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Hello, hello!  Well, my internet connection just suddenly died on me and right before I was about to submit a project too.  I had to call up a phone technician and I must commend these people, especially the one who I was speaking to, for their patience and for putting up with people losing their tempers like me.  Am not that great when I need to submit something and the internet goes down when I crucially need it.  It is sometimes difficult to remember that the person on the other line has feelings and are trying their best to fix the problem.  Anyway, if you are reading this Ms bigpond cable technician, thank you again for your patience.

So, aside from freelance work, I was trying to get this up, my submission to Illustration Friday: Storm.  Perhaps more appropriate than I realized...I looked a lot like this when the internet went down.  Except with less hair and more clothes.  The rest was pretty accurate.

Funnily enough, another issue was what spurred this drawing on in the first place.  I was thinking of the impossibility of me ever owning my own house since I am a freelancer and pay is obviously erratic.  I need a whole lot of cash behind me and I may have been able to do it but life tends to throw a spanner in the works so this may not happen now.   I would never give up the creative life but it still puts me in a mood so to speak.  I get a little frustrated by it all.  Still, I am in a profession I love, I am good at it and I have a pretty good life and I can spend my money keeping my fish happy who are a lot less maintenance than a house so it's a win, win! 

Oh...another thing that put me in a stormy mood.....I over boiled my eggs and therefore killed dinner.  I got distracted with work.  I suspect that I tend to make sure that my fish have proper sustenance compared to what I do for myself.....


  1. That's me these days, too. I have a big storm in my head, especially when my little ones quarel. Anyway, the illustration is great!!!!!!


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