quick update on stuff


Well, things got really busy after that awesome weekend and I wasn't able to climb last week and looks like I wont be able to climb this week. A lot of work needs to be done and I caught a cold and have not been able to push myself as much as usual.

Thomas's birthday was this week and we had dinner at a Japanese place with his friend Danny and between the three of us we drank a huge bottle of Sake. I have to ask Thomas' how much was in that bottle again. He's considering taking up a hobby collecting Sake bottles ( after drinking what's in it ). It was a fun night.

I'm working around the clock at the moment. I just managed to finish a contract earlier this week but I have 2 others and one of them has a due date every week and the other one every forthnight...so there's a lot to do.

Am looking forward to climbing again next week and bouldering and gym and eating out and getting work done...etc :D


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