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Game 04 Round 10

Howdy!  My last entry for round 04 that can be found at Kookyrabbit.

Been cleaning up more images for Red Bubble and it's soooo tedious!  Making hand drawn stuff for products is not the best idea if you want people to have more colour options other than white!

For other news, have emailed around for possible gigs and a lot of "maybe's " and projects coming we'll see.  I do have a small freelance gig to do for the moment and it is nice chilling a little instead of the normal 1000 miles an hour that I have to go at half the time.     My days do  feel full with all the social media-ing, illustrating against Astri,gym and doing the odd jobs.  The social media-ing and sorting out folios is taking a fair while though!

Game 04 Round 08

Hallo!  Here's another one from game 04 that can be found at Kookyrabbit.  Should check out the latest instalment.  It's gotten very weird....very weird indeed.

Today I did some freelance work after gym, worked on an epic pingpong piece, emailed clients and am about to clean up some work for Red Bubble.  Maybe come up with the next pingpong piece too.  There never seems to be enough time.

Game 04 Round 06

Howdy!  Spent most of the day sorting out stuff for my RedBubble, so yay!  I got 4 images up.  Whoooo!  They can now be bought in t-shirts, phone covers and all sorts of materials.  Pretty cool!  If there's an image you would like to have as a shirt and other stuff, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen!  I will still be putting up more images as I clean them up and get them ready for uploading.

For other news, a small job has come in, which is great!  I like staying busy after all!  Who knows what will happen though,  I let a few clients know that I was available after all!

Image above was from Game 04.  Please check out Kookyrabbit for the latest game!  We've started game 06 today!

Game 04 Round 04

Hi!  So I started building my Red Bubble site today...and trying to fix my images so I can turn them into products.  I am finding it very tedious to do in Photoshop.  I know that not all my pieces can be turned into shirts and products..trying to choose suitable ones for it.  Tiring though and I didn't make much of a dent today.

Image above is from the illustration game that can be found on Kookyrabbit.  Please take a look when you get a chance!

Game 04 Round 02

Hallo!  Hallo!  Another one from the game Kookyrabbit.  Check out my Rabbit Town Art tumblr site too,  I think I will be editing whatever goes up there this time around!  This is still my main blog though in terms of posting daiky (well as much as possible) and just chatting about general things. 

I really did enjoy drawing my Geisha cat and I would love to draw more as a series but needing time as always to get everything done in a day. 

I did manage to email some folks for more work, hopefully I will get a bite or two.  That said, I do need days of just concentrating on just folio stuff.  Hard enough just setting up one of the sites and culling!  No wonder people have social media promotions doing this all for them.  This is a full time gig in itself!  I would like to get my entire tumblr site done though, that's for sure!  Hopefully tomorrow!  Then it's Red Bubble....

Game 03 Round 09

Hallo!  This was my last round for Game 03 that can be found here at Kookyrabbit.  We're actually on Game 05 already.  Started today. A lot of fun and keeps my creative brain going!

For other news, I started culling my old work for my illustration folio and to put up on my tumblr site and my partner and I watched Ant Man today! Thoroughly enjoyable and I would definitely recommend!

Game 03 Round 07

Howdy!  How are things going?  Today I built a tumblr page, wheee!  That said, this is still my main blog and everything will still turn up here...once a day. The kookyrabbit tumblr page has overtaken my blog in terms of some posts since the game with Astri...sometimes there's more than one post a day.

Anyway, the day seems to have gone quite fast today.  I thought I would get a lot more done today too but alas...time just zipped by today!

Game 02 Round 05

Hello boys and girls!  How is everything going?   I managed to finish my animation work for the weekend and my exhibition piece, so yay!  I do need to work on my Tumblr stuff and go through my illustrations to pick and categorize them. Probably along with going through footage for my showreel.  Wheee!  Fun times for all I say!

Anyway, check out my current personal project with Astri at Kookyrabbit!  Please have a look as the updates are daily if not more than once a day.

Game 03 Round 01

Another one from the illustration pingpong game Astri and I are playing!  A rabbit had to show up at some point, of course!  Anyway, check out the latest stuff at Kookyrabbit.  It's a little slower this week since Astri and I are fully freelancing again.

