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Game 31 Round 01: Tamago Nigiri Boy

Hi!  I thought I would change it up a bit and go back to posting stuff I've been doing for Kookyrabbit.  Game 31 is ending shortly so I thought I'd start posting.  Here's a weird one!  I've been craving Japanese food. Not much to report today admittedly.  Spent a lot of it sleeping.  I did finish a commissioned job, put up 2 more designs on red bubble and even purchased two shirts so I can self-advertise and see how the shirts are.  I think my Shop is in much better shape now.  I will need to sort out links soon on this page.  I really need to make new business cards too and a website,  A proper website.  So much to do as always.  I also need to update my Loop portfolio and my Illustrator Australia portfolio.  Madness.  Updating and sorting out social media stuff.  I almost can't keep up.  I even have a tumblr just dedicated to my urban sketches.  Argh....need to concentrate though or stuff won't get done. I also have quite a bit of work now that I need f

Urban Sketching: Saigon (?) alley off Chapel Street Windsor

Hi!  I did this last week on one of my days off when I was delivering art work to an exhibition and before catching up with one of my friends.  Fun little alley to draw but I was not in the best position to do it so it's slightly rushed and I had to color at a cafe and not on the spot.  No room! My short little holiday ended today and am back to working and animating.  I also have a few commissions I need to get through too.  Still sorting out two big jobs though...but it looks like since the timetables are now clashing that I will only be able to do one.  I just need proper confirmation.  It can get frustrating at times.  I wish jobs just lined up properly.  I tend to weigh up gigs based on who asked first, who have I worked with more and enjoy being with, payment is important but being happy is important too.  If I can juggle both, I would...though it will probably hurt me a bit.  Commercial work is very draining.

Urban Sketching: Red Lion Hotel

Hi!  Well I drew this one up a few days ago!  Been wandering around Kilmore and it has been fun.  Totally got distracted cos I was working on my Red Bubble site .  Have a look when you can!

Urban Sketching: Tram Depot on corner Nicholson and Gertrude Street

Hi!  I drew this on April 15 and colored it in a few days after.  I have been enjoying the Urban Sketching but also being creative for my tumblr site.  I've also been working on my Red Bubble selling site, which I haven't in a long time.  I wish I actually kept up with it and kept on creating and posting on this site.  I feel like am back to square one on trying to build relationships on it and building the fan base.  Oh well.  I tried to start a new Red Bubble site using my Rabbit Town Art one but I already have followers on my old one (though who knows who is still around).  Anyway, been working away on that and when am happy...I will promote!

Urban Sketching: Donut Shop

Hi!  These drawings were actually done on April 15.  I met up with my friend Natalie for a catch up in the city and I was there rather early so while waiting for her I drew the counter.  I didn't get to finish the coloring until a few days later though as I stopped when Nat arrived.  We ordered donuts and I got myself the raspberry flavored one with the Yuzu cream.  Very nice indeed! The Donut Shop can be found on 130 Gertrude st, Melbourne, Australia 3065. I think I've been having waaaaay too many treats lately and need to stop yummy though!  I do love my desserts. Tonight was the Art Town exhibition as well and I also went to Flemington to see my accountant.  Hard to find good accountants so I'll be sticking to mine.  I also went to the art shop, spent lots of money on new coloring materials and then went to Chapel Street and chilled out at a cafe using new materials for a Kookyrabbit post. Afterwards, I went to the exhibition, met up with Rob and s

Game 30 Round 10: Goodnight Purple Rain

Hi!  A digital piece I worked on a few days ago for Kookyrabbit .  It's a small tribute to Prince.  Not a good year for musician and actor greats it would seem.  Anyway, the fairy above was entirely done in Photoshop. Well,  today was a bit of a chore day with me doing all the laundry, re-organizing the guest room, some home decorating with art works and getting ready for tomorrow.  Seeing the accountant, hopefully the damage isn't so bad.  Fingers crossed.  I haven't drawn anything today and am getting edgy because of it.  It almost feels weird not to draw at least one thing a day.  That said, am pleased with today's achievements and acting like an adult, doing boring chores and all ..howvever, the house is looking like a gallery and that makes me happy.Art, art, everywhere!

