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001: Pink Kitty

Hallo, hallo! My very artistic partner, Rob and I did a joint effort on this.  My drawing, with Rob inking, I did the base colours and he rendered.  I did the final touches afterwards.  A fun little project to do together and hopefully there will be more to come.  I want to draw and work on so many things though...I constantly lament the lack of time but perhaps I need to look on how I can focus or just accept that I will constantly draw different subjects sporadically and therefore will grow very slowly as an artist....most of the work I do is timed or rushed because I have jobs to do...and I don't focus on any one thing.  I can draw package design/still life.  Haven't done that in a while.  I draw cartoons but not the same one consistently.  I urban sketch but I don't do that on a daily basis.  I know that if I just focused on one thing, I would become tons better at it but I get bored and frustrated having to stick to one theme.  Drawing the fish bones was the theme I

Game 25 Round 05: Taco Delivery

Hurray for Taco Delivery!  New drawing for Kookyrabbit !  Please have a look when you all can. This piece was a combination between digital and traditional. A good day today...mostly relaxing and doing some drawing which is always good.    I've been watching a lot of David Attenborough too and I think it would be fun to draw animals.  I think a whole lot of stuff would be fun to draw in all honesty but it's just finding the time to do so...

Game 25 Round 03: More Tabasco!

Hallo!  A new one for Kookyrabbit once again! Thought I'd try a different look today! I went out Urban Sketching today and bought a few books yesterday which was awesome!  There's a book am currently reading called "Fashion Victims, the dangers of dress past and present".  A very good read.  I bought to book yesterday and am almost finish.  The stories and the facts in there are quite fascinating. I did a few drawings too since yesterday so I will have other stuff to post shortly! Yay!

Game 25 Round 01: Happy Taco

I started Game 25!  Check it out on Kookyrabbit !  Busy day today with submissions and illustrating.  Got a lot done which is awesome!  I've been watching youtube channels from artists who give drawing and career/life advice.  It's been good listening to them and looking up to see what they are drawing as well.  It's almost like am drawing with another person.  I've been watching Jake Parker and Will Terrel .  Check their stuff out!

Game 24 Round 10: Insane Milkshake

Have you guys seen the crazy milkshakes going around lately?  It has everything on them...dougnuts, cakes, cookies.  You have one of those and you probably don't need to eat for an entire day...maybe a week.  There's that much sugar in one of those babies.  I haven't had one yet.  Am wondering if I should before I miss out. Anyhoo, I decided to draw a milkshake for my last round for this game.  Check out the rest of the series here !

Face Doodle: Green Bird

I bought a bird book from Japan and there are all these birds in it that I don't recognize and the book is in Japanese so unfortunately I can use it as a reference but I have no idea what bird it is and this is one of them!  So far, am calling it green bird! So, this was drawn and colored traditionally and I bumped it up in Photoshop. 

Game 24 Round 08: Travel the Chocolate Sea

Hallo, hallo!  This is the drawing I did for Kookyrabbit today. I didn't do any work today....yet.  I probably will for a couple of hours tonight.  I wanted to work on my own stuff without rushing.  Every now and then, it's good to chill I think.  Did a lot of house chores and some baking this morning too.  Think I will go and fold clothes now while watching TV!

Book Illo

This is another book illustration and it's what am currently working on.  This particular image was a favorite in one of the chapters I finished few days ago.  All approved! Went out hiking with Rob today and have a dinner party tonight.  Looking forward to it!

Game 24 Round 06

My drawing for Kookyrabbit today.  A good week this week with lots of approvals, a project completed and another one not too far away.  I also started reading manga again in my spare time.  Lots of fun.  I am probably working and hopefully doodling something for fun tomorrow!

Book page!

Hi!  I got permission to show a few pages of the books am working on!  Yay!  Here's one cos I didn;t have time to draw anything for fun tonight.  One book, is pretty much all dudes....the other is all girls.  I do enjoy drawing the girl characters better. Taking a break tonight and waking up early to smash it out tomorrow!

Game 24 Round 04: Protect the Apples!

Hi! Hi! This is another one for Kookyrabbit .  I really should start titling all my pieces for this game.  We're over 240 images combines now since we started drawing in July.  I need to start culling and picking the best stuff I've done.  To be honest though, I feel like I rush a lot of these images.  A shame.   Speaking of rushing...I need to switch gears tomorrow and start designing for an animation gig.  I have 2 more chapters to illustrate on my second book and re-doing the rough for the front cover and I need to clean up the rough for the front cover of the first book.  I have a lot on.  I wish I could spend more time honing my skills but everything feels rushed or pressured.  It's great and I am getting better but I think i could go much further if I had the time to really concentrate.  Ah well, they always say that there never is enough time and I will be learning for as long as I can create.

WIP Book

Hi!  Sorry for the blurry pic but don't think am allowed to show what am working on in it's full glory.  I am enjoying this style though!  I better ask the client if I can show a few of the book pages I've been working on.  I am almost there with this job.  Very exciting seeing it all come together.  I can't wait to see the books where they are published!

Game 023 Round 02

Happy Piggy Bank with apples!  Happy Monday to everyone! This is for the current game for Kookyrabbit . Busy day today but lots of approvals, got a lot done and picked up another job,  Busy, busy, busy!  I have  a lot to do tonight too!  I want to get more book pages done and I have to start an animation job tomorrow.  Been doing stuff while watching Kuroko no Basketball.

