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IF:Tension (Monster Face 23)

My entry for Illustration Friday : Tension.  Thought I'd get two birdie demons  fighting over a worm. Tonight is the night for Exhibitchin !  Really looking forward to it.  I don't know what majority of the pieces look like so I think it's going to be an awesome night....well, I hope it's going to be anyway! Am looking forward to a rather chilled out weekend......well...more or less.  Got freelance and some water colour paintings to do....but no major deadlines so that's good!

Monster Face 22

Hello, hello!  I know I already put up a post for today but I needed to catch up on a couple of posts that I wasn't able to do.  Here's my new monster!  I think I need to do ones that are more distorted or hideous....and just plain old freaky. I had a really nice birthday yesterday!  I got presents, there was a cake for me at the studio, one of my friends bought me a muffin and my lovely partner took me out for Mexican and dessert.   Then we ended up sleeping really early, it looks like my body was needing some shut down time.  I admit, I don't shut down for very long most of the times.

Exhibitchin 02: You don't want to miss this!!!!

Hello everyone!!!   Squishface Studios and Friends are having an exhibition tomorrow night!   Details below: When: 6pm Where: Brunswick Arts : 2a Little Breese st , Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3056 Take note, the event will not be held at Squishface but at a gallery!

Monster 21

Hallo everyone!  Today is my birthday today.  I would like to thank everyone that greeted me happy birthday.  It is always nice to feel loved and remembered.  I also love the presents I've received so far!!! This is my monster for today...funny that they resemble twins since my sign is a Gemini.  Wheee!  Not that I believe much in star signs and all that.  Though I always like reading my horoscopes in the paper on the way home. What am I doing today?  Mostly work and seeing my partner tonight.  Should be fun!  Work is going well anyhow, am quite a ahead and so I feel less stressed.  I also managed to get some freelance done last night, the Exhibitchin piece is done, dusted and submitted and the next few evenings are event filled with am looking forward to it! Another thing, I just turned 33 and I am stronger than I've ever been....if training is anything to go by.  I can deadlift 75 kilos, I managed to get 6 close arm pull ups in a row and 3 wide pull-ups

Panda Elephant

Hello, hello.  Here's a sketch I did ages ago at Comics Camp.  Thought I'd show it today.  My panda elephant, with a house thrown in because I felt like it. My partner and I were watching the movie "Disorganized Crime" and it used to be one of my favourite movies and I still enjoy it.  Though it is funny watching the movies from the 80s and seeing how much of crisis could have been solved with mobile phones...particularly smart phones.  It's still enjoyable though!

Monster Face 19

So I wrote on Facebook about eating croissants and McDonalds as my main meals yesterday and I may be paying for it tomorrow during training.  In sure am going to be paying for it tomorrow.  I do love my sweets and my junk food but I also like being healthy and having a fit and active lifestyle.  Ah, frustration of having my cake and eating it too. Submitting Exhibitchin pieces tonight.  Hurrah!  Something off the list!

Monster Face 18

Hello!  How is everyone doing?  Have a good weekend? I spent most of mine working on my Exhibitchin piece...and guess what..?  I finished it!!!!  Hell yeah!!!!  Pictures after the opening on Friday. My partner and I were both so intently working on our pieces today that we didn't really get much of a chance to forage for food.  So we ate 16 croissants between the two of us, copious amounts of coffee and some Mc Donalds for dinner.  Worst food intake in a very long time....but am so high that I finished the piece (and it looks decent) that I don't care!  Or maybe it's the coffee speaking...

Hand Studies 14 (practicing)

Hello, hello!  Yup, am still practicing hands.  I really do need to start cartoonifying them too.  I have also discovered that using a mirror so I can draw my left hand without it being too awkward really helps gets me more interesting I and more difficult) views. I finished pencilling out my Exhibitchin piece last night.  Time to pick up the frames, grab some more colours and ink it today.  If I can finish it by tomorrow night, it will be a miracle! Birthday dinner tonight with my mom.  It should be good!

IF: Liquid (aka Monster Face 20)

Happy Friday!!!  Here is my submission to Illustration Friday : Liquid.  Well...maybe he's harden up now.  I did the drawing of this today while I was at work.  Not to worry, am actually now doing really well at work and I had some free time today to create a monster with more detail. Working on my second Exhibitchin piece this weekend.  Wish me luck in getting it done!

