Game 42 Round 04: Singing by the Sea

Hi!  So...what's been happening?  Rob and I went to Rob's cousin's birthday gathering, I finished a small job today and I've been drawing.  A lot again.  Yay!  Looks like I'm going to have some indefinite downtime for the moment, so am going to concentrate on building up more designs for my Redbubble store and create originals that I can sell at other avenues.  Momentarily, a lot of my work is drawn in sketchbooks and so not really exhibition worthy.  I have also been scoping out other online stores.  I figured, that it was best to concentrate on creating designs first for one store and slowly build up to put the same designs on other stores that offer  different products to what Redbubble offers.  I do like Redbubble's set up though.  I might just open one other store and see how that goes...for my digital works mostly!

I drew the above image up for Kookyrabbit! Should spend some time drawing up a good's my turn tomorrow after all! 

What else...mmm...not much...other than concentrating on creating and maybe it's about time I spend it watching artist videos and level up before the next job!


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