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Hello hello,

Hope all is well in the world for you all :)  I am in a better mood compared to the last time I posted.  I have been getting positive feedback from this gig am working on and it's amazing what a difference it makes.  I feel more encouraged knowing that I am improving and getting more into the swing of things and I just want to do even better from here.  I would like to thank everyone who commented on the last post and who contacted me to say encouraging and comforting words.  I truly appreciate it.

I went hiking and gym this weekend just past and it feels so good to be doing active stuff again and I love drawing and being in front of the computer creating but it is nice to be outdoors, look at the scenery and be inspired.  Gym is fantastic too....being active I find tends to stimulate my creativity and I tend to come up with a lot of solutions to my animation/illustration problems while exercising.  I also feel better getting back to work after a good workout...and maybe a nap ;)  Do other artist find this I wonder?  Exercise stimulating creativity?  I need to exercise anyway or I will turn into a boombah.  My love of all things sweet and comfort food will see to that if I don't counter it.  I just want to be a 100% again though.  Cycling and not being able to breathe properly does not mix :P

The above drawing is hand drawn and hand inked and shaded with copic pens.  I haven't done anything with my copics for ages and that's just criminal.  Copics are totally the best pens in the world for me. Brought into Photoshop for some post-love.  I felt like drawing something steam punk-ish and I do like characters with Rabbit Ears....

I will be going back to doing drawing requests soon...not to worry!


  1. copics hmmmm? I should get me some.

    Picture looks great!

  2. Thanks Tim :D Grimshaw uses copics all the time. If you want to try rendering with markers/pens COPICS are awesome!!!

  3. supercool this img!:O

  4. This is my absolute favourite so far, I love it! :)

  5. Yaaaaaaa!!! Steampunk! Better yet, steampunk RABBIT! Awesome!!!!


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