Monster Face 17

I am really wishing for some time to sit down and do some proper illustrations just for myself and not just for work or exhibitions.  I just want to draw a couple of whimsical drawings in my head but I haven't had the time to sit down and do it lately.  When I have free time, it's been going to house chores, drawing properly for freelance and exhibiting pieces, and seeing my partner and friends.  There's really not a whole lot of time at the moment.  I just want to sit down for hours working on one nice piece just for me.  Sadly, this won't be the case over the next few months.  I've only had time to draw in-between scenes at work and then relaxing before bed by colouring up what I draw.  I suppose, I need to make more of an effort to bring proper sketchbooks to work and draw on my lunch break.  This may happen yet. I enjoy the monsters and doodling on my notebook because I find it relaxing and I like not being too precious but then I see some fabulous works b

Monster face 16

Howdy all!  Well, a new monster face and as I've mentioned in a previous post,  I've figured out a nice way to do a compilation of the best ones from this series to make into a zine.  Will see how that project goes as it's a joint project with my friend Daniel Waghorn .  He'll be doing the writing. Work today is going well but my shots are short that require a lot of set-up so it always takes longer.  I am hoping to finish my third one for today....I would really like that.  I am working on my second Exhibitchin piece tonight.  I know, am crazy right? Now back to work!

Illustration job: Cyborg badges

Hi!  Here are some cyborg badges I drew up for a Math app a few months ago.  There's actually 25 of these but only thought to show a couple.  All illustrated in Flash. I took the day off from work today to catch up on things like seeing a doctor, the optometrist, chores and a billion other things.  Thankfully, my contract work has some flexibility.  I still have a bit of footage to do this week so I better motor! Going to attempt a second Exhibitchin piece.  I don;t know if I will make it but am going to try!

Monster Face 14

Hallo, hallo!  Finally finished the Exhibitchin piece!  Woo hoo!  Now thinking of doing another one before the due date.  I really wanted to do 3 to make a series but that would really be pushing it.  I also refined the idea of the monster face drawings I've been doing lately, will see how that pans out. A slow day today.  Animating crowd shots always takes forever unfortunately and not much can be done to speed it up.  I was hoping to get another shot done on top of this too and some fixes.  No idea if that's going to happen though.  I would like to have finished all my shots for this episode by Friday.  We shall see how that goes. It's going to be a pretty busy week this week, methinks....

Monster Face 13

Hello, hello....I was thinking that I do a lot of face drawings and that I may need to do more full-body ones and make up more backgrounds and stuff....but I've been finding the monster doodles really relaxing and I was thinking of doing a compilation of a fun quote book or fact book about the monsters am drawing.  A portrait zine of monsters and all drawn up in a notebook?  What would be fun if I can make 365 of them (like one for the year?)  Not straight of course...but when I reach 365, make that the last one?  Who knows, it's just a little thought I had.  I have so many projects that I need to get on with already though.  So many!  I want to finish my Fishbone comic by June, finishing off my Exhibitchin piece tonight, freelance work on top of normal for cosplays and a couple of competitions/obstacle courses next year, still designing stuff for an animation project...insanity!  Let's not mention joining more exhibitions, I want to make a F

Monster Face 12

I have been eating a lot of  Japanese food out during lunch times at work at this very nice local Japanese place in Richmond called the Happy Kappa.  Though, I think from hereon to save my pennies, i may only eat there once a week or every other week now.  Good cheap food though which I quite enjoy and it's nice being out of the studio every now and then. Anyhoo, this monster face is close to a Japanese demon (an oni) which I am sure is similar to something I've seen before.  I really want to go to Japan.  If I was to die this minute, my biggest regret is not enjoying some time in Japan.  I miss learning Japanese and I do wish I had the time to just squeeze everything I want to do in life in.  I want to know and learn more about Japanese culture and they're definitely my favourite cuisine hands down.  We used to go to this great Japanese place every Sunday with the family called Shiroi Hana.  I loved that place and I always found it somethin

Angry Cat

Hello all!  Felt like breaking up the monsters with an angry cat.  I was doing some cat sketches on my notebook before going to the gym. I was sorting out how much I need to pay for taxes this year and .....oh's going to be a big one.   I need to buy some equipment too before the tax year ends.  Sigh.  Money,  I don't care what anyone else says, it does buy you some amount of happiness.  Like security, new clothes, food and fun.  No money, means you can't do a whole lot of things.  A lot of fun costs money nowadays you know! So aside from needing to tighten my belt  am going to take on as much freelance work as I could possibly do to supplement income and stuff.  Got to bite the bullet.  I want to do certain things, so am going to work for it.  Certainly not going to be lending out cash or anything like that this as a freelancer is equal to security.  Having that taken away is so disheartening and it drives me crazy. It's a hard balance.  Yo

IF: Future (Monster Face got bumped up)

