Game 04 Round 06

Howdy!  Spent most of the day sorting out stuff for my RedBubble, so yay!  I got 4 images up.  Whoooo!  They can now be bought in t-shirts, phone covers and all sorts of materials.  Pretty cool!  If there's an image you would like to have as a shirt and other stuff, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen!  I will still be putting up more images as I clean them up and get them ready for uploading.

For other news, a small job has come in, which is great!  I like staying busy after all!  Who knows what will happen though,  I let a few clients know that I was available after all!

Image above was from Game 04.  Please check out Kookyrabbit for the latest game!  We've started game 06 today!


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