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Urban Sketching: Camberwell Junction

Hi!  An awesome day of sketching today!  I actrually did favourite one is the school.  We were around the Camberwell Junction today.  There is so much to draw there that I wish I simply had more time.  If I find that I have a free week after my contract at Psychobutts, am going to go around Melbourne and sketch everything that is on my list.

I managed to sketch the school and the Meat and Wine Co. first before a few of us went to lunch at that place, where Evelyn surprised me with a brulee before we left.  It was awesome and so sweet.  I've been feeling the love from Friends and Family during my birthday.  It is a lovely feeling.

There's an exhibition of the Urban Sketchers this November at the Hawthorn Town Hall, details later.  We're limited to 4 pieces per entry.  All of these sketches qualify as they've been done in the Borundoora area.  Going to have to lay then all out and pick my best 4.  I like the school I drew today.

I feel like drawing something that…

Another sample of a free give away!

Hi!  My friend Joey shared and liked my facebook page so he got a free piece of art!  Share and like my page for free art!  Not a bad deal for liking and sharing my page!

Happy Birthday to me....

Hi!  Well, today was my birthday.  There was cake at work for me today and a few friends are coming over shortly and we'll be having desserts. 

Now, first pic was from my birthday party last Saturday and there were these chairs that were reserved for someone named "Bruce" at 9pm.  It was pretty empty at the Loop when we got there so my friends and I decided to leave Bruce a message for fun. I had a great night that night.  It was so lovely to be surrounded by friends and my sister came by too! 

Second pic...that's today!  Maybe half an hour ago.  Not happy!!!  I crushed it while I was washing.  It just broke in my hand.  I got a small cut but certainly nothing to cry about.  The coffee plunger got the worse of it.  I have don;t have a coffee plunger anymore!!!  No more coffee for me...until I get around to buying a new plunger.  Sad bunny.

Third pic....that is ONE of the jobs am freelancing on.  I have a large amount on my plate right now.  I can't complain as t…

A quick Sunday sketch (last Sunday)

Something I drew up and took with instagram on Sunday.  Thought I'd do a quick sketch of a dog.   Relaxing and quick.

Lots of work to a bit freaked out that the government wants to start charging interest on student loans.  I may have to start paying that off on top of everything.  Very scary.  I need to find more work, do more work and scrimp and save...incase bad things happen....

Happy Client

I like happy clients!  Here's one!  The purchaser of the centaur holding a peacock.  Shirts will be made available to buy too!  I got permission.  Squeeeee!

I have a lot of work on.  Which makes me happy and terrified at the same time.

Urban Sketching: Hotel Windsor

Hi!  I was sketching the Hotel Windsor yesterday on Spring Street.  I've been told to try the high tea there before they close down the area for repairs.  The Urban sketcher group where actually taking the week off this week but Evelyn invited me out to come and sketch for a bit before heading to my birthday drinks!  My birthday isn't for a few days yet but I suspect am going to be working flat out this week. 

One of my friends thought that I didn't need to colour the piece so I made sure to scan in the black and white version before colouring.  I think it turned out really well and am most pleased.  It got really cold yesterday am drawing, standing up and leaning on a pole, balancing my book in one hand and freezing.  I do love drawing outdoors though!  Lots of fun! That's going to get really cold here in Melbourne soon and I may need to invest on some fingerless gloves.

Illustration Job: E-book ( one of the pages, rough version)

This is a version before I made quite a few changes on it.  The pattern on the cat doesn't look like that anymore for starters and more textures were added and etc.  Am not allowed to show the finalized versions but I had permission to put up the drafts and roughs on my blog.  This was a style test.  I hand drew the image and coloured and texturized in Photoshop.  I love hand drawing and fixing stuff digitally.  Best of both worlds, I think!

I am actually working on this job now.  A quick break while I have Milo and write up this piece.

Today...was not a good day.  I was terrible at training today.  Just awful.  My trainer called the session short, I was so bad.  I guess I have a few things on my mind and my diet and lack of excercise last week, did not help this week.  I also got some rather icky news from TAX.  I am going to be paying another hefty amount shortly.  It has put me into major saving and searching for jobs mode.  I have some major doubts that I will ever get a place …

Balloon design

Hi!  I got commissioned to design a balloon.  I can't really say what the brief is for just yet.  Anyhow, this was done using Mepxy Markers with a uniball fineliner and gel pen on Canson Cartridge.  A really fun project and I designed my own little town with no references!  A challenge but lots of fun.  I am hoping to get more commission work, that's for sure. 

Lots of belt tightening since my last taxation payment.  I always wondered what the big deal was about taxes until I had to start paying large amounts.  It's no wonder everyone hates it.  It was even more difficult in the past when my savings kept getting drained by certain circumstances.  It's a lot better now and I hope it stays that way.

