The Monday after an awesome weekend!


Well, things have been very busy all around! Work has ramped up majorly and so has the extracurriculars! Going to gym, climbing and acrobatics are all full steam ahead! The weekend just past was absolutely physically gruelling but fun!

On Saturday, I went to an high intensity RPM class with Justin, Thomas and Sau Yan (will talk more about her later) for an hour. Whoah....I have never felt so much pain in my behind as I did then. Afterwards, it was weights with Justin and Thomas. Yan went to a body balance class while we did that. We all went out to lunch to the Dumpling House (yum, yum) and had coffee. Then Thomas and I went to Acrobatics where we got slapped with dips, star jumps on soft landing pads , balance beam exercises and lots and lots of core work. After RPM I did not want to use any of my leg muscles...and after acro, there was a point I did not think I'd be able to walk properly again... :D I chilled out with Thomas that night watching Rogue Assassins, a movie with much fluff and silly plot lines but good fun till the point the DVD stopped right before the end. Bleh. Am sure my life isn't any less better for not knowing the ending :).

Sunday was all about Rock climbing at Cliffhanger. I've never been there before. I really enjoy bouldering. Kills my hands a bit but damn, I really do have fun. I did a couple of climbs and one of them was really, really tiring. I finished it but I really want to improve my fitness level and strength to last longer on the walls.

Now, Justin, Thomas and myself have been very fortunate to meet another group of climbers who are all very nice and wonderful people! Sau Yan, Mindy, Wei Chen and Steve are all great company and are fun to climb with! They're enthusiastic and they're into activities which is great! They're all Malaysian though like Just and Gav. What is it with all these fantastic Malaysian climbers?!?!?!

Steve has enlisted Justin to train him at the gym...the poor man does not know what's he's in for. I didn't. I'm thankful for the training...but wow, did it hurt! But can't complain too much as there were results!

I'm RPMing, weights and doing acro this coming Saturday and climbing tomorrow, cardio on Wednesday, gym on Thursday and climb again on Friday! Much activities that's for sure!!!! Oh...and am doing work throughout the day and nights amidst all the extracurriculars :)


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