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Knick knacks

Hi!  Sorry, I couldn't post yesterday.  Was too busy doing a detailed drawing, which I still have to finish tonight!  Time just goes too fast!  I've had to stop my #adventcalendarsketches for the moment.  Just finishing everything off before work ends! Stuff has been happening to the family dog too and it worries me quite a bit.  I hope it will all turn out good,  That would be a very nice Christmas present indeed.  Speaking of Christmas presents, I think am finally done and just need to wrap it all up!  The budget is blown out and have to be a lot better next year with cash....especially with a trip coming up too.  Oh well!  Next year will be a better year and I hit some goals this year anyway! The knick knacks on top...the bunny was given to me by my sister from japan.  The owl, I bought at a market and the lucky cat was a small present from mom! Next year is looking super busy already and it's not even Christmas yet!  I am looking forward to it.   

Chocolate Study: Wispa

Ah...another old drawing.  I really will need to do a bulk post before the year is out....feels wrong posting 2016 drawings in 2017.  I like the idea of having a fresh start on New Years, I guess! Today was work, chores and going through the last bits of Christmas gifting. I only have a few more pressies to go.  Budget was through the roof this year, I have to admit.  Oh well. Can't take cash with you when you die!  It has been a pretty expensive month with car expenses too! Mmm...anyhoo, got to get ready for work tomorrow!

Product Study: Up & Go

What I've been drinking every morning at work.  I have to stop though since I want to lower my sugar intake (again) after the holidays.  This has loads of sugar.  I love it and it does keep me full till lunchtime without need to snack in-between.  Alas!  I rather not get diabetes for Christmas next year. People have been chatting about how their year went, on facebook and just in general.  I did all right this year.  Accomplished a lot of drawings, had a skill jump, gained more social media followers, I got a full-time job animating (at the moment :P ) and am hoping I get to freelance here and there.  Fingers crossed! That area got slow towards Christmas, so am glad I've managed to land on my feet.  We shall see what next year brings! I need to ramp up my social media game for next year and attempt to be fit again.  I don't have the same drive for working out (without a trainer) as I do for drawing. For other news...I am totally into succulents now!  I am trying to

Chocolate Study: Limited edition Mars and Snickers

Lots of drawings archived away and ready for blogging.  I've been drawing tons, trying to finish an old drawing book from 2014.  I am determined to start a new sketchbook in 2017!  Funny, cos I have quite a few sketchbooks that need to be finished but I can't help but start a new one depending on the paper, size, etc.  I am a bit silly but am determined to finish this one sketchbook anyway. Got a lot done at work, went out and enjoyed some good Japanese food, Rob and I found a decent one that is near his work!  Paid all bills and now time to do some drawing and packing for tomorrow.  Staying overnight at a friends tomorrow night and there is a lot of drawing to be done!  Looking forward to it. The drawing above was done last month.  They were both eaten by Rob.  I don't eat a lot of chocolate bars nowadays. Yup, definitely have a huge backlog of stuff I can post on the blog.  Now the question I put up all that didn't go up during 2016 or immediately go

Lucky Kitty

A Lucky kitty I drew....a month ago.  Insane. Where is the time going? Is it just me or did this year just fly past?  I have a huge collection of Lucky Cats.  I need to do a month where I just draw all of them.  See how many I've accumulated over the years or what were gifted to me.  I don't know what it is about them but I do love the look of lucky cats!  Am still collecting... Did a lot of work, drawings and chores today.  A very, very full day indeed.  Feeling good about it.  I want to smash out 2 scenes at work tomorrow if I can.  Yup...but work has bee getting a bit distracting with meetings and stuff. Monday was a write off with meetings and party, so that was good but not great for productivity.  Need to get stuff done! I have slowed down though, productivity-wise.  Tends to happen during the Christmas Season. Not much else...cos it's bed time!!!

Chocolate Study: Picnic

Ah dear...I have a lot of drawings to post but my blogging time has been a tad erratic.  Have a few things on my plate, that's for sure!  I still haven't put up anything new on my Redbubble store...not since my last submission.  Ah much to do as always.  I can't produce stuff and edit at the same time and right now am doing advent calendar sketches and trying to finish off one of my sketchbooks.  One that I started 2 years ago.  I am hoping to just finished one of the ones I've started this year :P!  Terrible.  So many sketchbooks on the go. Tomorrow is about work and getting a few drawings done.  I didn't get to do my advent sketch today or any drawings on my list, for that matter.  Oh well....

