IF: Liquid (aka Monster Face 20)

Happy Friday!!!  Here is my submission to Illustration Friday: Liquid.  Well...maybe he's harden up now.  I did the drawing of this today while I was at work.  Not to worry, am actually now doing really well at work and I had some free time today to create a monster with more detail.

Working on my second Exhibitchin piece this weekend.  Wish me luck in getting it done!


  1. Love this! Great and goopy. Nice golden globs. And not too scary!

  2. Oh my goodness, I feel so goopy! Hehehehehehe, he's actually quite adorable but I wouldn't want to hug him. My MY, you are always so busy and so incredibly productive. You fill me with AWE! Looking at your wall of thumbnails sets my heart racing! Good luck with the exhibition. Woohooooo! And of course you'd like the dead fish. They're trying to make it into your fishbone series. :) Have a great winter!


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