Orange Feathers's beena  while since I last wrote and I know, I normally write every day but the last few days, when I come home from the studio, I just don't want to look at a computer.  The current job is taking out a lot and the hours are on the long side.  That said, am happy to report that the project is going to look awesome once we're done.  The great thing about commercial work is that I don't have to wait for months or even years to be able to put stuff on my folio.  Once the commercial is out, which normally days to weeks after the job is done, I can already use it.  It's pretty awesome!

Now, I don have some freelance lined up after this week but not much.  I guess I will need to start hunting next week or so.  Though, perhaps I will sort stuff out like my showreel which is in dire need of an update...a website, new exhibition pieces and sorting out a theme to stick to.  I need to sort out a project and draw something consecutively.  Anyhoo, tired, time to go!


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