Game 30 Round 08: At Peace

Hi!  How are things going?  It's a long weekend in Australia for Anzac day so it's chill out time (more or less) tomorrow!  We were out of the house pretty much all of yesterday and last night and didn't get back till late afternoon today.  We went to my friend, Adele , yesterday afternoon for her birthday and it was great catching up with everyone there.  We had to leave around 4 pm to go to Ballarat for Rob's cousins birthday and we stay the night there.  It was a very good evening.  Lots of chatting, drinking and fun.  Impossible to have a sleep in the next morning because of all the kids though!  Then while folks recover from lack of sleep and having a hang over, I drew the backyard.  It had a cute little cubby house there.  In another post I will talk all about it.  I have quite a number of urban sketches backlogged and ready for posting and descriptions! I did the drawing above in Photoshop.  A very quick sketch since we were going somewhere that day I thin

Game 30 Round 06: Travelling at Dusk

Hell, hello!  Trying my hand at getting better result for my digital art.  It has improved a lot this year since I bought brushes for Photoshop but am not at the place I would like to be yet.  That said, I am pretty happy with how this one turned out!  Done for Kookyrabbit. Today is a busy day of parties and hanging out in Ballarat tonight. I brought my drawing equipment in case I get a chance to draw!  Fingers crossed that this is the case.  I start work again next Thursday and so my short break is coming to an end.  I love working but it is great fun being able to take time with my drawings and drawing whatever I liked too! I will miss that.  Hopefully I can make both happen!

Game 30 Round 04

This was drawn for Kookyrabbit .  I drew it up with a brush pen and then colored in Photoshop. It was a very good day today!  I got another sketch of the Blue Dragonfly cafe drawn and one of the owners want to buy it.  Yay!  I was approached about selling the first Blue Dragonfly sketch by one of the other owners and when I said that one was sold, I offered to draw a new one and I finished it today and she wants to purchase it with two more!  Wow...never had that before.  I also have never drawn in one spot more than once before too and drawing multiple views.  This should be interesting and fun! I have been enjoying going around the town and meeting new peopleother locals.  I don't think I really fit in but everyone I've met so far is friendly!

Game 30 Round 02: Mysterious Bluebells

Hi!  I drew this a few days ago for Kookyrabbit .  I did quite a bit of changes in Photoshop since it wouldn't scan properly.  I think the results were good, just not what I was expecting to happen. A chilled out day for today!  I got asked to do another drawing of the bluedragon fly cafe.  Woo hoo!  Very pleased that people like the work enough to want to buy it.  I also found $5 on the street after having a pricey lunch so happy days indeed.  I spent today urban sketching in Kilmore and having lunch out and chilling for the most part. I scanned and tweaked all my urban sketches and am about to do some Tumblr set-ups for a tumblr site I've neglected for quite some time.  I also plan to sort out my taxes tomorrow.  Long overdue I must say.  Ooops.  Tomorrow is also working on a pingpong sketch and a few other drawings I've been meaning to get done. During this time of chilling out, am in contact with clients via email while am out and about and sorting out jobs for

Urban Sketching: Blue Dragonfly

Hallo! I drew this last week while having brunch at the Blue Dragonfly cafe in Kilmore and one of the owners saw it on facebook and bought it!  Woo hoo!  I am passing by tomorrow to collect payment and possibly sketch around the area too.  Should be fun.  I am truly enjoying the time off work.  Work is coming not to worry!  Looks like it's going to be a very heavy job too.  I still haven't updated my tumblr site or done my taxes. I was working on a digital drawing today for Kookyrabbit and it took much longer than expected.  Oops!  It is nice to spend time on a piece without rushing too much!  Hoping for a good and productive day tomorrow!

