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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!  Regardless of your beliefs, hope you're all having a nice day and possibly enjoying an Easter egg or two!

This is also my submisson to Illustration Friday: egg.  Appropriate!

Octopus Coiffeur

Howdy all!  Hope everyone is having a great Easter!  I drew this up today.  A bit of weird fun today while watching movies.  It's nice to relax every now and then especially after a hard few days and before getting back into the swing of things.  Hand drawn, copic shaded and coloured up in Photoshop.

Illustration Friday: Swim

Howdy!!!!  Here is my submission to Illustration Friday: swim.  I have not been to excited with the themes lately but I haven't missed a submission to the topic yet.  I have fish on the brain and hands....can you tell? 

How is everyone enjoying their Easter?  It is rather low key at my place, watching movies and eating with good company.  I went to the pet store yesterday to replace an aquarium light and for more fish medicine and then I ended up buying 6 more guppies and 2 loaches and a plant.  The aquarium looks so cool!  The loaches will grow though and if they get too big I need to move them to another tank, so definitely something to consider for later.   Mmmmmm.  I wasn't expecting to buy loaches but I've had a snail infestation in the tank and they would be the most natural method of getting rid of them.

I got myself a long term contract working on another Television Animated series.  I am pretty excited and I start soon.  This is my chance to start saving up agai…

Heart Balloon

Howdy!  I thought I would put up something a lil less freaky today.  Another one of my no pencil illustrations done at camp but coloured and tweaked in Photoshop.  This is actually the second version of the idea.  I'll put up what the original idea looked like shortly.  The first version of the idea..people found a bit creepy.

Easter weekend is upon us!  Wheeee!  Catching up with my sister and some friends over the holiday and drawing is what I have planned.  Hope you all have a safe and happy Easter!

Monster Eye

Hello, hello!  Thought I would start the day off with something a little weird and less cute than normal.  Another one of my doodles at camp and done really late at night when I got tired of drawing cute things.  No pencil, straight fine liner and copic pens.  Thought I'd play with it a bit in Photoshop though. 

My aquarium light died!  Grrrrr!  I am using the studio lights to light up the aquarium until I can go to a certain pet shop tomorrow and get that and a couple of other fish stuff replenished.  I may also purchase some new guppies if any takes my fancy.

Gecko Squirrel Gecko Squirrel.  I made a few animal splices during comics camp as a design proposal which was unfortunately a tad too freaky for the clients liking.  Luckily, I managed to design something completely acceptable a couple of hours later.  I think I will be doing more of these weird animal splices.  My method of how I came up with this creature was pretty simple.  I wrote down a bunch of animal names, put them in a cup and whichever two names I picked from the cup was the combination I drew.  I also had a cup with objects, just to make the whole thing freakier.  The things that stuck on the Gecko Squirrels tail are champagne glasses.  Fun and games boys and girls.  Fun and games.

Oh...for the illustration gig, am currently designing Rock Stars.

Hand Lady 02: Green and orange

Hello!  another one from the hand series that I drew at comics camp....I drew my left hand this time. Been enjoying doing the ladies emerging out of the hands.  Kinda like that parasite from Vampire Hunter D.  Ever seen that?  It's a really well done anime.

This was all coloured using going to need to get refills for quite a few colours and it's going to cost me.  Using copics cost me a lot as it is since the pens are quite expensive but they're the best brand for me thus far!

Hand Lady 01: tan and aqua

Check out one of my creations at camp.  I actually made a few of these.  Now, I actually used Rob's hand to model and I swear that in the perspective that the pinky finger really was that much longer than the others...though I probably should have adjusted it as an illustration.  Ah well.  Thought I would make my hand studies a tad more interesting.

Had to put up an extra post tonight to make up for yesterday.

Chugnut 2013

Hello, hello!  I just got back from Chugnut (comics camp) and my goodness did I come up with some weird drawings this weekend.  I'll show some a bit later.  I did some illustration work and a few personal illustrations this weekend.  Did not feel like painting so I decided not to force it. 

I had a lot of fun at camp and found it really inspirational to constantly draw and come up with concepts until I was happy with the idea.  I got a little stuck on a direction for my current illustration gig but it clicked Saturday morning.  All the rejects will just end up on the blog at some point.  Essentially, I was just drawing from morning till night and was very productive.  Being on a table where everyone is drawing is almost like competing in a 10km run, where if other people are still going, it makes me want to keep going too. 

Turquoise Locks

Another one of my "no pencil" drawings and then coloured in Photoshop.  I did this one yesterday at the studio.  I do love drawing women's faces when am stuck with what to draw, which is why I asked for drawing requests from friends on Facebook.  I need some fresh ideas of what to do.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, my creativity and imagination all tends to go towards my current illustration job which drains me a bit when I draw up personal works.  I also need to draw up a backlog for my blog on the days when am exhausted from work.  I'm about to start a contract job soon which will last a while.  I will only be available for a select few jobs from next month and all illustration.  I think it will be too tiring doing back to back animation jobs.

