Product Design Study: Curly Wurly

Hi! I drew a Curly Wurly bar for practice (and for fun) a few days ago!  Here it is in all it's glory!  Rob ended up eating the subject after I drew it.

Today was a pretty chilled out day.  I delivered work to an exhibition I'm participating in "Art Town", did some Urban Sketching and a food doodle on my own and caught up with a friend.  Then met up with Rob for some more pop culture shopping and went out for Mexican.  A very nice day today.

I should get important stuff like taxes and catching up on a ton of social media on my Urban Sketch Tumblr site cos that is a bit dire.  Like really dire.  Apparently I haven't updated in 9 months!  oops.  I need to do that tomorrow I think.  I have a lot of new sketches to put up too!  I was also thinking I might change the set-up to include photos along side the illustrations instead of just posting the illustrations.  I am with a sketch group a lot too and I do take shots on location.  Not to mention, just sorting out my red bubble stuff.  My goodness.  That's even more dire.  So hard though, I really just want to draw whatever I want and to read my art books and just chill.  Always seems to be more work that needs to be done even if it's not client work.  Le sigh.