Product Design Study: Curly Wurly

Hi! I drew a Curly Wurly bar for practice (and for fun) a few days ago!  Here it is in all it's glory!  Rob ended up eating the subject after I drew it. Today was a pretty chilled out day.  I delivered work to an exhibition I'm participating in " Art Town ", did some Urban Sketching and a food doodle on my own and caught up with a friend.  Then met up with Rob for some more pop culture shopping and went out for Mexican.  A very nice day today. I should get important stuff like taxes and catching up on a ton of social media on my Urban Sketch Tumblr site cos that is a bit dire.  Like really dire.  Apparently I haven't updated in 9 months!  oops.  I need to do that tomorrow I think.  I have a lot of new sketches to put up too!  I was also thinking I might change the set-up to include photos along side the illustrations instead of just posting the illustrations.  I am with a sketch group a lot too and I do take shots on location.  Not to mention, just sort

Pet Portrait: Spence

Hi!  This is a drawing of my friend's kitty named Spence.  I drew him maybe last week.  Getting harder to keep track of drawings since I've been able to do a lot more.  Maybe  I can build a big enough buffer when things do get busy...won't be long now if all goes to plan. I am delivering artwork tomorrow, catching up with some friends and  hopefully drawing.  Should be good fun regardless!

Product Design Study: Mentos

Hi!  I drew this ages ago for fun.  I do love Mentos.  I normally have a roll on me nowadays.  Chewy Minty Freshness! Today was a fun day as Rob and I went to Supanova.  Spent tons buying art prints from artistic friends and meeting new awesome ones along the way and I bought a set of art books by a guy I totally love: Yoshitaka Amano.  So good.  So expensive but I did buy 3 big books. Anyway, check out my haul! Not the best photo but check out the following links for the artists I bought stuff from! Adele K Thomas Kate Houghton Ward Richard Bailey Draws Art of Loopy Dave Joseph de Jong

Product Design Study: Tee Vee Snacks

Hallo, hallo!   Where did the time go?  I was planning to do so many things today and I only managed to get even less than half of that done.  Oh well, I did all the main ones anyway.  Maybe I should just keep my to-do list to 3-5 items instead of like 10 or so... My cough is still lingering but am feeling much more human.  The time off work has sped up recovery at least.  It will get busy before long though am sure.  When it's all sorted, will let you all know where am at.  If all goes to plan, I'll be back working in one of the studios in the city for a few weeks!

Urban Sketching: Kilmore Anglican Church

Hi! So sometime last week, before I got sick, I went and did some urban sketching in the town.  I drew the Kilmore Anglican parish!  It was a lot of fun and I got to wander around the town a bit.  It's a nice little town. I spent today at home again.  I did some baking, chores and finished another drawing.  I baked some very fudgey brownies. I want to start a new drawing tonight too.  We shall see.  I may have left it too late. I am about to do some cooking too!  Rob was too tired to drive to the groceries and I didn't go earlier cos the stuff I want to get is on the heavy side....not normally a problem but I'm trying to avoid sweating while am still recovering.  Anyway, am cooking corn beef with rice!  Emergency food ration time.  All this while watching My Kitchen Rules.  Hehehehe!

Game 29 Round 09: Chill out coffee time!

Game 29 is done for me on Kookyrabbit !  This is my last and probably best one out of the five.  I actually had time to draw today...yay! I am feeling better but not out of the woods yet.  Stayed home yesterday and today to stay out of the elements and recover.  I might go out tomorrow though...get some sun.  I am severely lacking sun.

Game 29 Round 07: Laser!

Hi!  I did this one for Kookyrabbit .  I should have done it yesterday but I was sick and didn't get the chance to do so.  Am still a bit under the weather but a lot better now than I was a yesterday.  I probably should be resting more but I suck at relaxing.  I did sleep in till about 10 am though, so that's good! Not much has happened today.  I stayed home, did some chores and am about to do more. I am going to clean up the kitchen and make some stewed apples.  Very nice winter fare and probably chill out afterwards.  I have an idea what to cook for dinner so there's that! I hope this bug just goes away soon.  It's getting me down a bit!

Game 29 Round 05: Get ready to fire...