Am still trying to find more work on top of work.  I have 6 months on my full-time contract left and I have a few big decisions to make before then.  I wish I could try all the options but I don't have enough cash for that.  It always comes down to money.  They say mone…

Some pics from Urban Sketching!

Some of the pics taken last Sunday!!!  Was an awesome day that day.  Been having a really good time with the Urban Sketching group.  It was a really good day that day weather-wise too.  Lately it's been rainy every weekend which makes it a little hard to draw when you're trying to stay out of the rain.  That day was awesome though.  Spent a few hours with some of the sketchers at the Boat Deck cafe, drawing buildings from across the water.

Week 20: colour

Hi!  My entry to the 52 week illustration challenge!  I don;t normally do any abstract but I thought that the theme suited this style perfectly.  Was a lot of fun to do!  I did it traditionally and touched up and textured this in Photoshop.

A very busy week this week!  Lots to always.  I say it so much that I sound like a broken record and if I run out of things to actually do, I will find something else to preoccupy my time.

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Exhibition Centre and surrounds

Hi!  My efforts for today!  It was based in the city and there really is so much to draw in the city.  Quite amazing really.  I love Melbourne for it.  I want to draw across the river again...I may do that next Saturday which should be quite fun!

I was ony my own at the start for a couple of hours, drawing the Exhibition Centre on my own.  Afterwards, when the group arrived, a few of us decided to sketch at the Boathouse Deck cafe and it had an amazing view of these modern apartments and I felt like drawing them!

Lots of work (both freelance and contract)  done this week but still a lot to do.  There's a job I have yet to start.  Oops!  I better get onto that!

Ps...I bought a new panoramic pad yesterday too...much bigger than the other one!

T-shirt design!

Hallo!  Am still trying to find the time to edit my images so i can turn them into-t--shirts but check this out!  My friend bought one of the designs (there's not much as only two are up at the moment) and it looks great!  A really good quality shirt too.  If you want to buy this design and hopefully others soon click here!

Peacock and the Centaur (commissioned job)

Hi!  I finished the piece this morning!  I hope the client likes it.  I was up most of the night working on the peacock feathers.

The last few days have been very tiring catching up on work and doing a lot.  Which is good since tax just put a major dent in my savings.  Quite scary actually and the current financial year is ending soon too.  Who knows how much I have to pay for that!  Sigh.  Belt tightening again am afraid.

Work in progress: Peacock and the....

Hi!  Work in progress that I started tonight for a commission piece.  Am hoping that he likes it.  He kinda gave me free reign with a few specifics.  Going well and am hoping to finish the inking tonight and start colouring.  Lots of detail in this piece.  Would be great to finish it some time tomorrow....if not tonight...but that's rather unlikely, without rushing.

I got a hefty, hefty bill from the tax man.  I may have to tighten my belt quite a bit and see if I can find more jobs.  My trainer is on vacation, so I've been spending every night this week just trying to catch up on work after I got sick last week.  Thinking of houses again too...who knows.  It's all very depressing to think about it given the market.  What could have been, what should have been...blah, blah, blah.  Must keep moving forward.  Learn from the mistakes and move forward, dwelling on the past is a useless endeavour once the lesson is learned. 

Am tired...but now...back to inking.

Culled piece from House of Birds

Hey!  I was rummaging through some papers and I found this!  I actually forgot all about this drawing.  It was suppose to go into the House of Birds exhibition earlier this year but I had a spraying accident on it.  Can't see it now that I've bumped up the contrast in Photoshop but you can definitely see it in the original.  So alas, she didn't make it.

Busy, busy, busy....can't begin to describe how busy things are at the moment.  Got a lot on my plate and am just trying to keep up right now.

Ps.  client loved the commissioned piece from yesterday's post.  Woo hoo!

WIP: commission piece

Hi!  Well, was working on this piece tonight.  I got the commission yesterday afternoon but it needs to be done fairly quickly as this is a gift to somebody else and their birthday is pretty soon!  Anyhoo, I have to submit the piece tonight for review and hopefully he likes it.

For other news, I now own a digital camera and actually recorded myself working on the piece above...until I ran out of memory on the camera.  Oops.  Am actually starting to figure out Premiere but all this video stuff is not coming naturally to me.  Thank goodness for Youtube as I've been watching tutorials on how to do certain things.  I should get on to re-learning After Effects too.

Watched Eurovision yesterday with friends, a lot of fun.  We had a great time and there's no other bonding experience where everyone yells at the TV.

Happy Mother's Day!

Howdy!  Well, today is Mother's Day and happy Mother's day to all mums out there, especially my own.  My mother is an incredibly talented and amazing and very giving woman and I appreciate everything that she has done for me and the family.  I would not have the life I have now if it wasn't for her. 

Another thing about my mum is that she makes the best coconut macaroons, ever!  I don't know how to make it and I look forward to the treats every time.  I've been baking a lot lately and the love for that and cooking for people to make them happy definitely came from my mum.