Animal Study: Corgi

Hallo!  Here's a corgi that I drew from a pic on instagram by @ralphthecorgi.  I do enjoy drawing animals. We went to Kyneton today for lunch and had a super big feed of burgers, shakes, beer and fries at Major Toms .  I had milkshakes and Rob had beer.  We tried the ultra death hot sauce. This was a bit of a mistake.  It felt like the roof of my mouth burned and my tongue was on fire.  Truly horrendous.  I skulled TWOP milkshakes...a vanilla and strawberry.  The vanilla was better. Other than was awesome!  A good day.  I actually relaxed this weekend and drew things for fun.  Hurray!  Now to draw for work tomorrow and hopefully smash it. Fingers Crossed!

Game 23 Round 09

Hi!  My last one for this game on Kookyrabbit .  A  lot of fun with the Chinese New Year theme for this game. Another dull day since I was just working and doing this drawing.  I had a tough time today sorting out an illustration for my second book.  Going out for dinner tonight.  Looking forward to it!

Game 23 Round 07

My new one on Kookyrabbit today.  I've been really busy with work but I got a big chunk of stuff done so am happy.  I need to check what I worked on tomorrow morning before submission or later tonight but hopefully the client likes!  Fingers crossed!  Maybe I should send it over tonight...just to be safe. I do have more work  need to do tonight.  Unfortunate but there's no rest for the busy!

Game 23 Round 05

Hallo, hallo!  More Chinese New Year themed drawings on the current game of Kookyrabbit!  Not much to write about today since all I've done from 7:30 AM was work and I had a few breaks here and there and that's it.  Incredubly dull I know.  Sometimes I thionk how good it would be just to take a year off and just concentrate in upping my skills but let's be serious...I'd have a heart attack if I didn't work.  That's the thing about being a workaholic!

Game 23 Round 03

Hi!  Game 23 and it's all about Chinese New Year! I am hoping to make it to the city to enjoy the festivities.  Who knows though, I can barely get out of the house since I've got quite a few gigs that's due before the end of the month.  Big gigs too.  See how March goes....not sure what I've got!  Hopefully something comes up! Yesterday was great!  I forgot to mention that I went into the city to join a picnic full of animators and designers and friends!  I managed to catch up with a few folks and I had a very good time.  Today however, was a bit dull since all I did was work.  Not much to write about.  I took a break by washing dishes and folding towels while watching the food network.  Not much excitement today.

Urban Sketching: Geelong

Group shot of some of the works Picture by Erik Sentell Colored at a cafe Suzette, organizer of Geelong Urban Sketchers, giving a speech Group shot by Erik Sentell Gallery pic by Erik Sentell Erik! Group shot of Erik Sentell  Hi!  So yesterday I and the other Melbourne Urban Sketchers had the pleasure of coming to Geelong and meeting up with the Geelong Urban Sketchers to sketch the city.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Geelong is a gorgeous place and there was so much to draw and see.  I drew up the station and the library and wish I had time to draw the other buildings.  Johnston Park was great too.  Some of my fellow sketchers and I even had tea at a lovely cafe called Craft Space .  Afterwards, sketches were submitted to Studio Geelong at 81 Riley Street for an exhibition opening that very same day.  The exhibition will be up for a week. Would love to thank Suzette (From Geelong Sketchers) and Eveylen and A

Game 23 Round 01

Hallo!  So we've started a new game on Kookyrabbit !  A Chinese New Year themed one since it's starting this weekend..hurrah!  Happy Dumplings!  Who doesn't like happy dumplings! I submitted all my animations for Dogstar, starting a new animation gig next week on top of finishing and starting book jobs. This weekend is looking busy, especially tomorrow.  Urban Sketching in Geelong...should be fun!

Face Doodle 04

Hallo!  Here's a face doodle I did a few days ago!  One of my better ones to date I think.  She is drawn traditionally and colored digitally.  it was a lot of fun! Not much to report again today, was just working.  Finished my last Dogstar shot so yay!  Just about to go through the last few shots and get it ready for submission tomorrow!

Game 22 Round 10

Howdy!  Finished Game 22 on Kookyrabbit!  I ended it with something weird I gotta say.  I even forgot about the ladybug and the hermit crab that I had to go back into Photoshop and add them in.  This was all done digitally! Not much happened to me today but there was some good news with Rob which was awesome!  I was just working today and Rob started building the spice rack.  Yay!

Game 22 Round 08

What I did yesterday for Kookyrabbit .  Last round tomorrow and I need to think of an object to upload on top of that too for the next game since am starting.  Ah well!  A bit of work done today but not a whole lot so I'll be working on some stuff tonight. Fingers crossed that I get a decent amount done!  I have a busy Saturday coming up too.  A really big Urban Sketching event.  Looking forward to it!

52wkillo Week 04: Swim

Hi!  Been doing the 52 week illustration challenge again when I can.  I did this for the current theme: Swim.  Am a lousy swimmer, so I thought this pic would work. More work has come my way which is great but am more flat out now!  I am actually working on the Kookyrabbit piece for submission tonight.  Much juggling happening!