001: Pink Kitty

Hallo, hallo! My very artistic partner, Rob and I did a joint effort on this.  My drawing, with Rob inking, I did the base colours and he rendered.  I did the final touches afterwards.  A fun little project to do together and hopefully there will be more to come.  I want to draw and work on so many things though...I constantly lament the lack of time but perhaps I need to look on how I can focus or just accept that I will constantly draw different subjects sporadically and therefore will grow very slowly as an artist....most of the work I do is timed or rushed because I have jobs to do...and I don't focus on any one thing.  I can draw package design/still life.  Haven't done that in a while.  I draw cartoons but not the same one consistently.  I urban sketch but I don't do that on a daily basis.  I know that if I just focused on one thing, I would become tons better at it but I get bored and frustrated having to stick to one theme.  Drawing the fish bones was the theme I stuck with the longest and I haven't had anything like that since then and I guess am just trying to find something like that again.


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