Doughnuts from doughboy!

Hi!  My friend Evelyn was in need of some doughnuts yesterday so I bought her some from Doughboy!  They have some mighty tasty doughnuts.  Yesterday was spent in Port Melbourne, drawing, chilling and having a good time together.  You need to be able to do that with friends I think.  Reconnect.  I am thinking of making a print of the doughnut drawings.  I think I need to draw more.  I like the 4 I did at the bottom and the half-eaten one.  There's something almost vintage looking about this style.

Today, I finished an animation job, some social media-in and did a little bit of work on my book job.  Friday is going to be the day I concentrate on that gig, though.  Tomorrow, i submit the animation gig.  Hopefully it all goes smoothly!


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