Today was a massive working day for me.  So massive that I totally forgot that I had training at 11am this morning.  First time I have ever forgotten that I had training.  I was so work focused since yesterday that it totally slipped my mind.  I am making up for it next week and I think I will need to go to the gym and train myself after doing some work tomorrow morning.  This week, I have managed to finish another job, my exhibition piece that's due on Sunday and go through the first round of all my scenes for the current commercial I am working on.  Wheee!  Don't have a whole lot of work lined up next week so it may be time to sort out all my social media and promotional stuff!

Game 02 Round 10

Hello! Well, this is the last one for Game 02 Round 10.  Kookylane and I had a lot of fun with this game and she even mentioned getting attached to Deer Girl and Teddy.  Perhaps we should bring them back in another round.  Check out the new game though at Kookyrabbit!   There's now a Cat Geisha with a flame thrower. was rather productive as I fully finished one of my jobs.  I hope I get more work soon though...that said I do have a full day tomorrow to animate a scene!  I am also getting closer to finishing my new painting for an exhibition that's due this Sunday.  Am a bit rusty with watercolours it's probably not my best work but it's a bit of fun!

Well, when this job is done, I need to get onto my showreel, website and sorting out my massive folio and getting rid of my current Redbubble site and building a new one.  These all take time and I don't do any of this stuff when am working.  Need to sort out taxes too.  Guess am going t…

Libra: I am Fearless- Megan Washington COMMERCIAL

Hi!  So this is the COMMERCIAL  project I was working on for about a month.  This was a really good project.  Got to work with the Flutter guys again, met a new friend and worked with two old animator friends who I haven't worked with side by side in ages!   Pretty proud of this work too.  One of the coolest things I've ever worked on.  The pics above depict my scenes.  Minus the huge amount of blobs that were done and 2D animated textures done throughout the piece.  I did the footsteps and purple splashes on the end scene and there was quite a few of us adding in blobs and FX and everything else.  Frankly, everything got thrown to make the commercial and it was definitely worth it!

Game 02 Round 08

Hello, hello!  This one of my rare pure digital works as I prefer to hand draw and then colour in Photoshop if I don't colour traditionally as well.  I do a lot of paid work digitally so it's nice to do a bit of traditional work when I can too.  I drew all of this up in Flash and colour and then added in some extra shading and texture in Photoshop.  Have a look at the latest posts on kookyrabbit though!  We're already on game 04!  The cat geisha is rather good.  I just did the finishing touches on her and reposted.  Check it out!

I also started a new exhibition piece today as I didn't like the one I drew up on Friday and dumped it.  The new piece is looking and feeling better.  Water colours!  It's been a while since I used them!

Game 02 Round 06

Hallo, hallo!  Another one from the game!  I have quite a few that I enjoyed drawing!  Got to finish another one today too.  Astri and I have been doing one a day lately so we can get some other stuff done.  Hehehehe...well, so I can get other stuff done.  Please check out Kookyrabbit for present updates.

Not too sure how much or how little freelance I will be doing next week.  Gigs have not yet been locked in.  I have a gig that's keeping me busy though so that's something.  May have to hunt for more once I finish certain things like show reel, website and sorting out my folio and social media sites.  I tend to neglect those when am busy!  Taxes too.  I really need to sort out taxes....

Game 02 Round 04

Howdy!  Another drawing from the game am doing with Kookylane on our tumblr Kookyrabbit.  Inked traditionally and coloured digitally.  I like the game because it's random and playing with Kookylane keeps me inspired.

Today has been quite the drawing day.  Currently working on another exhibition piece that's due next week.  Going through the list of things to do but unfortunately, there are things I need to constantly do too.  Social media and illustrating every day for a game (and folio) takes up a lot of time.  I fear when things change and I may not be able to do as much drawing or work as I do now.  I worry about it a lot actually...though there really is no pint huh?  Change will happen, whether I like it or not, I will just have to adapt as always.  I am going to trust that I can handle anything that comes my way.

Game 02 Round 01

Hallo, hallo!  This is a character I came up with last week during my game with Kookylane on our tumblr Kookyrabbit.  Bah!  It's so distracting!  Game 03 is already on the 5th round.  I spend a bit too much time on it but it's awesome!  Got quite a few new illustrations up!

Now...I need to finish a Melb Uni thing and then get onto my Tarantino submission.  It's already due next week!  Time really flies sometimes!