Hello, hello!  This is my entry to this week's Illustration Friday : Future.   Not to be all doom and gloom but an accurate prediction that one can make for anybody  is that they will die ( unless they are an immortal).  Yup.  Sooner or later everyone you know and love, including yourself will cease to exist (physically) at some point in the future. A good reason to enjoy life, do the things you want and not live or be limited by other people.  I choose to be happy and am willing to work and make sacrifices for many people don't unfortunately.   Many choose to live with constant excuses of why they're not doing the things they want.  Let's face it, lots of people don't like change even if their situation is pretty terrible.  I get the concept of it, but find it all rather silly.  That said, to each their own and provided that no one tries to wreck my way of living by interfering financially, physically or otherwise, then it's all cool. I would lov

Monster Face 11

Hello, hello!  I am not in the zone today.  I don't know what it is...I think it's a combination of not sleeping well and that it is so gloomy right now (weather-wise) that I just want to be in bed.  Or maybe it's because am used to bouncing between different jobs when I need a break.  Not really the go in this gig.  I am totally enjoying it but there are definitely days when my animation powers seems to have left me. The good new is, I've still been very productive.  Finished a new shot, did all my fix-ups and should have another shot done before home time tonight, leaving me one more shot to do for my first sequence ,(sequence is a sequence of shots within one episode), I have two and I am finishing off my first one at the very latest, this week).  Been working on my fixes and it's really little though funnily enough, the tougher the shot, the less fix-ups I have.  The easier it is, the more there was for me to perhaps am subconsciously not giving i

Lady face sketch

Hello, hello!  Happy Tuesday everyone! Well, I am feeling a lot better in animating in this style now and am having fun working on it too which is always great.  I am still not used to getting up at the crack of dawn and working on the same thing every day and for 8 hours too.  I normally have big working days and take a break here and there.  I miss being able to shop in the afternoon or working in a cafe....but I am enjoying working with company and lots of people too,  Having people to chat with during lunchtimes on a regular basis is really nice too. I am hoping to get my Exhibitchin piece finish this week and to get a sequence fully done by Friday.  I spent most of the morning fixing up a fiddly shot.  Hopefully everything gets approved!

What am currenty working on....

Zack and Deuce aka: The day my butt went psycho Hello, hello!  Well, thought I'd finally show folks what it is am working on at the moment.  Here they it is!  An Australian and Canadian co-production with Studio Moshi and Nelvana  called (depending where it shows):  Zack and Deuce or "The day my butt went psycho". Bust day today with footage and fix-ups.  I also got up really early to work on my Exhibitchin piece before work.  Lots to do as always.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my own dearest mom as well to all the mothers out there.  I may have left the roost but when something comes up, like sewing clothes, burning my blanket and doona with an iron and getting something that's similar to bubble gum stuck on it, something to do with food, being sick...I still call home and ask my mum for some advice.  Sometimes, she fixes it, sometimes I get solutions for what needs to be done.  I still show her my artworks from time to time and still get some really good advice on how to improve it.  My mom is the most multi-talented person I know.  From gardening, sewing, cooking, arts and crafts, sculpting, building, painting and she's a much better traditional artist than I will ever be and everything she has touched or attempted has flourished.  She's absolutely awesome and I wish I had half her talent.  I don't always agree with her decisions and I some times think that she would have been better of choosing a different pa

Hand Studies 13 (practicing)

Hello, hello!  Here is me practing drawing my left hand with an apple at work.  Can't write much, off to a wedding registration for a friend!

Dancing Bees

Hey all!  Hope everyone is having an awesome Friday!  Hurray for Friday!  It really does take full-time work for one to appreciate the coming weekend. Now this is a test illustration I did for a possible freelance job.  The client seemed pleased with the work but no idea if the project will go through.  I have to wait and see like everything else! Speaking of insects, I got bitten by something and I have no idea what it doesn't hurt but it is itchy and it's starting to swell a bit.  Putting a cold compress on it, hopefully that helps.....

IF:Tribute (Monster face 10)

A tribute to all you people who have monsters on the brain Hello!  Well, today was a busy day again as usual.  I am getting more comfortable animating in the required style and I am truly enjoying working on the show.  It's been really good fun. This is a doodle I did at lunchtime today for Illustrations Friday, theme being Tribute.  I was actually out of ideas for this one but this image came to my here it is!  I had a package delivered today from FedEx to my place.  I really need to transfer all mailed out packages to the address at work.  It would be so much simpler and safer.  I actually called a friend of mine and asked a huge favour for him to pick it up and lucky he would have been so stolen otherwise....

