Broccoli Nude


I overboiled my broccoli for lunch yesterday because I got distracted with work  and Art Jumble Blog has a theme of naked ladies for this week friend Jamie asked me to draw delicious I think I killed several birds with one stone with this drawing.

All done in Photoshop.


  1. I hate broccoli but you've managed to make it attractive, well done! :D

  2. I love broccoli! and I love your illustration! what a creative idea! just great!

  3. Broccoli never looked so good he he he he he! I love this piece. Great work. Just had to stop by and say thanks so much for visiting. Still trying to find things that I've packed away, but I am moving right along. Hope that you are doing well. Take care.

  4. This is lovely! Who would've thunk. : ) She has a beautiful face. Many thanks for your kind visit, so that I may discover your work! LOVE your "asleep" illustration!

  5. Hahahaha, you've got one crazy mind, and I lOVE it! I'm going to have trouble cutting up my broccoli now. Thanks.

    Oh, I nearly forgot. Yay for the animation pilot gig!


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