Unfinished rough for poster design (WIP)

Howdy!  Well I got hired about a week ago to come up with a brochure design for a trio of musicians.  I'll say more about it later once the job is all done and the show starts.  This is a rouch of one of the characters and background design idea I had.  I did part of the sketch at a cafe and while I was working on it my mechanical pencil ran out of lead and I didn;t have any spares on me so I had to finish the rest of the draft using a fineliner.  I quite like the composition and the character itself.  I'll be working on this for most of tomorrow and implementing the feedback I got earlier today.

For other news...I got featured on this blog with a few others!  It's basically about the zine fair I particpated in with Squishface a week or so ago.  A lovely girl named Nelle bought a zine of mine.   Check it out!


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