52 week illustration: Light

Hallo, hallo!  How goes it?  This was my last entry to 52 week illustration.  I got so busy with stuff! I haven't been able to keep up with Kookyrabbit either and need to do that asap next year...if not earlier. So...lots of Christmas shopping done for family and friends and catch ups done this weekend along with working and drawing!  I have a pet portrait I need to re-do.  Didn't quite get there and it needs to be done right. Tomorrow is a work day!  Got stuff that needs doing!

Zebra Fish

Hi!  How goes it?  Here are some fish I did for 52 Wk illustration for the theme Zebra.  I haven't been able to draw the last couple of themes, even though I have some pretty good ideas.  There's just not enough time in the day. I also had a terrible migraine yesterday which was a bit of a bummer.  I worked through it at work and I ended up sleeping pretty much as soon as I got home.  Sleep is the best way to recover most things, I think.  I am a lot better now. I haven't been able to update my Redbubble store...gah!  I really need some time to do that! Christmas is coming really quick!  At least I got my best one up but it would be great to get more of my Inktober pieces up! By the way, can you spot the bunny?

Game 48 Round 04: Leaping

Hallo!!  Well, it's been a busy few days with social events and some shopping and work.  Christmas is upon us and I need to shop for Christmas presents soon!  I am getting worried!  For several reasons, time and what to get people and will they like it!?!?!? Anyway, I need to draw my advent day drawing!  Hopefully Kookyrabbit tomorrow! I went to a wedding yesterday and that was a lot of fun.  I am still not keen on having one myself but it's always good to see others enjoying themselves and I was happy to participate and share the day as a guest.  Dinner was with the family last Friday too and it's always great to catch up!  

Game 48 Round 02: Wildeface

Hi!  Face drawing I did a few days ago.  I used copics and did it for Kookyrabbit ! Kookyrabbit is going to be erratic for this month since I have too many projects I am trying to do and finish before Christmas! Drawing a day for #adventcalendarsketch2016 and work of course!  There are also a lot of events happening!  I have two tomorrow and another one on Saturday! Anyhoo, hope everyone has a great weekend!  I don't think I will be able to post again till Sunday!

Game 47 Round 09: Swimmingly Green

Not enough time in the day to do everything!!!  GAH!!!!  That said, I pretty much animated a minute worth of animation in 2 days, though I need to put in the expressions tomorrow.  I got started on a commissioned pet portrait and did a really quick drawing for Kookyrabbit .  Not happy with my kookyrabbit illustration but there's not much I can already late in posting. Not much happened today except for animation work and drawing.  Pretty normal.  Mmm....much busyness.  I am also thinking of posting the image above in my Redbubble shop.  It would look good in the full body clothing!

Game 47 Round 07: Plein Air

Hi.  Busy day today animating.  Got a lot done but the shot am working on is pretty big so it's going to take a few more days I suspect.  Events on Christmas are starting to happen.  Anyway, had a long day and a bit tired now...dinner time!

Game 47 Round 05: Waffle Eats on a Malachite Fig Tree

Hi!  A big day today.  Got work done, edited 2 of the current works I had on Redbubble and my work has been submitted to a Gallery Space... more on that when more info comes up!  We shall see how that goes.  I still need to fold the clothes though so perhaps I should do that after this.  I wonder if I should start a new piece. I've had an idea I've been meaning to try for a while.  Maybe I should do that later on tonight...but I also have an idea of making some pet portraits.  Mmmmm.. Anyway, tomorrow is all about gunning it for work and a birthday party.  Should be fun! The top image was done for Kookyrabbit !

Game 47 Round 03: Delivering Flowers

Picture above was done for Kookyrabbit .  I totally rushed it since it was during the time I was trying to make really fancy Inktober pieces. Finished my book job today!  Just wainting on the last two pages I submitted to be approved and it's done!  Wheee!  I also have all my pieces prepared for pick-up tomorrow and  can now draw my own thing (after work hours) without feeling guilty.  Cos yeah, I do feel guilty if I have freelance work that i could be doing instead of my own pieces.  Anyway, that's done now!  That said...I'll probably ask for another book...provided it's not a rush all. Mmm..time for dinner and some relaxing by reading comics!  My wrist is hurting a little so I'll be taking a few hours break.

Game 47 Round 01: WAFFLES

Hallo! Achieved quite a bit of work today!  Finished 3 out of 7 book pages and they have already been approved!  Wheee!  My other job is sorting out the animation stuff at the moment.  All good.  I am also preparing pieces to go into an exhibition of much to stuff to do and things to draw.   I am also feeling the pressure on doing something Christmasy...agh!  Never any time!  Anyhoo....I think I should sort out some Redbubble stuff tonight!

