Pre-New Year

Hey All!

The above image is an example of how I will be drawing tomorrow night if I attempt to work. That's right...instead of working I will be joining the festivities for New Years Eve!!!! Going out with old friends (highschool) for a night of drinking and food!

Am too tired to work tonight too. The good news is that I am just currently waiting for feedback for the Illustrations for my aunt, which will now be posters instead of being painted on the wall and awaiting feedback for St. Hide as well. More good news is that I've actually started illustrating stuff for Melb Uni as well. So all things are going smoothly so far. Am happy and I get to see some friends tomorrow.

I hope that 2007 will be a happier year. I think as soon as things slow down I'm going to look for some full-time work just so I can have a bit of a schedule and make time to do things like dancing, learning Japanese and take the time to meet more people. Work is great and I like being on the computer...though unfortunately, computers don't hug back at night and sometimes, I would like a hug and I do get lonely every so often. This is ofcourse not to say that I dont want to work anymore. Far from it, but I will need to balance work and personal life a bit better.

2006 has been great. I've met a lot of new clients and had a great time socializing and doing much work. I am thankful to have gotten jobs so quickly as soon as my full-time contract at Bigkidz ended. I am thankful to have met the great folks at Bigkidz and having had the opportunity to work with them. I am thankful for 9Lanterns hiring me when I needed extra cash and for Melbourne Uni for always keeping me in their books and for recommending me to other people. I am thankful for all my friends and family. Though they also cost me grief every now and then, my friends and family have been there for me when I needed the help and have been understanding of my work and support and worry about me. It's nice to know that there are people who care enough about me to worry about me.

Next year, I would like to make sure that I dont commit the same mistakes I did this year, in business and in my personal life. It's cliche' I know. New Year, new beginnings....but it's something I would like to try.


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