Game01_Round 01

Hallo, hallo!  I am now going to start posting up images that I quite liked from the illustration games Kookylane and I are playing at our joint tumblr: kookyrabbit

To keep up with the game, please go to the tumblr site.  Anyway, this was the first image that started it all.  The first game were a bit more sketchy than our current efforts!

Today was mostly a freelancing and gym day with some illustrating.  Not much of note though!

Pingpong 2.0: Game 01 and Game 02 compilation

The games thus far that can be found at  This is my friend Astri and I playing an illustration game!  These are the results thus far.  I will do individual posts of the best ones in the coming days.

It's been fun and challenging and I may very well come a better illustratror from playing these games.  That said, it is distracting me from real work and what I need to do for an upcoming exhibition piece.

Diary Doodle 008: Newt

Hi!  Gotta say...haven't drawn any animals lately.  Am sure it will come back or so.  That said< I started a new project with Astri today which I think will be fun for everyone.  I'll post more about that shortly.

Today and yesterday has been really relaxing though but now I think am coming down with something since am currently not as pressured.  See how that goes!

Diary Doodle 007

Ah dear...I haven't done a diary doodle yesterday or today.  This is an old one.  I haven't found anything that I crave to draw consistently and on a daily basis.  Not since the fish bone pieces I used to do anyway.  There has been a lot of flitting from one thing to another lately.  I like changing things up but I also like projects to keep me both busy and focused.

Today was good fun.  I finished quite a bit of house chores, may have sorted out another gig, got another project rolling and about to do some freelance and do some online studying for illustration.  I feel the need to level up and to be quick about it.  I absorb things better when I see it being demonstrated.

Diary Doodle 006

Diary doodle 06,  I haven't put any of my sketches up lately since work was quite busy and draining.  That project wraps up this week though! Everytime a project ends, I get nervous.  I do need some time to work on my reel, exhibition pieces due at the end of this month and maybe even do some online tutorials so I can level up as an illustrator.  I found some good ones.  These all take time.  I suppose, I can relax over the next few days, get some drawing done and immediately get on to website, showreel, taxes and searching for more opportuinities.  I get to sleep in tomorrow.....I am looking forward to that.  I've had very little sleep for a month.

An idea?

Was trying to come up with some designs today during my very little free time.  She's come the closest to something I want to develop. We have a due date on Thursday so things are busy at the moment.  The project is looking great...will be good to get it all done.  A little tired though and wanting to get a whole lot of projects and work done.

Anyway, I'm going to try something I may be drawing the same subject for a while.  Sticking to a theme, you know?  The blog will stay varied but I think am going to try and change my social media stuff and try to stick to a constant theme.  See what happens.  My partner says that I change things up to much to retain a social media am going to try something and stick with it!.

Orange Feathers's beena  while since I last wrote and I know, I normally write every day but the last few days, when I come home from the studio, I just don't want to look at a computer.  The current job is taking out a lot and the hours are on the long side.  That said, am happy to report that the project is going to look awesome once we're done.  The great thing about commercial work is that I don't have to wait for months or even years to be able to put stuff on my folio.  Once the commercial is out, which normally days to weeks after the job is done, I can already use it.  It's pretty awesome!

Now, I don have some freelance lined up after this week but not much.  I guess I will need to start hunting next week or so.  Though, perhaps I will sort stuff out like my showreel which is in dire need of an update...a website, new exhibition pieces and sorting out a theme to stick to.  I need to sort out a project and draw something consecutively.  Anyhoo, tired, time to g…

Skull Hat

Hi!  This week has been absolutely insane. The project am on at the moment is big and difficult but am pretty proud of the animation I have done thus far.  Certainly reel worthy that's for sure!  This is due next week and it's going to be hectic, busy and stressful until then.  Hopefully the end product comes out fantastic.  It's looking great so far but you never know until it's done.

The year has been very busy so far and there are no signs of it slowing down with travel in the works, a big change of scenery for me and just looking for work and doing a whole lot of other things while am looking for work (if there isn't any already as I have stuff to do as soon as the contract ends) like making a new showreel, updating the illustration folio, got to get another two exhibition pieces done, start and finish a zine for October and more housey things like culling my clothes and other stuff.  Madness I say!  Madness!

Tonight is chore night.  Got laundry done and I wou…