Game 46 Round 10: A tier

 Hallo, hallo!  Well, I finished off the animations I was working on today and taking a day doing other things tomorrow.  Possibly work on my book, I would say.  I finished the drafts on the weekend and already got feedback.  While my full-time gig has some downtime, I think it would be best to knock a few other things off the head.  I also need to update my redbubble store..ASAP.  Anyhoo, that's all for now.  I think I will do another piece tonight or sleep.  We were up super early today!

Game 46 Round 08: A bit of Shopping

Hi!  Busy, busy as always.  Drawing, working, actually submitted all the roughs of a current book am working on, after hours. I've gotten bogged down quite a bit but I should be able to smash through it now.  Anyway, early start tomorrow with work!

Game 46 Round 02: Enjoying an Eclair

Wheee!  How goes it?  Busy day today but I got a majority of stuff done!  Woo hoo!  Still haven't started that book gig though.  I've got to do something about that soon.  There's just a lot of other stuff I want to draw though and that book doesn't have a deadline...or a deadline that's soon.  I'll get onto it for sure, this weekend though! I drew this ages ago for Kookyrabbit.  I also want to buy a book of mushrooms.  I think that would be very very cool....and I love drawing mushrooms so it will be useful.  Need to find a reference book for trees too.  Maybe I'll go to the library tomorrow!

Game 45 Round 05: Kiwi Peeking

Hi!  How goes it?  This illustration was drawn in October, during Inktober for Kookyrabbit !  I did say I was going to start posting some of the older images that was done during that time! Busy day yesterday and today but got everything done..woo hoo!  I got some new stuff on but it's not particularly hard.  I want to knock a lot of things on the head tomorrow...including house chores!  Tons to do.  Am working from home tomorrow so my time is more flexible! Now...gonna chill for the moment I think!  Well...more like check some files for work tomorrow, re-read another job and figure some stuff out!

Face Doodle: Amber

Hi!  Last of the face doodles I drew months ago before Inktober!  I can now post up all the other stuff that i drew in-between Inktober, now that all my Inktober posts is up! Achieved a lot today on my list! Finished a big animation at work and have started plowing through a smaller batch of animations, finished my piece for 52 week illustration and have kept up with most of the stuff I wanted to achieve today.  Tired and I want to get a few more things done before bedtime!

Inktober Day 31: Bunnies Frolicking!

Hallo!  Ah...busy, busy as always!  I did get a lot done today though!  I am currently boiling eggs so I can pack some food for lunch when I go to work.  I got the timer on so it won't burn! This is my last Inktober piece!  I am still planning to color this one.  I haven't had the time to.  Hopefully next week! I got some animation frames prepared for tomorrow, drawing done for kookyrabbit and am pretty happy about it too.  I am debating between doing more work tonight or a drawing for 52 week illo.  Mmm...decisions, decisions.  Okay...I have sandwiches to make and brownies to bake!

Inktober Day 30: Llamas and Titmouse

 Hallo, hallo!  How goes it?  Things have been pretty busy!  I have some freelance on top of full-time work and it has been pretty busy!  Along with working on my personal projects and seeing friends, doing some for of exercising...tired!  Well, I got one knocked on the head today and here's hoping that I get the second one done this week!

Inktober Day 29: Red Kangaroos

Hallo!  Before anything else, I just wanted to note that today, Trump was elected President.  Just so I don't forget when I decide to re-read my blog a few months/years from now. Another piece for Inktober.  I am almost at the end now with this batch of drawings.  Soon, I will be able to put up all the other stuff that I did on the side. Mm...what else...I did get the main jobs I needed to get done today, yay! I didn't get as far as I wanted but that's okay.  I am at least at a comfortable spot now and finished the one due Friday.  The weekend is a big day of working for freelance gigs, unfortunately but that's okay.  It needs to get done. I also got myself a rowing machine today from ALDI!  I better make sure I use it that's for sure!  Rob brought it back and built it.  Hopefully I get to play with it tomorrow!

