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IF: Midsummer Night

Howdy! Here's is my entry to Illustration Friday's Midsummer Night topic.  I decided to go with Midsummer Night's Dream and enter a faerie.  Nothing like a good excuse to draw up a fairy!  Done with colour pencils and then brought into Photoshop. I went on a 10km hike at the Dandenong ranges last Saturday and it was so much fun!  That said, sweat, cold weather and just recently recovered from the flu do not mix.  I am a bit sick again and am not happy about it.  I wanted to get a lot of work done for a couple of small jobs this week and next week before the pilot job starts up again.  Ah well.  Still managed to get some work done.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be much better...some sleep will do me some good.  I am going to bed soon after I put up this post. Happy Monday everyone!  Hope it was awesome.  Or as good as a Monday could possibly be anyhow.


Hi everyone! I made a new animation for loopdeloop for this month's theme: "Opposite" Skinny to Pudgy! from Marta Tesoro on Vimeo . Please click on this link to check it out on the site and to vote for me by clicking on the star if you like it! Things have been great. I've been working on a pilot and all the shots on my first batch got approved! Hurrah! I start up again with them in a couple of weeks which is great. I'll be spending the next two weeks finishing off other work, do some drawing requests and hopefully another short animation before work takes off. I always fear what's going to happen after a gig so am hoping I find other paid work in the last few months of this year. My goodness, isn't time flying?!?!? We're more than halfway 2011!!! It's insane! I don't know what the future will hold. I can't do the short 3D course I was planning to take up as it starts the same time as this pilot gig and I can't do


Behold my piece for Illustration Friday 's theme this week being "Launch".  This is a robot squid rocket launching itself through the water.  This piece was all done in Flash.  No photoshop love this time around. This is not the first time I did an art work piece for the therme "Launch".  I created an animated loop for Loopdeloop in May 2011.  Thought I would include here since they are related ;) Launch from Marta Tesoro on Vimeo . My main hobby which drawing and animating in my spare time is the same as my profession and it is something I feel truly blessed in.  There are times when am doing work and all I want to do is to work on my own thing and lately, since things have been busy, I have been doing most of my personal work around 11:00 in the evening till the wee hours.  I am not annoyed or anything like that...I just wish there was more time in the day and that I wasn't human and didn't need rest and food or toilet breaks.  Sometimes I

Cyber Rabbit

Hello hello, Hope all is well in the world for you all :)  I am in a better mood compared to the last time I posted.  I have been getting positive feedback from this gig am working on and it's amazing what a difference it makes.  I feel more encouraged knowing that I am improving and getting more into the swing of things and I just want to do even better from here.  I would like to thank everyone who commented on the last post and who contacted me to say encouraging and comforting words.  I truly appreciate it. I went hiking and gym this weekend just past and it feels so good to be doing active stuff again and I love drawing and being in front of the computer creating but it is nice to be outdoors, look at the scenery and be inspired.  Gym is fantastic too....being active I find tends to stimulate my creativity and I tend to come up with a lot of solutions to my animation/illustration problems while exercising.  I also feel better getting back to work after a good workout...and

Cooking Fail

Hi there, I did this quick sketch during a break from work at my local cafe.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and I have been cooped up in the house for far too long.  I finished the sketch before I finished a nice glass of chai latte.  I entered this to Art Jumble Blog theme of the week which is "Fail".  I have been watching a lot of Master Chef and I thought it would be a bit of fun to draw this.  This was hand drawn and hand inked then coloured in photoshop. It's important to be able to do your own stuff while doing work I feel.  I get all depressed and angsty and I find that my jobs do suffer because of it.  I had a tough week all of last week and earlier this week.  I got sick and my confidence took a beating at work and I am very hard on myself too which doesn't help and I spent most of last week just working and nothing else and it really messes with my head space.  I started feeling like I shouldn't even be doing this, I should be much better than what I

Lifedrawing at Bigkidz :)

Hey there! I got invited out by Dave Blumenstein to do a life drawing session at Bigkidz , an awesome animation studio in Melbourne, last night.  We didn't have any hired models, we all took turns modelling and it was a lot of fun!  We posed from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.  Above are some of the sketches that I personally liked.  All done with a fine liner.  I find that I am more hesitant and keep erasing too much if I draw with a pencil.  I miss life drawing.  I really should get back into it :)  There's something relaxing sitting down and drawing what's infront of me..just focusing on drawing and nothing else.The last few days have been tough and draining on me and this life drawing session made me feel so much better!

IF:Swept and IF: Shadow

Hello there! Ever been swept away by passion, love and the normal silliness that happens during that time?  It's a wild and fun ride though the destination at the end isn't always pleasant.  My drawing for Illustration Friday's theme: Swept. I was really really busy last week animating on a pilot, which will hopefully show later this year, and was not able to create my drawing for Illustration Friday last week where the theme was "Shadows".   Though the concept isn't original, I really wanted to do this drawing so here it is!  I do like drawing very cute characters and adding an evil element to them. Both illustrations are hand drawn and coloured into photoshop. I got sick last Wednesday while working on this job but continued to push on anyway, which was probably very silly on my part.  I get a bit obsessive with work and I don't like missing deadlines.  Ever. That said, I really must remember the importance of work and balance.  So this weeken

Broccoli Nude

Hello I overboiled my broccoli for lunch yesterday because I got distracted with work  and Art Jumble Blog has a theme of naked ladies for this week friend Jamie asked me to draw delicious I think I killed several birds with one stone with this drawing. All done in Photoshop.

Drawing Request 06: A giant Kitty using a giraffe-shotgun to fight vampire-hulk. In space.

Hello hello! Well this is drawing request 06 for Daniel Luke .  His request was to draw a giant Kitty using a giraffe-shotgun to fight vampire-hulk. In space.  Drawing request where requests given to me via facebook when I asked for ten things to draw.  To know more about drawing requests and all that I actually have to draw please read this post .  This was all done in Flash...I wanted to do something quite cartoony this time around.I also submitted this to Drawing Day today.  If you're an artist, draw something for fun and submit it! Work is picking up and am excited to be animating on a pilot next week,  the timeline is not continuous, so that means I will be able to do other work on projects here and there too!  Still looking for more gigs though, as always.

IF: Asleep

Hello, This is an old hand drawn illustration I did a few years ago which I re-worked in Photoshop.  I have not posted it in my blog and I thought it suited the Illustration Friday theme perfectly.  I drew this during my break at work in 2009.  It was a tough time back then in that particular studio and we were working ridiculously long hours to get the project done.  I remember just running on coffee, hot chocolates and sheer will.  I knew that after the project all I was going to do was sleeeeeeeeep! I would like sleep now.  I spent most of yesterday and all night looking for a folder of important documents which ended up being at my parent's place.  Thank God!  But alas, I do need to get some work done today so sleeping needs to wait a little longer....