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IF: Whisper

Hello, hello!  Thought I'd do straight up brush pen today just to change things up.  I couldn't think of anything original for the Illustration Friday theme unfortunately.  Though I had a bit of fun with this drawing.  Simple, but I like it.

A page from first Sugar zine draft

Howdy!  In a bit of a rush today since I did a bonehead thing of saving over the wrong file and losing a lot of the work I did today so got to get cracking with the re-doing.  Not happy about it at all.  Anyway, I did this page almost a year ago now for the Sugar Zine.  This was never used and the character changed.  A lot of fun still to do though!

Finished Illustration for trio of Musicians

Howdy!  A trio of musicians approached me to draw something up for their brochure and poster design for their Faust and Schubert performance in late March.  The performance is based on the story of Faust.  The illustrations will be going to the graphic designer who will lay out all the text with the drawings.  I'll post up the complete product on the blog once it is all printed and more about the performance! This was a fun project to do!  Line work was all hand drawn and inked while the colour was done in Photoshop.

Bunny Judo

Howdy!  A still image of my loop that is on the loopdeloop website.  I had a bit of fun with this one.  My friend Daniel Waghorn created the sound which was pretty cute.  Submitted another illustration gig today so that's pretty cool.  Client happiness all around, am hoping to be able to show the job once it's displayed.

Rough demon design (WIP)

Howdy,a demon design that am actually dropping from the poster design am working on and replacing it with another instrument playing demon.  Not long now before I need to get this job submitted (tomorrow!) The deadline for loopdeloop is tomorrow too and I have to submit that as well!  So much to do!

Kitty Sheep

I had fun drawing the sheep yesterday so I decided to do another version with kittens this time!  I like cats...though liking them clashes with my like of fish too. I like these sheep cute!

IF: Wool

Howdy!  My entry to Illustration Friday theme: wool!  I had so many other sketches I was working on for this theme but none of them I drew a quick sheep in Flash instead.  I think it worked!  I like using a limited colour palette.  It just helps so much in making sure that the piece doesn't end up looking jarring or garish.  This wasn't always the case.  When I was much younger and just starting out, I used to not think of a specific palette before designing at all and the results were normally too bright and saturated with a few colour clashes here and there.  Luckily, I learned a few lessons and tricks along the way and nowadays the way I mix colours in backgrounds and characters normally get a lot of compliments.

Unfinished rough for poster design (WIP)

Howdy!  Well I got hired about a week ago to come up with a brochure design for a trio of musicians.  I'll say more about it later once the job is all done and the show starts.  This is a rouch of one of the characters and background design idea I had.  I did part of the sketch at a cafe and while I was working on it my mechanical pencil ran out of lead and I didn;t have any spares on me so I had to finish the rest of the draft using a fineliner.  I quite like the composition and the character itself.  I'll be working on this for most of tomorrow and implementing the feedback I got earlier today. For other news...I got featured on this blog with a few others!  It's basically about the zine fair I particpated in with Squishface a week or so ago.  A lovely girl named Nelle bought a zine of mine.   Check it out!

Ooh! Another face...

Another face today!  I drew this one before going to the gym.  I trained with my good friend Adele today with Justin training us.  It was a lot of fun and it did push me more and make me want to keep up.  Very cool!  Love to do that again with other friends. I am working on my loop at the moment and some illustration work.  Going to try and wipe out all freelance work before my contract on another series goes thtough!

Punk Chic

Well, I had more time to draw today and the weather was so much better than what it was a yesterday.  I hope it stays cool but alas the weather will take a turn to warmer temperatures before the week is out.   Make the heat stay away!  I hate it! Aside from the weather, things are good and I have a bit of illustrating to do this week and I want to get on with my loop for this month. I enjoyed colouring this drawing today.  It made me wish I had lighter hair so I could colour it in so many ways!  Black hair is  unfortunately hard to colour and hard to keep it healthy once coloured.  I love the look of coloured hair though.

violet hair scribble

A quick one for tonight again.  It's still so hot here in Melbourne, I positively hate it!  I have a "summer cold" that refuses to go away and I don't have air con in my apartment.  Though if I owned this place, I would have installed two already!  UGH! Talk of a cool change tomorrow....please let it be so...

Quick scribble

A quick scribble tonight as it is too hot to do anything!  Anything I say!  I just want to stay in front of the area is too hot!   It's too hot at the moment!  I want summer to be over and bring on the cold!  Bring it on I say!!!  You can always dress warmer but you can't get any cooler to a certain point when hot. 

Walking Lady

A quick doodle at the studio today.  Thought I'd try working with different body shapes .  I quite like how this one turned out. It is so hot in Melbourne at the moment.  I don;t care much for the heat.  I've also needed to float bags of ice in my aquarium to keep the water and my guppies cool.  Caring for pets is still a very new thing for me. A bit of illustration work to get done next week!  It won't take too long I imagine though....


A quick doodle for today.  I got roses yesterday!  Wheee!  It was very nice and they do look lovely in my vase on my table. Today I discovered the joys of running out of leads for my mechanical pencil and realizing that there was not a spare set in the house.  Tut, tut.  Must endeavour to re-supply stocks tomorrow.  I don't like sketching with the traditional pencils for some reason...I like the sketchiness and not needing to sharpen all the time and I find that using mechanical pencils are cleaner.  Though, i think i will endeavour to buy a spare or two tomorrow.