Inktober Day 27: Blob Balloon

Hallo!  How goes it?  I drew this on the go and it was based on the animal suggestions I got from friends on facebook.  A rather busy day today for myself.  I finished 2 of the scenes of an animation am working on  and started on the third, making good headway of it. I sorted out the contract/email issues with another job, replied to backed up emails,  picked up a small illustration gig due this Friday and I did some house chores.  Super busy but good.  I am disappointed that I didn't get to work on my book jobs but I'll probably have to leave that for Friday night and the weekend.  I have to cancel on a few events but not much can be done about that.  I did take the work and so I have a responsibility to get it done. Debating if I should take a break and finish drawing this chocolate bar I started or to do more work...

Inktober Day 26: Liger and Koi

Hi!  How goes it?  Not quite sure why I went all colorful with this illustration...felt the rainbow mood I guess!  It was a rather busy day today.  There were some glitches in the file I was working on which was very irritating.  Ugh!  I found a work around but it's not ideal.  Going to need to see if I can find another solution tomorrow.  It's going to be a big working day tomorrow.  I have a few things I need to get done and I need to sort out the other gigs too.  Busy, busy!  I should do some work tonight but my drawing brain feels like it short circuited.  Boo!

Inktober Day 25: Corgi

Hi!  How goes it?  Been a couple of days since my last post.  I've been busy! The whole weekend since Friday has been busy!  I am now working full-time at a studio and it's going well thus far.  I like the people and I am enjoying the work.  The hours are flying by!   On a side note, a corgi is a dog I really want cos I think it's super cute! I did have some trouble with my part-time job though...very annoying.  I've worked with them since 2005 and they changed their system this year and things have been a bit difficult to say the least.  On Friday, I discovered that they sent my contract to a work email I never use, for the first time, in 11 years.  Why would they do that without warning?  It's not the fault of the people I actually work with, they are lovely...that said, the new person handling the paperwork, in my opinion, is....not as lovely.  Hopefully, on the day am working from home, I will be able to sort this out.  If not...then it would be a

Inktober Day 22: Flamingo

Hi!  The order is now all wrong!  I forgot to post this one up!  Oopsie!  Anyhoo, today was a terrible day to travel.  Heck, the last 2 days were pretty sucky but today was especially sucky.  So, there was an accident on one of the busiest street in Melbourne (which we do take) so the drive wasn't fun and I had to catch a late train and then after work, it took me almost 2 hours to get home since I had to take the country train today.  Ugh.  Some idiots were apparently trespassing somewhere on the tracks/train area (they weren't giving us much information) and it backed up all the lines.  So very livid after today and I got home really late and just couldn't do the stuff I actually wanted to do.  I hate public transport sometimes.

Inktober Day 24:Sea Cow

Oops!  I actually made a mistake with my count and forgot to put up Inktober Day 22.  My bad!  I'll have to put it up tomorrow.  For other news, here's a Sea Cow!  Yay!  Lots of people wanted a Dugong.  Not sure why but it's drawn up! First day at work at a new company today and it was good fun!  The day didn't start out that well though with Rob and I getting a flat tire first thing in the morning.  Boo!  I wasn't late on my first day though and my stuff was all set-up, we got treated out to lunch, overall, a very good day!

Inktober Day 23: Eclair Corgi

Hallo!  Inktober ended yesterday but I still have a big backlog of stuff to post!  It was a very relaxing day today.  I probably should have done some illustration work but apparently it's not going to get published until mid-next year so no major rush.  I should have stuff for them before the end of the week though! I start a new job at a studio tomorrow.  New people and new challenges!  Let's see what tomorrow will bring.  For other news, I've started a food/exercise journal to go with my doodles.  See how long I can last doing that this time. The weekend past was pretty big and I might have to break the Inktober posts to put up stuff about that!

Inktober Day 20: Killer Whales

Hi!  Some big stuff has happened this week but can't say too much about it yet...but...I don't have to worry about gigs is all I can say for now.  Least till the year ends anyway. Inktober is nearly last few pieces have been simple and relatively quicker than normal.  I have an idea for the last piece and am hoping to be able to pull it off properly.  We'll see though! Tomorrow is a rather exciting and busy day.  Dress ups, drawing, catch!  I am looking forward to it.  Might not be a post though.  Going to be back home rather late I suspect.

Inktober Day 18: Armadillo

Hallo, hallo!  Yup, totally behind in posting Inktober.  Posting up all my Intkober pieces will go till November.  On the plus side, am actually on time!  I will make it to the end!  There has been a bunny hidden in all my Inktober pieces.  Have you spotted all of them? I got contacted by a company out of the blue today.  More about that if it develops into something more visiting them tomorrow.  It's a big day tomorrow with meetings in the morning and sketching in the afternoon and dinner with friends at night.  A full day tomorrow!

