Illustration Job: drawing a fifty peso bill

Hello, hello!  Another buys day today.  I managed to wipe out one job and finish a big chunk of the e-book job.  I still have a third job that I need to do stuff for though!  Heh, funny thing about my work is that I can't always say who am working for or what am doing.  Like I got permission to display this illustration but I can't name the project.  This was tedious but good to do.

It's insanley hot in Melbourne so I spent most of the day illustrating with a friend in the city.  Now normally I would urban sketch but have been too busy working on the e-book job and I've decided to do a weekly illustration based on the 52 week illustration challenge.  I came in late last year and tried to catch up but then got too busy.  This time, am going to attempt to do it weekly.

I bought stuff to organize the kitchen with but I didn't buy enough.  Ugh.  Back to Daiso again tomorrow. I am spending a small fortune on little containers and dividers and box stuff.  I already used all the shoe boxes I have at home before buying stuff.  I feel the need to make things a bit neater and less cluttered.  Little by little!  I'll get there....


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