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Fishbone Helmet

Hello!  This is one of the pieces I finished over Christmas and is currently for sale at Pepper Cafe .  The next few weeks, the posts may revert back to putting up all jobs and older work as am drawing for the exhibition and am not too keen to put everything up on the blog!  I am nervous and wondering who will turn up and hoping more than anything that it will be a good turn out and everyone will love  the work.  Here's hoping.

Bird Study: Crimson Chat

One of my bird drawings!  This is a Crimson Chat.  I like the names... anyway some big news!  The joint exhibition that Dave and I are doing entitled "House of Birds" is on Feb 27, Thursday from 6:30pm onwards at Pepper Cafe .  If you're in the area, come by and check out the art!

Blue winged Kookaburra and new lady (work in progress)

So I posted up the coloured version yesterday but this is what the piece more or less looks like...a few days ago and before some colouring.  I've had a very social last few nights so I haven;t been able to finish her yet.  Been doing pretty well at work but I haven't had any freelance lately.  I've been working double jobs for so long that it really feels odd not doing any.....

Blue winged Kookaburra (work in progress)

Hi!  This is actually a new work in progress piece with another one of my bird ladies.  A detail shot of the featured bird. Going well thus far but I have quite a few social plans this week after working hours so I doubt I will be able to work on her much till the weekend. Today was so very hot again.  I hate this heat so much!  I really really do and there's another heatwave coming up this weekend and am hoping I don;t lose any fish!

Squishface Second Anniversary

Hi!  It was the Squishface Studio anniversary party yesterday and it was a lot of fun!  There was a mural on the wall the at everyone was contributing to and lots of food, a bbq, cold drinks and good company.  Can't believe we're starting on our third year now...kinda bizarre how it has changed and yet stayed the same over the last few years.  Hoping for more years to come!

Squishface Studio Second aniversary baking: Popcorn Brownies

Check this out!  I made popcorn brownies.  Woo hoo!  They taste pretty good!  Anyhoo, it's for Squishface 2cnd Birthday tomorrow.  Pass by if you can!  It should be good fun!  309 Victoria Street Brunswick!

Design Job: Materialist Acid (Logo)

Hi!  Here's a job I did around October!  A little different to my other woks...which is why I like it.  It was for an independent album launch.  What I would really like to get better at is lettering.  Something on the "to do" list that is for sure.  So much things to try and get better at!  It feels overwhelming most of the times and it doesn't matter!  Just got to keep pushing.....I'll never get anywhere otherwise. This weekend is a long weekend as there's a holiday on Monday.  It will be very busy as it's Squishface second year anniversary this weekend.  Wheee!  I will be baking a few things as per normal.  If you're available, come on down to 309 Victoria Street Brunswick for a good time with creative folks!

Bird Study: Pink Robin

Here is a pink robin I drew aaaaages ago!  I did this one at work during one of my breaks.   I just didn't have to do anything new tonight.  Was too busy fixing the plants in my aquarium and catching up with friends after work.  Bah!  Keeping things alive is difficult.  I need to go back to the aquarium place this Saturday, the new plants don;t look like they have enough gravel. in it.  I better get some good plant food too while am at it...sigh!

Diamond Finch Beauty: work in progress.

Jan 21, I started working on this piece after work Still a work in progress but this is where I am at Hi!  Here's a detail shot of the new piece I started working on last night.  I think it's going rather well.  A mix media piece.  This will also go on the exhibition once we get the dates from the cafe.  either way, am going to exhibit somewhere and it's nice to have brand new pieces.  Been really enjoying drawing women's faces and birds.  I used to draw women's faces all the time when I was about 14.  I stopped when I got into anime for a good few years.  I did a few pieces when I was about 19 and stopped when I got into Uni.  Not too sure why I stopped though.  Anyway, I am once again drawing beauty shots of ladies but this time...with birds!

Be A Man: animating on one of the episodes thus far...

Be A Man series is David Blumenstein's personal project that I am helping him with here and there when I can.  You can watch the first episode that David animated all by himself here . I've so far animated a few shots for the second episode.  Hoping to do more if I can.  It's really good fun and am hoping to get a chance to work on the rest of the episodes too....

Commission piece done: Splendid Fairy Wrens.

