Monster Face 01

Howdy!  Thought I'd start drawing up monster faces when I get a chance at work.  I drew this when i needed a quick break today while working on a massive animation scene.  Finished the really hard part but I have a lot of other things to do tomorrow and I should get it done by end of day but am really hoping to get it done at least a few good hours before home time.  We shall see.   I have not been having a lot of breaks from animating lately.  I tend to get into the zone and I keep telling my tummy, bladder, whatever else to just hold on until I finish this one little bit in the scene...terrible, I know.  It's probably why I burn so much food or why I forget to eat till it's really late.

A whole bunch of us watched Iron Man 3 after work today and it was a whole lot of fun and I enjoyed it!  Though I did find some bits rather predictable but there was one main bit that I didn't see coming.  A really enjoyable movie...have a watch!


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