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Pre-New Year

Hey All! The above image is an example of how I will be drawing tomorrow night if I attempt to work. That's right...instead of working I will be joining the festivities for New Years Eve!!!! Going out with old friends (highschool) for a night of drinking and food! Am too tired to work tonight too. The good news is that I am just currently waiting for feedback for the Illustrations for my aunt, which will now be posters instead of being painted on the wall and awaiting feedback for St. Hide as well. More good news is that I've actually started illustrating stuff for Melb Uni as well. So all things are going smoothly so far. Am happy and I get to see some friends tomorrow. I hope that 2007 will be a happier year. I think as soon as things slow down I'm going to look for some full-time work just so I can have a bit of a schedule and make time to do things like dancing, learning Japanese and take the time to meet more people. Work is great and I like being on the comput

First round of Illustrations for my Aunt

These are illustrations I did up for my Aunt today. Still deciding on the type and which version to use.

Eat Poo Illustration 03

Hello! Just finished my last Renmotion lesson for the year and the picture above is my third Eatpoo illustration. Check the link out: Still waiting for feedback on St Hide and the Illustrations. Will also be working on my Melbourne Uni Illustrations sometime tonight....after watching a movie! I do relax every so often!

What's on for January?!?!

Hey all! Hope you had a great Christmas!!!!! I am currently awaiting feedback for the St. Hide animation which will hopefully happen sometime tonight or tomorrow. I also sent Maribel Tesoro the first design (1 out of 4) for feedback as well as a description of the other 3 illustrations. The Illustration job is due on January 05 2007. I hope Andy (client for St Hide) likes the animation (rough cut) and same with my aunt Maribel. Would be good. I start at Ettamogah on January 02 2007. I still have one more animation to do for Renmotion during that time and Melbourne Uni Illustrations to finish off before the end of January. I should be able to get everything done. I never missed a deadline and I intend to keep it that way. I dont have anything set up for February thing about being a freelancer is that I am constantly on the hunt and when I decide to rest I can just stop. Not that I can resist taking on a a job when I can.....

Me at Christmas

This is me for most of Christmas....but hey!!!! I found time to do quality time with loved ones, relaxing and getting work done!!!! It's been pretty good!!!!!

Merry Christmas One and All!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!! Hope you all enjoyed Christmas! Time with family and everything! I had a great time with the family! I also managed to get quite a bit of work done! I more or less finished the St. Hide animation and just waiting for feedback before sending it off to Daniel to do sound. I also started managed to do concept illustrations for another job!!! Going to work on the coloured versions some time tomorrow! It wasn't all family and I had presents opening yesterday which was awesome. I got some really nice stuff! Baked a cake during Christmas day and feeling relaxed despite working a lot. Hope you all had/having a great Christmas!!!!!!

Making progress!

Hello Hello! I'm half-way through the St. Hide (penguin) animation! Yay!!!!! Aiming to complete the animation by the end of next week. Then hoping to get the sound/music completed by Daniel in early January. For other news, I've just been hired to do a few illustrations by a new client, Maribel Tesoro from "Tesoro's group of Companies". The designs will be painted on the walls of the buildings of one of their offices located in the Philippines. Aiming to get the work done before the end of this month. Few more days before Christmas....... hope everyone is having a great time!


An image of the character that David Blumenstein and I animated from scratch for 9 Lanterns. He's "Too Cool" and is a character from a book. I drew and made him animatable based on the illustrations.

MERRY CHRISTMAS...and other stuff

Merry Christmas to One and ALL!!!!!!!! Well, am off to visit the folks for a couple of days. I wont be relaxing (that much) as I am taking St. Hide to work on! Gotta get it done before the New Years!!!! Starting Ettamogah on Jan 02 after all. Not so sure yet but it may be that I will need to get some illustration work done before Jan 02 2007 as well as some Melbourne Uni illustration work that has just come through and my last animation for the year for Renmotion. GAH!!!!! Sigh...least my dad is letting me use his computer while am at their place for a few days. Some people come I can do and take on so much work and still have friends and family? Well, one I sleep late doing stuff, I wake up early (7 AM) and start working before heading off to work, where I then work for about 10-12 hours, I will occassionaly eat lunch out but most of the time it will be consumed in front of the computer with one hand while I use a wacom with the other. At night, I chill for a few hour

Signed the Ettamogah contracts

Hello, Went to Ettamogah to day and signed my soul off to them from January 02-31 2007. Now, I am free to tell anyone and everyone that I am working for them but am not allowed to post up images, show any of my animations, at least until it's been released (even then that's not a certainty) basically I can't show anything I do for them. A bit sad but not unexpected. If you would like to see something about the company please go to the website:

Got the Ettamogah Job!

I got the Ettamogah job! I received an email this afternoon saying that I start on January 02 next year! Pretty cool! Things will be very hectic next month with me still doing work for Renmotion, Melbourne Uni work start in January and I still need to finish the St. Hide advertisement. I may also have an illustration job to do as well....but will see. I have a few nights free this week! Lo and behold I might be able to finish most of St. Hide!!! Anyway, am signing contracts tomorrow and hoping to finish a majority of my current Renmotion animations.