Monster face 09

Howdy!  Another monster for all to see.  A surprise lately I know.  Some has been going a lot better.  I think I actually have a pretty good idea of the style now and my fix-ups have not been heavy at all and I do hope that it stays that way.  Still a lot to do as always but am feeling better about things. My Exhibitchin piece had not had much love from me lately.  I really need to sit down and just do it.  Perhaps Sunday!

Monster Face 08

Hmmm.....another one of my monster face creations doodled at work.    I am enjoying playing around with palettes and not being too concerned with drawing something particularly pretty.  I haven't really felt like it lately.  I'll change it up as soon as I feel like drawing something new again.  This is the fun part about a blog....being able to experiment and just come up with stuff and just show it to the world. Animating my last shot for this first episode and then I need to get on with fix-ups.  What is it with last shots that make it so difficult for me to just finish it?!?!?  It is being difficult I must admit....

Monster Face 07

Howdy....another monster.  I wonder how many more I can come up with before I run out of ideas or simply get bored?  I tend to bounce around when it comes to themes.  Not too sure why I have monsters on the brain at the moment but it's all i feel like doodling between break times at work and going to work.  I drew this standing up while waiting for a train this morning to take me to the gym before work....then finished off at work! Work is going much better.  I think the style is starting to click and my fix-ups have become quite minimal....hopefully this continues to go up and up. Have I mentioned how much I wish I had more time?  Well...just incase I haven't in all my years of writing in this blog....I wish I had more time in a day to accomplish everything....

Monster Face 06

Hello, hello!  A busy weekend socializing...2 birthdays and a non-baby shower catch up thing.  It's been great fun, though a lil tiring!  Too much cake and junk food.  Tut, tut.  Gonna have to be good for the rest of the week.  Am not going to lie, there's a ton of events on this month and tons of things that I need to get done.  This week is also deadline week for our first episode at's going to be crazy!

Monster face 05

Hello, hello!!!  My post for today.  I still feel like drawing monsters...I might draw whole body ones at some point...though I am liking the monster portraits.  It relaxes me while am at work and it's good fun to draw. I am working on my piece for Exhibitchin 02 for most of the day with Rob.  Fingers crossed that I get a good chunk of it done!

Monster Face 04

Hello, hello!  Behold my post for the day.  Another one of my monsters....surprising I know.  I am having fun testing out colour combinations and textures with this series.  Also, it's fun just playing around with weird shapes and seeing what I can come up with. I finished a tough animation shot at work today so am feeling pretty pleased as the director liked it too.  Always a relief when hard work pays off.

IF:farewell (Monster face 03)

"...then James decided to enter the demon's mouth and bid the world farewell". Howdy!  Another one of my notebook drawings and still going with the monster theme.  Don't know why, just feel like drawing these at the moment.  My submission to " Illustration Friday : Farewell".  the idea came to me before going to the gym this morning.  I drew this one up on the train on the way there.  I really do like drawing on a plain old notebook as I don't feel precious about the drawing at all.   It may have to do with the fact that I really do appreciate drawing on good paper and so I feel like I need to do proper pieces.  Though on the cheap stuff, am happy to just doodle and sketch and draw whatever comes to my head without much forethought.  Feels rather liberating. I haven't had that much time to draw a whole lot lately that isn't based on me submitting something for Exhibitchin and preparing for my talk or it's nice to catch a

Monster Face 02

Howdy.  I drew this today while waiting for a train to go home.  I drew it, while standing up, on my notebook using a violet pen. I do like doodling in my notebook  (which is my work book and has a ton of Toon Boom and animation notes)...feels like being back in school in a way. I had a rough day at work....the style of the show is very different to what I am used to animating and I feel like I have to unlearn so much stuff.   In a way, this is great as I will become a much more versatile and skilled animator before this contract is will just take some getting used to.  Well, the good news is that I finished the shot I was working on yesterday.  On schedule at least!

Monster Face 01

Howdy!  Thought I'd start drawing up monster faces when I get a chance at work.  I drew this when i needed a quick break today while working on a massive animation scene.  Finished the really hard part but I have a lot of other things to do tomorrow and I should get it done by end of day but am really hoping to get it done at least a few good hours before home time.  We shall see.   I have not been having a lot of breaks from animating lately.  I tend to get into the zone and I keep telling my tummy, bladder, whatever else to just hold on until I finish this one little bit in the scene...terrible, I know.  It's probably why I burn so much food or why I forget to eat till it's really late. A whole bunch of us watched Iron Man 3 after work today and it was a whole lot of fun and I enjoyed it!  Though I did find some bits rather predictable but there was one main bit that I didn't see coming.  A really enjoyable movie...have a watch!