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I was feeling down today. Am in a different head space with a friend of mine and he and I just don't see eye to eye at the moment over some things. I'm hurting but I will get over it. Eventually.

I am a bit better but not totally healed yet. I discovered last week and this week that I am allergic to two cough medicines. I discovered that consecutively as well. I am now a lot better since I've stopped taking any cough and cold medication

I visited the rock climbing centre today after dinner just to see my other rock climbing friends and just to check out the walls I will be attempting to climb next Tuesday. Don't care what happens I am climbing next Tuesday.

Justin slipped on a rock a few days ago (while climbing) and now requires surgery. Rather worrying. He's more pissed off that he wont be able to climb for about a month and a half. He'll still be at the centre though doing finger holds and pull-ups.

I am going to Acrobatics tomorrow. My first activity in almost two weeks. Really looking forward to it.

Bed time now. Wish I was a hundred percent already. Wish my friend and I work things out.


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