Inktober Day 17: Sloths

Hallo!  I finally caught up with Inktober.  Only 6 more days and then I'll just keep drawing...but at a more relaxed state....though I might just panic and start looking for gigs right after this is all done.  We'll see. Today, I had a walk and enjoyed the sunshine, did groceries,baked and made dinner....after doing my Inktober stuff.   I have a big piece in mind for tomorrow so am hoping to get that all done! I also had a late night editing one of the works and getting it ready for my shop.  I am tired....more drawing tomorrow!

Inktober Day 16: Blue Ringed Octopus

Hallo, hallo!  A decent day of drawing today but no masterpieces or anything. Still, it was good to catch up on Inktober...more or less. Sometimes forget that people might actually read this blog.  It's kinda easy to fall into the trap that only I will ever read my actual posts and my when I get words of encouragement, it is very surprising to me.  A very good surprise though and probably what I needed to hear at the time. I have been concentrating on my own projects and I get very frustrated when it doesn't turn out the way I want.  I am sure that most have felt this though.  I have started to slowly sort out some images for my shop and trying to source out music for my videos.  Stuff.... I am starting to feel worried about not working though.  I more or less might have something at the end of November, but I do feel I should start sending some emails out.  Maybe.  Hard to do my own work and do other jobs at the same time.  I freak out when am not working

Inktober Day 15

Yeah...I know I've totally fallen behind on my blog posts.  A combination of being out or just not wanting to be near the computer from time to time.  Today...was not my finest drawing day.  I stuffed up a piece that i was actually happy with and am feeling like I will never get where I want to be cos am already in my late 30s and you have so many younger and more awesome artists out there who have bigger followings and better stuff.  Anyway, was just feeling a bit disheartened.  Pulled it back by drawing something decent but yeah...just a bit down about it. Other news, my family had birthdays this week, which was great, caught up with some friends and drawing as per normal.  I am drawing...drawing lots.  I will need to edit videos soon and update my Redbubble shop.  Poor things hasn't had any new work in it for ages.  I better do something about that.  Perhaps tomorrow if I get a chance.  There are chores to do and drawings to create, after all.  Anyhoo, this week is

Inktober Day 19: Happy Birthday Dad!

Hi!  I had to put this one ahead of my other entries cos it's my dad's birthday today and this painting is dedicated to him.  I remember when I was a kid that one of the few drawings I saw of my dads' was dinosaurs.  Him and my mom also helped me with my dinosaur project when I was in grade 06. It was a fun project in hindsight.  Anyway, my dino drawings aren't as good as my moms' but here is my effort!  My dad has also gotten into Wolverines lately, so I thought I'd put both of them in!

Inktober Day 13: Triple P

Hi!  I finished my last e-book today so I'll be taking a little bit of a break while I work on Inktober and sort out all my social media and start selling new stuff on online shops! Nothing new to report today.  I am a bit tired so sleeping early!

Inktober Day 13: Mecha Barracuda

Hi!  This was from a few days was a bit of fun to do.  I am actually currently finishing off Inktober 17 right now..might not post it onto my facebook page until tomorrow, I think...or maybe partially post.  We shall see. Anyhoo, my current e-book is almost done.  All pages approved except for the front cover which I need to work on tomorrow and submit.  After that...not too sure how my job situation will be...meh!  I was planning to concentrate on my Redbubble pahe next anyhow...I've been really slack.  Nothing new posted at all for weeks and weeks now.  Tsk, tsk.  I have a backlog of stuff, in all honesty.  I also have to start applying to have some of my originals sold too.

Inktober Day 12: The Musician

Hi!  I did this a few days ago.  I actually caught up with Inktober, would you believe?  That said, I've started to feel a bit flat and unhappy with the last few pieces.  It wasn't quite what I wanted or envisioned I guess and I've started to get frustrated.  Anyhoo, I was happier with todays one and am just going to have to accept that I can't produce nothing but wins.  Too tough for that... I had some friend and my partner say some really good things to me today so am just going to keep trying to make something nice a day.  I want to finish this Inktober challenge! I also finished a few pages for the e-book job am currently on.  Am aiming to finish it all tomorrow if possible...or Tuesday at the latest!

Inktober Day 11: Island

Hi!  I was pretty happy with how this one turned out...considering that I started on it quite late!  I can't wait to make it into a T-shirt once I get enough time!  Really short on time right now.  I also have a time lapse video up, got my first two pages approved for my current e-book job and finished inktober for today.  I think am going to chill out now.  Tired.