When it rains it monsoons

Hello Hello! Gah! What a week it has been! I had an interview with Ettamogah last Wednesday (the 13th) which I thought went really, really well! But hey, who knows! A lot of ex-Dogstar animators applied for the job so who knows what's really going to happen. Getting the job would be great! But at the same time I already have Renmotion and Melbourne Uni to contend with come January so things are going to be very hectic for one whole month as it is....but alas, I am greedy and a workaholic and if I can take a job... I will!!!!!! Sigh....and I wonder why I dont have time to do anything but work. :) I am so addicted to it. Next, I also had a very difficult lesson to do at Renmotion which I managed to complete last Friday. Very proud of that as I managed to get ahead of schedule and it looks very cool! Also had drinks that night with Mark Sheared ( a great freelance animator/illustrator) and theres news of a biggish project at an animation company next year which would be gre


Am nervous about my interview at Enttamogah tomorrow. So nervous that am not working on anything at the moment...just hoping that I have everything and that they will be impressed with what they see. So scary but I am excited too. New possibilities always make me both nervous and excited. I am also meeting a new client come Monday. Husband of a woman I will be working for at Melbourne Uni sometime in January. It's great that I have managed to build so many contacts this year alone. Gives me confidence as a freelancer. There are days I wonder about being in a job that is constant and stabilize. That would be good too I think...I wouldn't need to hunt for jobs so much. Though admittedly, I seem to be hunting less and less and being found instead...which is absolutely fantastic and something I am truly grateful for. I still haven't started my Penguin Animation (St. Hide), I've done a rough storyboard last night so hopefully I manage to finish a few scenes in the ne

Interview...and other stuff

hi, I have job interview with Enttamogah this coming Wednesday. Oooh...a little nervous. Pity that they aren't located as near to my home as all my other jobs are. It sounds like an exciting project, it'll also keep me employed till February if I get it. Renmotion does end this month or early next year, though Suren has mentioned other projects that I could be involved in. That lesson (I get a different lesson to animate every week and I get paid after it's done) am working on at Renmotion is going well. I could get more done today but it's sooo hot and humid and I'm feeling rather headachy. I also need to start that Penguin animation this am going to be doing some storyboarding later tonight and figure out the best way to attack my scenes. Melbourne Uni is luckily very lenient on when they want me to submit corrections on previous work and the due date for an immediate project is not until late January which am happy about. Ah, debating on what t

Update on life

Hello all! Busy week so far with offers of more work to do for Melbourne Uni, a colossal lesson to do for Renmotion and the Animation Works Party last Tuesday! Animation Works Party was totally fun! It was great catching up with animator friends and having an occassion to dress up! Mind you, I was wearing heels (new ones at that) and after 6 hours they do tend to hurt a tiny bit....hurt to the point that I had to take them off to walk a couple of blocks to David B.'s car. Meeting with the Melbourne Uni folks tomorrow to discuss what I have to do for them. More new animated tests to do...funny how both my animation jobs are for educational purposes at the moment. Actually starting to worry a bit about time. I need to find time to work on a 20second web ad for St. Hide clothing. It's about a penguin and how he get's wings to fly. Will make sure to posts links as soon as I'm done. Am still working on S&L (short for Sugar and Lice) as much as I can here and there.

General Babble

Well....Daniel still hasn't thought of a name for this animated film we're doing or name for the creatures (see the pics posted). Says that he has to give them real thought. Fair enough...mind you it's going to get tiresome calling the characters: creature_001, creature_002 and so on and so forth so am going to wish he'd hurry up! This is a musical piece and will be similar to the scene in Tarzan (Disney Movie) where the monkeys are all in camp and breaking things to make a tune. Daniel will be the one creating all the music and I will be doing all the characters and animation. I've been working with Daniel Waghorn for many years. Anytime I need music for a film, Daniel is the guy I call, bug and occassionaly pay with bananas. He also does actionscripting, programs games and fixes computers (PC). Animated a bit for Renmotion today. Renmotion is currently working on an interactive Flash animated educational cd-rom. Has a bunch of characters teaching kids to r


Today I animated lots of stuff. One of them being Creature_001, picture attached. Poor thing doesn't have a name yet. He's for this project that Daniel and I are working on. He's the first character out of many creatures that I will be creating.....still trying to think on how I am going to present him on my showreel. He's just a loop at the moment and I will be putting him on my website. Replace one of my animated buttons. I started developing this style only yesterday. It's good fun...great to be working on something new. Though I will need to go back into doing work stuff tomorrow. Dont want to neglect animation work that pays the rent! I also did a lot of work on "Sugar and Lice" today. I am very excited about it. It feels good to be working on it again. It's been a while.

The beginning...

Hello, hello! Never blogged before but thought it would be nice to share my thoughts with the world and to keep people updated with what's going on with life and work :) Things have been good! I'm currently working at Renmotion, doing contractual Flash Animation work for them and I also finished doing a small job for Bigkidz last week. Currently working on my own animations with Thomas Pullar, a short film called "Sugar and Lice" and a web series named "Oil". I am also collaborating on another animation piece with Daniel Waghorn. No title has been thought of as yet. I wonder sometimes whether or not am getting too obssessive with work. I can't stop think about all these animations I want to finish and be recognised for. I still want to learn Maya, Illustrator, Actionscripting and create more design works. I enjoy it...personal works relaxes me. I think if I wasn't working on something...I'd go insane with boredom.