Hi!  This piece is actually a commission and there won't be any prints available.  This will go on display at the upcoming exhibition though.  I shall hopefully have knotted all the details this week.  This piece is a mixture of fineliners, markers and colour pencils.  Colour pencils and markers do blend very well together! Anyhoo, if anyone reading this would like a commissioned piece, please email me at

New Year, new look and space...

Close_up Re-arranging the furniture Today was all about fish.  For those that don't live in Australia, we had a heatwave last week.  4 consecutive days of 40 plus degree weather.  I don't have air conditioning in my apartment and I also live on the top floor.  Anyhoo, aside from being completely miserable from the heat, 3 guppies died from the heatwave.  Today, we moved the tank away from the window area, I bought new plants and new friends for the surviving guppies.  I do hope there are no more dramas with the aquarium for a while.  It was a bit freaky having had lost quite a bit over the last few months.  Last week was a heatwave...some time last year, my tank got inflicted by the unknown plague and I lost 5 in a span of 2 weeks.  2 of those I had to euthanize as they were really suffering. Now...hopefully everyone will be okay.....I have a few young guppies in this batch so am hoping they grow up big and strong.

Bird Study: Little Kingfisher

Howdy!  This was what my works pace looked like last Friday around lunchtime.  This is a Little Kingfisher.  It was still so hot that day but it feels so much better now!  Sadly...I did lose 3 of my fish due to the heat.  Very sad about that but there really wasn't much I could do.  We're relocating the aquarium tomorrow to an area which will hopefully not be affected by the heat as much. Currently doing a few scenes for a series project for a friend of mine and working on my commission piece.  We went to the museum today and we also watched 47 Ronin.  The movie was so, so at best.  The museum however was great and we had an awesome time!

New piece...Work in progress

Hi!  Here's the new piece am working on...hoping to get it done on the weekend.  It's actually a commission piece so it won't be for sale and no prints will be done of it.  I am enjoying it quite a bit  but I haven't been able to work on it more because of the heatwave.  It is suppose to cool down later tonight though....that would be so very, very good.

Bird Study: Spotted Pardalote

This is a Spotted Pardalote.  I actually drew it a few days ago but only posted it now.  It's so hot.  So ridiculously hot.  I hate it.  For all the people who wished for the Summer...I hope you're happy.

Bird Study: Double Barred or Owl finches

Owl or Double -barred Finches.  Too hot!  Too hot!  I hate heatwaves, I really dislike the always puts me in a foul mood.  Mainly cos I can't sleep at night!

Bird Study: Gouldian Finches

Gouldian Finches and these guys are actually endangered in the wild.  Beautiful birds.  I actually drew up the image at my parent's place and then coloured the next night after work.  In fact, was quite distracted by drawing that I forgot to put up the drawing after it was done. It's so hot in Melbourne at the moment.  I left the studio and I swear that it was like an oven!

More work in progress with the Eatsre Rosella piece.

Where the piece is currently at! Been working on it till late last night and earlier today.  It's still not done yet at all.  It's a piece that's taking a while that's for sure.  Hoping it turns out well.  No outlines except for the eye rhus far.  Her hair is nowhere near done either. Back to work tomorrow and there is a nasty heatwave that's happening this week in Melbourne.  Am not looking forward to it at all.  It's gonna suck but luckily work has air-con!

Eastern Rosellas (work in progress title)

Eastern Rosellas.  Beautiful looking birds and a bit more complicated to draw than the others I have done to date.  This is a detail shot of a work in progress piece I started today.  Trying to put down the colours first before inking.  Hoping it all works out.  Been working on a drawing every night which has been rather nice.  I'm not freelancing at the moment and I am enjoying just drawing after work instead of doing more work.  Being able to relax has been very nice indeed!

Red Winged Fairy Wrens

The new piece I started on Wednesday.  It's been keeping me busy and is pretty much done.  I got a few touches to go and it's pretty much done.  First time I used this technique....where it's grey lead, markers and colour pencils combined. It gives a subdued look depending where the grey lead was more dominant.  I enjoyed it but it does take more time to do.  A new piece am displaying at the cafe (most likely doing an exhibition opening night and everything) but will see.  The theme will have birds.  Lots of birds!

