MERRY CHRISTMAS...and other stuff

Merry Christmas to One and ALL!!!!!!!!

Well, am off to visit the folks for a couple of days. I wont be relaxing (that much) as I am taking St. Hide to work on! Gotta get it done before the New Years!!!! Starting Ettamogah on Jan 02 after all.

Not so sure yet but it may be that I will need to get some illustration work done before Jan 02 2007 as well as some Melbourne Uni illustration work that has just come through and my last animation for the year for Renmotion. GAH!!!!! Sigh...least my dad is letting me use his computer while am at their place for a few days.

Some people come I can do and take on so much work and still have friends and family? Well, one I sleep late doing stuff, I wake up early (7 AM) and start working before heading off to work, where I then work for about 10-12 hours, I will occassionaly eat lunch out but most of the time it will be consumed in front of the computer with one hand while I use a wacom with the other. At night, I chill for a few hours before getting back into doing stuff...then the cycle begins again! I also work fast!

I'm sure I'll sneak in a few rest days in between. Been pretty bad at night lately. Haven't worked on much at all for the last few nights. Too near the holidays I guess!


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