Skull Hat

Hi!  This week has been absolutely insane. The project am on at the moment is big and difficult but am pretty proud of the animation I have done thus far.  Certainly reel worthy that's for sure!  This is due next week and it's going to be hectic, busy and stressful until then.  Hopefully the end product comes out fantastic.  It's looking great so far but you never know until it's done.

The year has been very busy so far and there are no signs of it slowing down with travel in the works, a big change of scenery for me and just looking for work and doing a whole lot of other things while am looking for work (if there isn't any already as I have stuff to do as soon as the contract ends) like making a new showreel, updating the illustration folio, got to get another two exhibition pieces done, start and finish a zine for October and more housey things like culling my clothes and other stuff.  Madness I say!  Madness!

Tonight is chore night.  Got laundry done and I would like to have laundry folded, dish washed and hopefully floor vacummed before 10:30 tonight.  I want to be in bed by then.  I know...crazy huh?  I am that tired that I need some extra sleep.


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