What's on for January?!?!

Hey all!

Hope you had a great Christmas!!!!!

I am currently awaiting feedback for the St. Hide animation which will hopefully happen sometime tonight or tomorrow. I also sent Maribel Tesoro the first design (1 out of 4) for feedback as well as a description of the other 3 illustrations. The Illustration job is due on January 05 2007. I hope Andy (client for St Hide) likes the animation (rough cut) and same with my aunt Maribel. Would be good.

I start at Ettamogah on January 02 2007. I still have one more animation to do for Renmotion during that time and Melbourne Uni Illustrations to finish off before the end of January. I should be able to get everything done. I never missed a deadline and I intend to keep it that way.

I dont have anything set up for February yet....fun thing about being a freelancer is that I am constantly on the hunt and when I decide to rest I can just stop. Not that I can resist taking on a a job when I can.....


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