Game 24 Round 04: Protect the Apples!

Hi! Hi! This is another one for Kookyrabbit.  I really should start titling all my pieces for this game.  We're over 240 images combines now since we started drawing in July.  I need to start culling and picking the best stuff I've done.  To be honest though, I feel like I rush a lot of these images.  A shame.  

Speaking of rushing...I need to switch gears tomorrow and start designing for an animation gig.  I have 2 more chapters to illustrate on my second book and re-doing the rough for the front cover and I need to clean up the rough for the front cover of the first book.  I have a lot on.  I wish I could spend more time honing my skills but everything feels rushed or pressured.  It's great and I am getting better but I think i could go much further if I had the time to really concentrate.  Ah well, they always say that there never is enough time and I will be learning for as long as I can create.


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