Happy Mothers Day Mum!!!!! Now tell me which cooking magazine subscription you want :P.

Urban Sketching: QPO bar,restaurant, cafe in Kew

We were at Kew today and I was suppose to be sketching at the Alexander Gardens but I had gotten there early and started drawing this building.  I thought it was cool and a distinct landmark.  When I finished the sketch I went to the gardens to see where the group was.  At that time, the rain was pouring!  They were all crowded in a rotunda and there wasn't really much space to draw.  So I went back to my spot and finished whatever details I was lacking. 

I went inside the QPO after I have finished the line work, for a light lunch and to colour my piece.  The other sketchers where planning to come to the QPO when they were done.  I just did not feel like standing out in the cold, colouring today or going back to the gardens in the rain.  Anyhow, sitting down and colouring and listening to the conversations of people around me was pretty interesting as I was sitting on a long cushioned bench.   I had a couple sit down next to me on one side and I knew pretty quickly that they where…

Week 12: Numbers

Hello!  Well this is my submission to a previous theme to the 52 week illustration challenge.  I only have 6 themes to backtrack now!  Not long before I've done all the previous themes I missed out on.  To clarify to readers who are not up to date, I only discovered the group when they where at week 17 already and so I've been submitting catch up posts when I could.

Hard week this week and a very busy weekend.  I have Urban Sketching, a lot of freelance and a commission piece to get through and a Eurovision Party Sunday night.  Fun! Fun! Fun!  A lot of my friends are my co-workers, so I feel very fortunate as I get to hang out and work with people I actually like.  A lot of folks don't get that in their daily working lives.  A bonus working in the creative industry I guess.

It's been a rather rough two months physically, mentally and emotionally.  2014 has not been that kind to me and I can only hope my luck will change before long.  Still, am going to do the best I c…

Ladies with freebies!

Lookie! Lookie!  More lucky recipients for liking and sharing my page!  Do the same and you can get a freebie too!

Busy day today catching up on footage.  Major madness but I caught up!  Woo hoo!  Am looking forward to Urban Sketching this weekend and hanging out with friends.

Week 19: Fish and Quantas Blank Canvas

Hi!  My entry for the 52 week illustration challenge theme!

This is what it originally looked like as it was my entry to the Quantasblankcanvas promo they have at the moment.

I actually got featured here and here.  Pretty cool :). 

Week 10: Pattern

Another catch up piece for the 52 Week Illustration Challenge  and this is for Pattern.

 Drawing has been my main fallback lately.  Life has been a bit rough but drawing, exercise and the good people in my life always makes me feel better.

Week 09 : Tree

Hi!  Another catch up piece for 52 week illustration challenge.  I am enjoying it.  I did the hand and the tree traditionally, no pencils just straight fineliner and then added some colour in Photoshop.

A little exhausted today.  Had lots to do and get through.  I am hoping the year gets better.  I've had a few tough months.  That said, lots of good stuff has happened too so I still have plenty to be thankful for.  But yeah...hoping the year only gets better and not worse.

Urban Sketching: Pin Oak Crescent

I was disappointed yesterday with the rain that I couldn't continue drawing in the city.  I decided to have brunch at the Pepper Cafe before heading out to meet a friend.  I ended up drawing this!  So cold and wet at the moment.  Not ideal for Urban Sketching but then again....I wouldn't want to be outside sketching in the heat either.  If there was a choice of being out in the heat or the cold, I do prefer the cold.

Urban Sketching: Royal Exhibition Building and Gertrude Street

Hi!!!  Urban Sketching was on again today!  I really am enjoying it and I look forward to drawing at different locations every Saturday.  It makes me happy and I am all for doing things that make me happy (that's legal and not harmful to others).

I used Copics and Mepxy markers again today.  The thing is about colouring on location is that I have to guess which colours I will most likely need at the time.  Makes it a little difficult.  A lot of folks use watercolours but I find that a bit iffy to do on location.  Too much waiting around for things to dry. I think I need a better marker bag...or more see-through pencil cases.

New give-away!

I mailed this off yesterday to a friend of mine that shared and liked my facebook page!  I like using a combination of Mepxy and copic markers.  You just end up with all sorts of combinations of colours.

A good but busy week this week. Got news about my tax too and it's not pretty.  Have to pay a lot and I do mean a lot.  Need to fidn more ways to save money without impeding life too much!

For other news, I started playing online scrabble with friends and my vocabulary has increased and so has my competitive nature.  Perhaps I should say that my competitive nature has re-awaken again.  I have always been competitive which is why I don't play too many games.  For one thing, I hate losing! 

Week 18: Celestial Body

Hi!  My entry for this weeks theme on the 52 week illustration challenge, theme being celestial body.   I drew the character up in Flash and then used photoshop to manipulate textures and placement.  A bit of fun!