The beginning...

Hello, hello!

Never blogged before but thought it would be nice to share my thoughts with the world and to keep people updated with what's going on with life and work :)

Things have been good! I'm currently working at Renmotion, doing contractual Flash Animation work for them and I also finished doing a small job for Bigkidz last week.

Currently working on my own animations with Thomas Pullar, a short film called "Sugar and Lice" and a web series named "Oil". I am also collaborating on another animation piece with Daniel Waghorn. No title has been thought of as yet.

I wonder sometimes whether or not am getting too obssessive with work. I can't stop think about all these animations I want to finish and be recognised for. I still want to learn Maya, Illustrator, Actionscripting and create more design works. I enjoy it...personal works relaxes me. I think if I wasn't working on something...I'd go insane with boredom.


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