Face study at a cafe

Hello, hello!  I actually drew this up last Saturday when I was at the Giraffe cafe.  There was a very pretty Asian girl sitting a few tables away and I thought I'd try and sketch her quickly.  Looks too cartoonified though.  Doing quick sketches and studies of people in public spaces is certainly on the list of things to practice on along with backgrounds....I just decided to put most of my efforts on hands this year.

I keep staring at my aquarium.  I have 7 fish in the tanks and it is looking very pretty!  Justin says I can't add anymore plants or fish to the aquarium for a month though until the aquarium has fully cycled.  I am being pretty diligent with the water change and the checking of ammonia and stuff though.  We're in for a heatwave the next few days here in Melbourne and am hoping for no casualties.  My apartment does get rather hot since am on the top floor.


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