Ben Hutcho ( a sketch)

Howdy!  Well, I have been using all of my imagination and creativity powers doing illustrations for work lately, that there are some days that I just run out of creative juices.  The days those happen, and I want to draw up something for my blog, I just tend to look around me and see what is interesting to draw.  Today, I chose to draw Ben Hutcho, our fearless leader at Squishface Studios.  I also wanted to practice drawing facial hair as I've not done it before either.  I have also been practicing drawing without using a pencil and this is another one of my efforts where I have used nothing but a 0.3 fine liner and no help from Photoshop.  I find that I am less precious and faster when I draw straight with a fine liner.  Perhaps, one day, I will be more confident with my lines as well instead of being so sketchy all the time.

I had a bit of trouble drawing the beard at first, it was far too smooth but with a bit of tweaking, I think I got most of it right.  I probably needed it …

Illustration gig: Fire children badges

Howdy all!  I may have put up a pick of a fire child or two up in this blog previously but never the finished product.  Here are some of them now!  I drew these up some time last year.  Hand drawn and inked then coloured into Photoshop and placed in the template. 

A very busy day today.  I visited the studio I will be contracted too from late April and played with Toon Boom, the program I'll be animating in.  I have used the program before and it shouldn't be very hard to pick up again at all.  Things were rapidly coming back to me as I played with the program.  It will still take a week or two till I am totally comfortable with it again though.

I remain busy with illustration work for another couple of weeks yet.  Got to tighten my belt and save up for the tax man!  I know it's months away but I would rather save up as much money as I can now rather than panic later.

Comics camp is this weekend!  Though looks like I'll be bringing my work with me....

Lady in Yellow

Another one with no pencils!  I think I need to start practicing drawing men faces though.  I am in my comfort zone when I do female close ups.  When I was younger, I used to have sketchbooks upon sketchbooks with just women faces.  Back then, I just wanted to draw and draw..instead of studying history.  Luckily, I have had more use for drawing than history in my life.  I still have a tendency to make the eyes too big though.  A bad habit, but what can I say?   I love big eyes.

Got a batch of cyborg designs approved today and some painting sketches ready to go for inking and then there's comics camp this weekend.  It's going to be a big week!

small fluffy child

Howdy!  Look, no pencils!  The no pencil stuff has been looking pretty good over the last few posts I think.  Thought I'd try doing a kid face.  Very rare when I draw kids but thought to give it a go, think I got it, more or less.  Anyhoo, did the colouring in Photoshop.

One of my guppies tail got damage almost 3 weeks ago and it hasn't totally healed and I thought it was healing nicely but then today it was looking a little worse for wear again.  freaking me out a bit...may have to medicate the entire tank at this rate.....

IF:eye glasses

Hello, hello!  Here is my post for Illustration Friday: eye glasses.  I did this one without using a pencil again and just straight fine liners and some Photoshop colouring.  Always a bit of fun to do.  It's nice to have spent most of the weekend drawing my own stuff, it relaxes me.  I have to spend pretty much all of this week coming up with new designs for two different jobs.  i find it a lot of fun but it doesn't leave a whole lot of creative juices for my own works.

I've decided that I cannot do a Loop this month.  I really just have far too much to do and it is comics camp next weekend!

Face doodle

Howdy all!  Check this pencils required.  I love drawing hair.  It relaxes me and I just have fun drawing it.
Went to the aquarium today and I really want to get into aquascaping.  It was very inspiring.  I want to do a giant forest with little fishies swimming in there.


Howdy!  Here is my post for Illustration Friday: Yesterday.  The theme yesterday....I found it very difficult to draw and I didn't just want to draw something I did I drew a girl with the sun and moon make-up representing the passage of time.  Heh...or I really just felt like drawing a face after drawing dinosaurs all week may be more of the truth.

It doesn't look like am going to be able to make an animated Loop this month.  I am so ridiculously busy next week and I have to prioritize my time am afraid....ah well. 

Illustration Job: props for App 01

Howdy!  Some prop designs I made for an app last year.  I can show them, now that I've gotten permission to do so!  This job was a lot of fun and it's always good to try different looks and have the freedom to do so.  I just finished the last 12 dinosaur designs I've been working on all week.  That's 25 designs all up and am really pleased with them.  It will be a month or two before I can show them though!

Illustration Job: Porcupine Wafer

Howdy!  I have been doing a lot of designs for a company in Sydney for their apps and this is one of the ones I sent through last year.  It was part of my dessert animal badge series.  I've been drawing up a lot of badge designs for their apps over the last few months.  At the moment, am working on dinosaurs!  Will show some of those later.  It is a lot of fun and I get complete creative control over it so it's been great!  I am very pleased that they like it.

Mother's Milk character designs: babies 03

Some more sketches of babies!  I actually need to ask one of my clients if I can show off what I've been working on for them since a lot of my illustrating powers is being dedicated to them right now.