Bird Study: Silvereye

My Silvereye....I did this a few days ago.  Am currently working on a bigger piece that am hoping to get done some time tomorrow or the weekend.  Would be pretty awesome.  Am really enjoying and feeling inspired by the bird theme at the moment.  Got a more detailed and complicated piece that I started last night so that's taking a bit of my time now.  This one was done during my lunch break a day or two ago and without pencils.

Picking colours....

This is how my workspace looks like, sometimes when am colouring with markers.  Pens everywhere!  I tend to pick a whole lot from the colour range I plan to work on and only ever end up using a few.  Hey, better prepared than not, right?  So I've decided to stick with a bird themed I wont be putting up all the mini birds I've been working on.  If it's all on the blog, no one will want to come to the exhibit!

Bird Study: Superb Fairy-wren

A drawing I started and finished at work today.  Not really feeling the animation vibe but I managed to get a whole lot done at work.  Done all my fixes and have started on the new episode which is pretty good.  I also got one of my jobs fully approved and I've just set up the file so it's ready to go.  Productivity, productivity, productivity. I have been drawing these on a small sketchbook (the new bird studies) and I am seriously considering doing a series of small birds and displaying them.  Shall see how we go.  I find it very relaxing to draw birdies,  Didn't use a pencil again and coloured it using a combination of copics and mepxy pens.

Bird Study: Zebra Finch

Zebra Finch The equipment Hi!  First day back at work and more or less eased into it.  I had time to draw this up in the morning since the studio had a few technical difficulties first day back.  I do enjoy my bird drawings.  Working on postcard sized ones at the moment.  Just feel like drawing small birds.  Anyone have any suggestions on birds to draw?  No pencils on this one and used markers once again to colour.

Images done over the holidays

Here are some of the finished works I did over my two week break.  I was rather productive in the drawing department.  I have enjoyed it and 2 weeks is far too short.  Wouldn't mind another week or so of holidays.  I just want to keep drawing for a while.

WIP: Pink Coral

Work in progress shot of today's piece.  I think I will be going with this style for the next exhibition/display.   Going for a more realistic style...I still made the eyes too big though.  I really do have a thing for big eyes.  I am using colour pencils as well and it's been years since I've used them.  Going to the art shop tomorrow to buy a set of Faber Castels. I am back to work on Monday.  Boooo!  I wanna stay home and keep drawing!


work in progress at 3 AM Finished product and now for sale Hi!  Look, first fully completed piece for 2014 and the original is now for sale at the Pepper Cafe along with a few new works.  I actually drew this ages ago but didn't get to colouring it until last night and I was colouring till 3am cos I couldn't sleep.  I am also going to be watermarking my works if it's full finished from now on, especially if I am selling it elsewhere.  My friends have had a few drawings stolen lately so I figured it was best to play safe though am not too pleased with how it looks.  I may just choose certain images over others. Got to start gearing up to work on exhibition pieces for next month.  If the pieces are bigger than A3, I will be selling originals.  I also have a bunch of smaller originals that will be on sale too....

A New Year and some new prints and originals go up for sale!

Some of the prints and originals I prepared today to see if anyone would buy them at the Pepper Cafe .  The Seahorse Garden print is my best seller there.   It will be nice if my works can find a good home to go to.  Hopefully people will like them!  If not, all good.  Art is subjective and as long as I can draw what I want in my spare time, then am happy.

First post of the year

Welcome 2014!!!  2013 was really good to me so I hope that 2014 will be an upward trend.  A lot has happened this year.  I've been juggling a relationship, full-time contract work, gym, freelance work, my personal art and a social life. I did not accomplish all the goals I set out to do in 2013.  Stuff like submitting to Illustration Friday every week, I missed out on a couple of blog posts this year and my diet hasn't been great.  I did save money but I spent far more than I should too. I have started selling my work at the Pepper Cafe and experienced a lot of new things and places this year so I don't regret anything.  I've also been having a great time working at Studio Moshi and I will be there for another year as well. This year...I want to keep doing what am doing.  Training, art, work and perhaps aim to find a balance if I can.  I will also start cooking my food.  It will help me with my diet and my financials. I hope that everyone has an awesome 20