  Check out some of his work if you get a chance!

Sketch & Tulip...still displaying

Howdy, I didn't get to put up a post yesterday.  I was enjoying a very rare computer free Saturday, filled with a sleep in, a Spanish festival and a birthday party to finish off.  Anyhoo, just wanted to let everyone know that my work is still being displayed and sold at the Sketch and Tulip at North Melbourne.  364 Victoria Street.  Great doffee and food too.  The owner, Huda, is very supportive of artists and she has been very supportive of my work ever since I started displaying there earlier this year.  I sold two recently which is the lantern fish (one hiding behind the plant) and the Goblin Shark cello.  It's been really good.  I will be exhibiting there soon with some previously done but original works this time on November 30, Friday.  Will let you know more shortly!

3D World: submitted

Howdy!  Well I submitted my files yesterday for assessment and I am very happy with the end product.  I also spotted every mistake and error I made that I want to tweak and finalized before I upload the camera fly through video on Vimeo for everyone to see.  I also want to add animations, tweak textures and put in more props. can never have enough props.  Rendering wont be so bad as long as there's no am looking forward to that.  We are learning After Effects over the next 3 weeks.  Looking forward to that.  It's a program I always wanted to know a bit more of. Relaxing this weekend!  Need to totally chill out now.  I tend to forget that the only person that can financially and physically take care of me is me so I need to be a bit kinder to myself and hat probably involves rest and recuperation.

3D World: wire frame shots

Howdy!  So on top of the coloured renders/video, we also need to submit wireframe renders/video.  I am pretty much done.  I got to school and the renders all worked overnight.  Thank goodness!  I can now concentrate on adding more things to it.  Correcting all the mistakes I've spotted in the clip and can now tweak them in a relaxed manner.  It feels really good.

3D World: rendering part 04

I want a render farm.  A render farm is essentially a whole bunch of computers at your disposal so you can render.  Render, render, render!  This is pretty much how anything 3D is made.  This is me taking over majority of the machines in class today.  Lucky no one else was rendering at the first half of class so I got a huge chunk of wire frame renders done before class ended.  I left 3 computers overnight running to finish off the rest.  I am hoping nothing goes wrong and that the shots are all ready to be picked up tomorrow morning when I arrive. I am exhausted.  I was waking up almost every hour last night to check on my coloured renders.  Technically, I only had to get up twice but I was stressing out so bad that I was automatically waking up every hour.  I hate rendering.  I hate this part of the process because there really isn't anything you can do but wait. The good news is that all 2200 frames of my coloured renders are done and ready to compile tomorrow in

3D WORLD: rendering part 03

I am knackered.  I had to get up at 12am and 4am this morning to set up new render batches and I have to get up at 3am later to set up the last two render batches.  I may actually get everything rendered by Thursday, in time for deadline which would be awesome.  We shall see though.  Either way, I most certainly have enough footage rendered to pass this assessment....hopefully rendering out the wireframe sequence doesn't take too long.  It's worrying me a bit.  The next time I do a 3D project, I am leaving 2 weeks just to render.  Man.....this has been a wee bit painful.  I mean, am normally stressed but it has shot through the roof over the last few days.  It will all be better when I submit end of Thursday.  Here's hoping.

3D World: RENDERING part 02

Oh geez!!!  This is taking forever!!!  The Apocalypse would have come and gone by now and I would still be rendering!  We only just found out how to make it a tad faster by jacking up the CPU but it's still going pretty slow.  Better than before but still slow.  EEEEK!  That said, I have quite a few shots rendered that show my world and that's all I need for the requirements..... Gah!!!!


Howdy, here is a frame from one of my final renders in my walk through animation.  A walk through is essentially the camera moving around the world and getting a good view of it.  This is one of my starting shots.  Oh my is taking forever to render!  It's ridiculous and I have no idea how much will get done by Wednesday morning.  I am freaking out!  Whatever gets finished is what I am submitting and that's all there is to it!

3D World: smoothened render!

Check out how it looks with the geometry of the houses all softened up!  I am pretty darn pleased with how it is looking and I would really like to do more with it but I don't have the luxury of time am ready or not.....we start a rendering ASAP and make it more awesome later!

