Game 02 Round 08

Hello, hello!  This one of my rare pure digital works as I prefer to hand draw and then colour in Photoshop if I don't colour traditionally as well.  I do a lot of paid work digitally so it's nice to do a bit of traditional work when I can too.  I drew all of this up in Flash and colour and then added in some extra shading and texture in Photoshop.  Have a look at the latest posts on kookyrabbit though!  We're already on game 04!  The cat geisha is rather good.  I just did the finishing touches on her and reposted.  Check it out!

I also started a new exhibition piece today as I didn't like the one I drew up on Friday and dumped it.  The new piece is looking and feeling better.  Water colours!  It's been a while since I used them!


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