Lifedrawing at Bigkidz :)

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I got invited out by Dave Blumenstein to do a life drawing session at Bigkidz, an awesome animation studio in Melbourne, last night.  We didn't have any hired models, we all took turns modelling and it was a lot of fun!  We posed from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.  Above are some of the sketches that I personally liked.  All done with a fine liner.  I find that I am more hesitant and keep erasing too much if I draw with a pencil.  I miss life drawing.  I really should get back into it :)  There's something relaxing sitting down and drawing what's infront of me..just focusing on drawing and nothing else.The last few days have been tough and draining on me and this life drawing session made me feel so much better!


  1. Wow, these are really great sketches! And I'm doubly impressed knowing they were done relatively quickly. My favorite of the bunch is the girl in the boots. What's she doing, texting while modeling??? Haha!

  2. Hehehe...I think she was playing a game..something about Plants VS Zombies? :) Thanks a lot Bella!

  3. I really like those sketches, they look so light:)

  4. Your work is lovely, and these life drawings are outstanding! Thanks for your kind blog comment! :)


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