Inktober Day 10: Leaf Dragon

Hi!  Today was busy as always.  Juggling work, Inktober and chores.  I have roughs for another e-book approved and am hoping to finish it by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  See how we go.  I actually recorded how I drew this but I haven't finished editing the final footage yet. A bit tired...going to watch some TV now and chill out with Rob.

Inktober Day 09: Firemouth

Hi!  Inktober Day 09...finished it yesterday.  I also finished my 10th one earlier today and am also back on Kookyrabbit.  On top of that, I have another e-book to work on.  Yay! I am a busy, busy girl. Tomorrow I am off to get some supplies and to socialize! Since starting Inktober, I haven't really been out much.  Looking forward to it!  I will be bringing my Inktober piece tomorrow to work on though.

Inktober Day 08: Poison Dart Frogs. Primary VS Secondary

Hi!  I finished this piece yesterday.  It was all about color yesterday! I had good fun and I always find it fun drawing poison dart frogs. I made up some of the patterning though.. Anyhoo, there are three rabbits hidden in this pic, see if you can find them all! For other news, I finished and submitted my latest e-book gig today. It was a very quick turn-around.  I asked if they had more work, otherwise, I may just spend the whole month concentrating on my work!  I haven't been able to update my Redbubble shop, Dribble account, behance, much to do!

Inktober Day 07: A Stroll

Hi!  My drawing for yesterday!  Yeah, the blog runs a day behind the actual Inktober days and because am a day behind already, the blog then runs two days late.  Oopsie! I finished my Intkober for today early enough that I can start working on my actual e-book illustration job.  Need to get onto it!

Inktober Day 06: Arowana Rainbow

Hi!  This was yesterdays effort....playing with the gold ink and super bright colors.  A lot of fun but a mammoth effort to get done in a day.  I finished my number 07 one today and am glad that it didn't take as long.  It still took ages though! I worked on an illustration job and submitted this morning, did some house chores and drew up Inktober 07.  Tired!

Inktober Day 05: Blue Whale and Friends

Inktober Day 05 was yesterday!  Another long piece.  Today's one was even longer though.  Not much news cos I was drawing all day! I did send roughs for a new e-book I need to get done next week and that is all approved!  Hurrah!  I am tired...doing Inktober stuff has been quite epic thus far.

Inktober Day 04: Oscars

Hi!!!  This piece, I finished last night at about 2:30 am.  I started on it pretty late since I was finishing an illustration job.  It turned out pretty well, I think and the best one I've done so far in this series.  Judging the social media likes, looks like I might have had a winner with this one!  I am still behind and tomorrow I need to work so I might even get more behind.  Bleh!!  Trying to keep up with gigs and making good pieces is tiring.   I was inspired to draw oscars based on my friend's picture of his pet and I thought it was an awesome looking fish.  They don't come in that color though, mutated oscars perhaps? This one is definitely going on my Redbubble shop though.  I've had requests already! Tomorrow, I need to start on another toddler e-book and a money illustration job!

Inktober Day 03: Release the fantails

Hi!  A combined post for Inktober, 52 week illustration and Kookyrabbit ! This is Day 03 and I need to be on Day 05 already!  I'm still working on Day 04!  Eeeek! Oh well.  Some dino book is approved and done and dusted!  I start a new book tomorrow.  I had a crisis this evening since I was trying to color my Inktober 04 piece and the main pen I was using ran out,  How could this be!!?!?  I barely used that color.  Anyhoo, I need to buy a refill but don't really want to go to the city tomorrow so found some similar-ish pens and hopefully that works.  It's going to have to anyhow!!

Inktober Day 02: New Zealand Fantails

Hi!  I am posting up a day later on my blog for Inktober 2016.  Loads of detail in all the works thus far and A3 in size. Today was a big drawing day for Kid books and Inktober that am trying to combine with kookyrabbit and 52 week illustration.  Trying to kill may birds with one stone is the name of the game to save time!  More ex[posure too.

Inktober 2016 Day 01: Ribbon Seals

Hi!  Inktober started yesterday and this was my first entry.  Yay!  It's A3 in size and inked with a traditional fountain pen.  Dipping ink in the bottle and getting it to work.  I think I managed to get the hang of it though.  Not too sure if I will stick to animals but I am enjoying it thus far! I am hoping to complete the full 31 days of drawing and to have 31 good drawings.  I may even color all of these once it's done...while keeping the black and white scans. Can you spot the rabbit?  There will be one hidden in every drawing.