3D World: camera tests

Howdy, this is where I was at this morning.  Today was all about getting the camera animated through the built world to show the elements.  A lot harder than I thought it would be getting the pacing right.  That pretty much done!  It's going to take me AAAAAAaaaaaaages to render though!  Gah!!!  My walk through is like over 2000 frames.  Sheesh......

3D World: Lighting it...

Was a wee bit too pink  Much better  Current lighting Howdy!  So pretty much the majority of the props are in, the lighting is pretty much done, need to tweak the shadow colouring though and I've started moving my camera around for the walk through.  The objects are still on low poly setting though but it is looking pretty sweet!  I am quite pleased with how it is all looking.  Hoping to get the camera fly through done tomorrow then it is render, render, render for submission next week.  It's gonna be close!!!!

3D Candy World is coming together.....

Hello, hello.  Here is where I am at thus far with my world.  Looking pretty busy, isn;t it?  I put some fences in but it didn't look good to me so I took it all out.  There are no lights at the moment so everything is looing a bit de-saturated.  I also rendered it out in the low poly setting...the final renders should have everything looking soft and pudgy. Not long now till the year is over.  It has been well and truly insane for me.  I am normally busy but this year I have well and truly overloaded beyond what should me humanly possible.  I am pretty proud of what I have achieved and learned and I can't wait to have more time to do my own projects.  School ends early December.....not long now.....

Pudgy handbag

Howdy, another illustration I did months ago.  This is another unfinished version as the final copy was all coloured up.  Got a few more things to do before bed tonight so need to get cracking!

Fire Child 02

Howdy...this is actually the unfinished version as the final version was all coloured up in photoshop.  This was for one of my illustrations gigs and I don't think I can show the final project. Lots of things need to get done over the next few days.  That said, I am feeling rather re-charged.  Had a fun and indulgent weekend and had a really chilled out time and it's something I sorely need just to get me over the finish line for this year.  I am looking forward to the day when I have time to draw new illustrations for this blog again instead of using a backlog.

Old job: Murdoch

Howdy!  Here's an old job I did ages ago!  A commercial for Murdoch I believe.  Least it's called the "Murdoch job" in my "Jobs" folder.... Things have been pretty awesome this weekend.  Actually managed to relax a bit which is rather new and different.  Still, I have a lot on my plate to do so am trying to squeeze in some work before catching up with friends in a bit!  This whole thing about balance can certainly do one's head in.  I just want to be able to do it all.  Is that really too much to ask?  ;)

3D World: WIP02

Hello, is a more ground level view of my candy land thus far.  The polygons are currently on low poly setting hence the sharp edges.  It just makes it quicker for me to view my work.  Still a lot to do all the houses will have fences the candies will be more varied...heaps of stuff still!  I am hoping it takes just one more day to complete but we'll see.  Then I need to light it and create a camera to do a fly through the entire world. Catching up with friends and taking a breather today...just like a normal person!

3D World: WIP 01

Howdy!  Am currently building my world.  The rabbit houses will be more varied, i need to model in some fences and I need to add in more candy props. The trees aren't complete yet either, going to be a lot of re-texturing happening and duplicating of models.  Looking forward to chilling out a bit this weekend.  Well mostly.  I still have a lot of work to do!

3D Texturing: mailboxes

Looks at my mailboxes!  Aren't they cute?  I know I've been sounding like a broken record lately about being uber busy and I am, I really am!  Though I must looks like I've been busy for a very long time.  Anyhoo, I will endeavour to chat a bit more when am able to. Today has been very productive at school, I've textured or at least rough textured  everything and have started setting up my candy world.  This is the fun bit!  Setting it up and then changing up the textures and the looks once everything is in there.  I am hoping to finish all of that tomorrow then I can breathe a bit easier.  Spend a few hours refining textures before school next week.  I am hoping to get it done early so I can render properly and make it look even prettier!  I am really pleased with how it's all turning out though. With tax...looks like I'm going to have to cough up some cash.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Shall see how bad the damage really is when my accountant lodges my for