Still so hot...looking forward to a cool can't come soon enough.

Mother's Milk character design: General Smythe

Howdy!  One of the characters from that short film am doing with Leisl.  A rough character design.  Am still trying to figure out the design of the unifrom...though am happy with the look of this character.  See how we go as I still need to keep working on this and eventually do some colour tests too.

This heatwave in Melbourne is disgusting.  I hate it.  I hate it so much.  I want it to start being cold and freezing.  I would be happy not to feel the heat of the sun for a few months.

Mother's Milk character design: baby design 02

Howdy all!  How goes it?  Here are a couple more baby designs for a short film am doing with Leisl.  I thought I locked in the hair style but I may adjust it a bit more....see what I can come up with over the next few days.
It's been so hot here in Melbourne and the temperatures are still soaring.  I hate the heat, I want the cold and freezing weather to make it's way here to Melbourne.  I know that be careful what you wish for but I cannot tell you right now on how much the heat really, really, irritates me.

Deadlift and other gym stuff

Hello, hello!  Well, yesterday was a good day!  I got commissioned to do 2 fish bone paintings as a wedding present.  Very cool!  I have to start that next week.  I'm also working on a few other freelance gigs here and there.

Things have been going very well at the gym.  I can dead lift more than my own body weight, been doing chin-ups, I now do elevated jumping push-ups, stair runs have become pretty easy, kettle bell swings, kettle bell snatch and's been going really well.  Now, to dispel some myths...if you are a girl, you will not get bulky from doing weights.  You will never look like a man because of the lack of testosterone....essentially, you need roids to bulk up to look manly.   I have come to enjoy doing weights and pushing myself (and being pushed) at the gym.  It's been awesome and Justin Foo is a really amazing trainer. I've come a real long way from when i started a little over a year ago and am still continuing this year.  I am fitter and sli…

IF: Talent

Hello, hello!  My entry for Illustration Friday the theme being Talent.  I am a pretty talented artist but I kinda felt that everyone on IF was as well so I thought I'd chat about how talented I am when it comes to making brownies.  I love baking brownies and am pretty good at it too.  I don;t really measure anything and I love changing up the flavours.  So far I've done dark chocolate, milk chocolate, a combination of both with white chocolate, peanut butter, chili, m&ms and right now I've been putting Kahlua in the mixture.  It is awesome! craving for a brownie now...but it is too hot to bake.  Time to work at the local cafe!

Hand Studies 10 (practicing)

Howdy!  Well, hands that interlock and clasp is pretty difficult for me.  Having some struggles sorting out how to make it work. Still practicing it though!  I need to get onto backgrounds and stuff like that too.....

Guppy Death 01

So about 2 weeks ago I lost my first guppy.  He was alive and well the night before and when I woke up the next day, I found him on the carpet.  He must have jumped out during the night.  I felt pretty devastated, was really trying to keep all the fish healthy and happy.  I feed them twice a day with top of the line fish food, check the temperature regularly and ice the tank if it gets too hot, I test the water everyday, clean once a week and I always check for any abnormalities like loss in colour, if they're stressed in any way, so on and so forth.'s done now.

The corpse was taken care of for me.  I was told by another mate, who is an avid fish keeper himself, that there will be plenty of fish deaths as I go along my fish keeping hobby and that I need to take care of the remains myself next time around.

Frankly, I rather not lose any more any time soon.

Book Cover Illustration (job)

Howdy, howdy!  Well, here's a book cover illustration gig I just finished today.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  I drew it up in Flash and coloured it in Photoshop and put the FX in.  The client wanted the piece to have a child-like quality to it.  He also had a very clear idea in mind as to what he wanted.  His drawn image is below:

It was very handy having the layout he wanted in mind.  I did make a few changes though as having the name on different signs was a bit too hard to read.

Roughs are good as they eliminate some of the guesswork.  I like having roughs when backgrounds are involved especially as I am never too sure what angle the scene is in the client's mind so a rough layout is extremely helpful.

Mother's Milk Character Design: Baby test

Howdy, howdy!  Well, a good and productive day with work today which was awesome and I've started roughing out and brainstorming character designs for a short animated film I am doing with my friend Leisl.  The title of the film is "Mother's Milk".  Not saying what it's about exactly.

Now...I've never really designed toddlers/babies so am going to need quite a bit of practice to get it right.  Will need to look at more references methinks...

Rough random character study

Hello, just a rough character design for fun!  Drew it while watching a bit of TV (very rare for me to do).  Was a bit of fun doodling.  I don;t do enough of it I think.

Hand Studies 09 (practicing)

AYUH!!  Drawing hands that are clenched or interlocking with each other is tough!!!  I had to take reference pictures and I still didn't get them right.....WAH!!!!!  More practice to be done....

Hand Studies 08 (practicing)

Hand studies  that I did yesterday at the studio.  Good fun...I think it's getting better but still a bit to go.