Eh...things always take a weird turn on Kookyrabbit .  This was fun to do.  My cold has suddenly taken a turn for the worse which is terribly annoying since I have social events tonight and on the weekend.  Bah! That's what happens sometimes when you Urban Sketch in the cold!  Oops!  I get obsessed from time to time to draw. I spent today urban sketching indoors at a cafe.  Probably going to take a nap now before dinner tonight!

Game 29 Round 03: Traveling the Nebula

Hi!  My drawing for Kookyrabbi t yesterday! First proper day off in a long time was today and I spent it exploring Kilmore.  It was good fun and I met some of the local artists which am pretty happy about.  I may have a place to hang out and draw when I don't want to do it at home!  The lady that runs the studio is super nice.  I also had a good time chatting to a local lady at one of the cafes and it was enjoyable just wandering around.  I even did my first urban sketch in the area! I think I got the day off tomorrow too...currently anyway so am looking forward to my chill out time.  It is nice just to do my own thing for a bit.

Game 29 Round 01: Squid Robot

Hi!  We've started a new round for Kookyrabbit and this is what I drew a few days ago.  I couldn't post yesterday, I was feeling pretty sick.  I feel a lot better today though and it might have to do with finishing a project early and the other project getting delayed so now I have a few days where I can breathe and draw things for fun.  Heck, maybe just watch some anime, maybe go and explore and Urban Sketch in Kilmore. I haven't had any time for that.  So we'll see.  One thing's for sure...I am sleeping in tomorrow.  No need to wake up at 7:30am to start work.  Just cos I work from home, doesn't mean am not disciplined with my time.

Game 28 Round 10

Hi!  I drew this one up last night for Kookyrabbit .  I've been doing work since 7:30 am this morning and just cannot do any more work tonight.  My brain is fried.  Which is a shame cos I really wanted to get one project fully done before I need to work on another one tomorrow. Ah well.  I can only do as much as I can do in a day and I definitely got very far today and am in a safe-ish position.  Obviously I would rather be done already but again, if I can't do anymore, then I can't. A few days ago it came under a discussion about making money out of art.  I don't really see myself making money out of art.  I find that art means that people buy my own creations, stuff I've done because I've wanted to do it over doing stuff for other people for money. I love it, don;t get me wrong.  I would rather do this than anything in the world, with the exception of being able to sell my own art and developing a real big fan base of people who support me by buying drawi

Urban Sketching Art Town: 485-499 Chapel Street South Yarra

photo by Erik Sentell Photo by Erik Sentell  Hallo, hallo!  Here we are yesterday on Chapel Street Urban Sketching!  It was the first day of Art Town and it was definitely a lot of fun! I did two drawings and I especially like the drawing I did of Chapel Street.  Chapel Street has a lot you can draw and I feel like the Urban Sketching bug has bitten me again and I can't wait for maybe a week or two of free time just to draw stuff that I want to draw.  I also had a great time hanging out with the Urban Sketchers at the Oriental Tea House afterwards too!

Urban Sketching Art Town: Yellow Bird Cafe

Hi!  I did some drawings today and I've decided to split it up to two posts.  Today was the start of Art Town .  A fun and artistic events that goes for 4 days (2 weekends split up) where artists are drawing all over the street and have the chance to exhibit one art piece (if they registered before the due date).  This was the first of two drawings I did today.  I was hoping to do more but it didn't work out that way.  Oh well. It's not a race.  I drew the line work on location and finished the coloring using reference photos in the afternoon. The place was getting crowded and because the loights were so dim, it was hard for me to color. I did this in the morning over breakfast before meeting up with the other sketchers.  My pancakes and coffee got cold in the process because I kept on drawing more than I was eating, but it was still delicious.  If you're on Chapel Street, Windsor area, make sure to check out this gem!  Totally awesome joint with good food

Game 28 Round 08: When your time is's up.

Ah, some more sad news today.  Drew this today for Kookyrabbit and it's a bit rough and unfinished but time is limited today.  Today's sad news is really driving home how limited time is and to just be grateful for every day that you wake up.