Game 04 Round 02

Hallo!  Hallo!  Another one from the game Kookyrabbit.  Check out my Rabbit Town Art tumblr site too,  I think I will be editing whatever goes up there this time around!  This is still my main blog though in terms of posting daiky (well as much as possible) and just chatting about general things. 

I really did enjoy drawing my Geisha cat and I would love to draw more as a series but needing time as always to get everything done in a day. 

I did manage to email some folks for more work, hopefully I will get a bite or two.  That said, I do need days of just concentrating on just folio stuff.  Hard enough just setting up one of the sites and culling!  No wonder people have social media promotions doing this all for them.  This is a full time gig in itself!  I would like to get my entire tumblr site done though, that's for sure!  Hopefully tomorrow!  Then it's Red Bubble....


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