Filming at Squishface Studio

Studio getting prepared Saving my work Dave B. posing Our fearless leader Ben Coxy at the studio with his cape Checking out the cape The lights are hot for Dave Patrick posing for the camera Ive posing Everyone working hard!  Stop looking at your phone, Pat! Howdy!  So Squishface Studio will have a 1 minute segment at Coxy's Big Break.  No idea when it's going to be on TV but hey, filming on the day was rather fun.  It was also a good chance for the current Squishface residents to all make an appearance...a rare moment when we're a complete set working. Ben did all the talking for the studio, though Pat did make a few smart ass comments to Coxy, which the man took with good humour.  Personally, I managed to get a lot of work done while the filming was going on.  The next big project I will be aiming to complete over the next few months will be my coloured fishbone comic that I collaborated with Ben.  See how we go!

Strange Creature

A concept test I was doing for a gig.  Am not quite sure it's on the strange side.  I woke up under the weather this morning which is annoying.  It's the darn weather changes in Melbourne.  I look forward to when it is just constantly cold.  Been taking it easy today and most of tomorrow.  I have work to do hopefully after another nap i can work on it tonight.  Luckily I am ahead with the job.  Always do things when you can instead of putting it off, never know if something else will come up later and throw all plans out the window.

Pink Bunny expression test 01

Happy, Sad, Pleased, Angry, Confused Tired, Shocked, irritated, WTF Triumphant, Scared, Bereft, Flirty Serious, Silly, Blank, Incredulous Confident, Fierce, Pouty, Drunk Rage, Sarcastic, Disgusted, Sick Howdy!  Well Rob found this link not too long ago and it had expression challenges in there and I just had to try with the Pink Bunny.  I'll probably have to give it another go as I don't think I got every expression across. Exciting stuff happened at the studio today...more on that later!

IF: Storm

Hello, hello!  Well, my internet connection just suddenly died on me and right before I was about to submit a project too.  I had to call up a phone technician and I must commend these people, especially the one who I was speaking to, for their patience and for putting up with people losing their tempers like me.  Am not that great when I need to submit something and the internet goes down when I crucially need it.  It is sometimes difficult to remember that the person on the other line has feelings and are trying their best to fix the problem.  Anyway, if you are reading this Ms bigpond cable technician, thank you again for your patience. So, aside from freelance work, I was trying to get this up, my submission to Illustration Friday: Storm .  Perhaps more appropriate than I realized...I looked a lot like this when the internet went down.  Except with less hair and more clothes.  The rest was pretty accurate. Funnily enough, another issue was what spurred this drawing on in the

Squishface Zine Fair 2013 Pics!

Sarah browsing Frank's comics Ive contemplating his sales Patrick Alexander putting on a spiel Sacha showing off the talent Squishface Leader Ben Hutcho being happy and Frank looking on Me and my wares, sharing a table with Ive and Patrick Dave on the other table entertaining Neil and his little boy Hello, hello!  Well this was the Squishface gang selling our wares at the zine fair.  A very fun and productive day.  My new zine got a lot of good feedback and I managed to sell a huge amount of my first zine which was my fishbone one.  I spent most of the day drawing and chatting to strangers.  It was a bit of fun.  Patrick even made a loud speech which got the attention of everyone in the room to have a look at out table.  I made a few sales shortly after that! I think I may do an extended version of my Sugar zine but I am glad how it turned out nonetheless! Please vist our website at to learn more about us as individuals and

Zine fair

Howdy!  I will be participating in this tomorrow afternoon along with the rest of the Squishface gang.  Come and see us if you're in Melbourne!  Should be a bit of fun!  We'll be hanging around drawing if you would like to have any greeting cards done, don't hesitate to make a request!

Previous animation job...

Howdy.  A job I finished not too long ago.  This is a still image from the flash animation.  Check out the full animation here !  I actually did work for them last year as well.  It's learning about HPV and the vaccine that prevents it. Things are going well, wish it wasn't so hot in Melbourne though.

Sugar Rabbit: New Zine!

Me stapling my new zine for the zine fair this Sunday Guess you can tell what's in the zine, right? I have a new zine and it's for sale at Squishface Studio and I will be selling it at the Zine Fair .  Don't really expect to sell but it will be nice to get a buy or two.  Will see.  It was just nice to produce something new for this year, though I really wish I could spend more time on things like this.  Probably took me about 3 days to put together and that's drawing 14 new images from scratch. Time to do some illustration work now!

Tree Nymph

Howdy!  Here's a doodle I did at the studio today.  No pencils whatsoever and just straight fineliner and copic markers.  I really like how it turned out. It was very hot today in Melbourne and was pretty worried about my guppies boiling.  Happy to say that there were no casualties. Spent today working on my zine and I got it done!  Though, I still need to sort it all out in Photoshop and get it ready for printing but I should have something for the zine fair this Sunday!

Hand Studies 07 (practicing)

drawing Rob's hand while he's moving to draw drawing my hand holding an eraser drawing my hand holding a glass Drawing Rob's hand while he holds a bottle (found this angle difficult) Drawing ben's hand while he smokes and he's moving Drawing Rob's hand holding a glass Howdy!  I've been practicing drawing hands of people while they're moving instead of asking them to pose nowadays.  It's pretty hard and I have to draw pretty fast.  I did these ove rlast weekend. It's going to be hot tomorrow and am scared that my guppies will all be boiled by the time I get back home!